Stop wordpress spam bot comment using htaccess

Dollarfry was attacked by comment spammers recently. I didnt place any captcha for the comments so that robots where trying to bombard Dollarfry with tons of comments. And if you thought it doesnt matter as you can easily clear the spam folder then possibly you are mistaken. The harmul effects of such spam commentings are, […]

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Why is it important to reply to your blog comments ? 6-Reasons

One of the biggest mistakes committed by a blogger would be not replying to his comments. Why is it really important? 1. Replying to comments is the best way to get returning visitors. We can categorize the visitors of a blog into two. a. Who do have Relation with your blog b. Who doesn’t have […]

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How to display adsense(advertisements) below first 3 (N) posts in wordpress only

Most or majority  of the wordpress bloggers use adsense (or advertisements) below posts. And in the home page (where we can display 3 ad units (adsense)  in total, each one below posts so as to display ads below the first 3 posts ). But the real issue is that the javascript code for the ads […]

5 steps to write a brilliant blog post that save readers time and reduce the bounce rate

When you write blog posts, its important that you need to highlight what you are writing. Most of the readers don’t bother to read it completely, so what happens is skimming. Your blog post should be intelligent that the readers will get the essence of the post in minimum time. Have  a look at these […]

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