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This article is a comprehensive review of all the best and top 10 website business ideas for the year 2017 – 2018. A website business idea basically aims to make money through a website. It could be anything from a blog to an e-commerce portal to an hourly charged service sold via a website.

#1 – Start a Blog and Make Money from the Blog

If you are a true beginner looking for some good viable ideas to start an online business, then blogging is one of the best options you have. You can make money from blogging via Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Products, and Selling Services.


If you are new to the term ‘blog’, don’t worry. Follow the articles given below to get a good idea.

#2 – Start an E-commerce Website

E-commerce is always a good business idea irrespective of the country you live. The problem here is competition from giants like Amazon. You cannot achieve success by starting a general e-commerce store competing with Amazon. The key to success here is to start an e-commerce store in a focused niche where giants like Amazon do not operate.  Given below are a few niche e-commerce websites that operate profitably.


Northern Parrots – is a dedicated niche e-commerce store that’s set up to serve people who are interested in parrots (those who have parrots as pets). They have set up a very organized website with specific products for different breeds of parrots. Take a look to get inspired and come up with creative ideas for a niche e-commerce website.

House of Rave – is another interesting niche e-commerce business serving rave dancers. They serve all products (cloths, lights, accessories etc) related to rave dancing. In fact, this is a niche (rave dance accessories) within a niche (party accessories). Pretty focused, they have been in business for last 12 years.

Read: – We have published a detailed article analyzing the top Niche E-commerce websites out there. Read our article – Top 20+ Niche E-commerce Business Examples – to get different ideas to start your unique online store.

#3 – Start Selling Hourly Services through your Website

This idea is applicable only if you have some skills that can be sold for an hourly rate. The skills could be anything from writing to programming to graphic designing. The idea here is to start a dedicated website to market your skills and services online. People who are interested in hiring you will place orders online via your website.


#4 – Start a Product Reviews website

Before buying a new product, I usually look for reviews of the product in Google. For example, if I am to buy a new microwave oven to my home, I usually begin my shopping curve looking for reviews in Google with some search phrases like “best countertop microwave ovens“. This gives an opportunity for people looking to start a website based business. Start a product reviews website! Instead of starting a ‘general’ product review website like Cnet Reviews, opt for a focused review site like DPReview – which reviews only digital cameras and photography related products.  These two sites make money from these product reviews via affiliate marketing.

You can make money from a product review website via affiliate marketing. You can use affiliates of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart or any other e-commerce giant that operates in your niche.

Note: – This website business idea is appealing to beginners and experts alike.

#5 – Start a Web App

You can make a lot of money or create a good business around a web application. But this kind of app based website business idea calls for very good expertise in programming and internet marketing. I am listing a few examples of simple app based website business idea to get inspired from.

WpThemeDetector – is a simple app based website business which helps in identifying wordpress theme used in a website. You just need to input the URL of a WordPress website and this app will return the theme used on that particular website.  Another similar website that revolves around the same model is – WhatWpThemeisThat. These two websites make money from affiliate marketing by referring their visitors to theme marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Website Business Ideas for Beginners

The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

We were all beginners once! I still remember my beginning days where I worked hard to make a few dollars. The sheer joy I experienced when I saw an email from Paypal notifying a payment received is beyond explanation. So get started. I think Blogging and Product Reviews are the right areas for beginners as they both don’t demand very high expertise. Even though knowledge is required in setting up a blog/website, SEO, link building, keyword research etc., much of that knowledge could be acquired on the go while working on the business.


In one of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned about 8 ways to make money with your videos. In this blogpost I am writing about makeing money online selling your videos. Well, you can make money through your videos from YouTube(through ads and other programs). This write up is about creating an independent platform for your videos and selling it to various subsribers.

Uscreen comes up with an idea of creating and selling content(especially videos) online. It’s been used by wide range of business owners, startups and many other internet savys. Uscreen is a monetization platform for over 1,100 live customers. Uscreen allows you to upload Videos, Audio, PDFs, Documents, Text, Live Streams & Webinars. All these contents uploaded can be presented on behalf of the users and they can subscribe to the content you provide.


You can upload your videos to Uscreen via direct upload,google drive, dropbox etc or even sync directly with your Vimeo,YouTube,Wistia accounts . A special feature of uscreen is the live streaming, you can live stream your content through the live streaming player of uscreen.

You can upload your video and build a community where you can interact with other video uploaders (like commenting,messaging etc).

Check some of the real life scenarios where uscreen will be the choice for you.


Are you a personal who want to sell your courses online? Whether it be training videos, motivational speaking videos, English speaking courses, Web development courses or whatever, uscreen is a perfect platform to promote your skills by selling your courses online.

Live WebCasting

Uscreen allows you to live cast your videos. This will be perfect solution for your webinars.

Internal Video Hosting

Say, if you have a firm or an internal network of people where you need to showcase your videos . For instance , you have a team and you need to train your team using training videos. You can host the videos in your uscreen account and share it with your team.

Uscreen recommends its service mainly in these sectors,

  • Educational Content
  • Membership Sites
  • Fitness Training
  • Entertainment Videos
  • Corporate Training

How to make money with Uscreen

You can make money with Uscreen . The biggest attraction of uscreen is the different modes of money making like,

  • Subscriptions
  • Rentals
  • Pay Per View

You can also setup coupons and bundle offers for your users and once a user subscribe to your plan you will make money.

Other highlight features of Uscreen

Lead generation

With Uscreen you can create high converting landing pages with top notch designs. You can also promote these landing pages through various marketing platforms and create sales funnels through it. This can generate good leads to your landing page and help you to attract more subscribers and thereby more money.

Built in Themes

Uscreen theme library has lots of good looking themes which you can use for your video portal. The themes, very much like the WordPress themes , can be set up in minutes and require zero technical knowledge. You can even create a website like Netflix in terms of look and feel using these Uscreen themes. The best advantage of using a theme is its portability, if you think your design is not that effective, you can easily change to another theme without any complications.

Uscreen Analytics

Uscreen does have an inbuilt analytics system through which you can analyse your viewer’s behavior. You can track user engagement,popularity, who is watching what parts of the video etc. You can also connect your uscreen account with popular analytical platforms like google analytics and all. This analytics helps you in analyzing the overall performance and user interaction.


Uscreen is heavily optimized for video hosting. Uscreen leverages multiple CDN’s to scale and reach audience world wide. The best thing is that you won’t be charged any additional fees in using the CDN. This makes your video smoothly streamed around viewers residing in different parts of the world.

Pricing and features

Pricing of UScreen starts at $99 per month and ranges up to a luxury plan of $499 per month. For all the plans, you’ll be having unlimited bandwidth and courses. One of the best feature of uscreen is the 99 % up time for the basic plan and 100 % up time for all the other higher plans. It also provide a website hosting & blog for all accounts. For higher plans($299,$499) you can use the uscreen affiliate program where a 3rd party can promote your videos. This can attract more sales to your videos. Well, you need to give a percentage of your sale as commission to your affiliate marketerer. Uscreen also accepts credit cards, Paypal and multiple currencies across the world. Coupons & promotions are eligible for all plans.

Some of the other highlight features offered by Uscreen are,

  • Upselling- The upselling feature can drastically improve your conversion rate by prompting the users to upgrade the subscription package.
  • Email Automation – Automated emails to users with respect to various actions
  • Social media integrations
  • Offers – You can create awesome offers like free content subscriptions,rentals etc
  • 100% Whitelabel-Uscreen branding wont appear in any part of your website
  • Multi language support- Uscreen allows your website to be presented in native language of users
  • Customisable order form
  • Custom checkout fields – You can add custom fields to your checkout form (This can give you better tracking)
  • Seo Optimization – The Uscreen is very much seo optimized so that you can leverage the advantage of search engine traffic

So, summing up, Uscreen is a good platform which you can use to create some awesome contents and to sell it online.

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business models that you can try in 2017. As I’ve said in my previous blogposts, there are many bloggers who make millions of dollars through blogging.

Have a read about the top money making bloggers and their blogs.

In 2017, we cannot say that every blogging niches are profitable. I started my first blog in 2006 and it was a news portal blog. I was able to get thousands of unique visits a day during those periods and I made some good money as well using ads. Does a news blog have scope right now? I should say no, it doesn’t. News niche is crowded very much and the major percent of the traffic int news niche are eaten by big news channels(their online versions).

So what all are the best blogging ideas to get paid in 2017 ?


Let’s have a look.


1. Home Decor

Home decor is a trending blogging niche. People are getting more enthusiastic about decorating their homes. If you have interest and knowledge in home decor, you can start your own home decor blog. Home Decor blogs like Curbly has millions of visitors per month. Another good example of a high traffic home interior blog is more than 1.4 million unique visits a month).

How to make money from a home decor blog?

  • Amazon affiliates – Amazon associates is a good method to make money from a home decor blog. You can sell/promote various home decor products like Matresses,Shelving Units,bedroom/bathroom products,Kitchenwares etc
  • Sponsored Posts – You can allow sponsored posts/ ads in your home decor blog and can charge per post.

Note: – If you are new to the term ‘affiliate marketing’ – read our detailed guide on What is affiliate marketing.

2. Technical Coding Blogs(Tutorials)

Are you a programmer? Do you have solid knowledge in any good programming language? Starting a tutorial blog for a new programming language got a great scope. When the Yii framework(a popular Php framework) was launched, there weren’t many online guides for it. Larry Ullman started writing top notch Yii tutorials through his blog and his blog got great readership and fan followers in no time. After a small time period (after building some readers) he launched his ebook (the Yii Book) and started selling on behalf of these readers for 20$. The book became an instant hit.

How to make money with this blogging idea

  • Promoting related software – The audience for this niche will be technical people so that you can promote technical software related to your blog niche and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Affiliates- You can promote ebooks/tutorials related to your language. For instance, if you are writing php tutorial, you can always sell php ebooks on behalf of your readers. Amazon affiliates are the best method to achieve this(you can earn up to 4 percent commission selling an ebook via amazon)
  • Selling your own ebook – Ebook, being a digital product, the profit percentage can go really high. It is a good idea to sell an ebook written by yourself helping your readers.
  • Paid Services – I’ve written a tutorial about integrating Google Analytics ecommerce tracking, and I frequently get messages from my readers to implement it on their website. I implement it for them for a small fee. This is a good model to make some money in a sector which you have good knowledge.

3. Niche Travel Blog

When it comes to 2017, many people have become ardent travelers. With the online revolution in the travel business, more and more people listen to travel blogs and stories before their trip. Starting a niche travel blog will be a fantastic blogging idea to make a great deal of money.

How to make money with travel blogging idea

  • Lead selling – You can sell the travel leads to tour/travel operators. People who come to read your travel guide/travel story might be interested in doing a travel(to the place you are referring) as well. You can get their lead and sell it(or if you have the infrastructure, you can be the travel operator).
  • Selling travel guides – Lonely planet is a great example of making money selling travel books to its readers.

4. Recipes Blog

Starting a food blog has a great scope. If you are a cooking expert, you can share your secret recipes along with photographs/videos through your blog. Pinterest is a good medium to promote your recipe blog.

Lindsay Ostrom of pinchofyum is a good example. She makes more than $25,000 a month from her recipe blog.

How to make money from your recipe blog

  • Selling your recipe ebook- Write an ebook comprising all your masterclass recipes and sell it to your readers.
  • Promoting food brands through your blog(sponsored posts, ads).

5. Fashion Blog

A fashion blog is the most favorite blogging niche among women. Which woman doesn’t love fashion? In 2017, lots of fashion brands also depend on these fashion blogs for their brand building. This is what make fashion blogging a top class niche for those who are interested in starting a blog.

Read: – We have published a complete guide on How to Create a Fashion Blog and Make Money. The guide explains A-Z about creating a blog in the fashion niche and make money through the blog.

How can you make money from a fashion blog

  • Sponsored posts – Majority of the income of these fashion bloggers comes from sponsored posts. If you are an established fashion blogger with good amount of followers(to your blog/social medias(especially instagram)), you can approach brands and they’ll definitely give you money for sponsoring a post for them. I’ve seen many brands offering $700 for a single sponsored post(provided your blog is established in the industry).
  • Affiliates- You can use amazon associates promoting fashion apparels and can earn commissions in between 6-8 percent. Another good affiliate program for fashion bloggers is Reward style. They offer an average commission rate of 10%(this vary as per brands) , or in other words, you’ll get 50$ if someone makes a purchase of 500$.
  • Pay per click programs – Shopstyle has a pay per click program exclusively for fashion bloggers. You can showcase their products in your blog and you’ll be paid per clicks to these products. Good thing is that you’ll be paid even if the customer doesn’t make a purchase.

6. Mom/Parenting Blog

Mom/Parenting blog is another blogging idea through which many bloggers make lots of money. Houseofroseblog is a good example, from their income report (in 2014) Mandy(founder of the blog,mom to 3 kids) was making around $2000 a month from her blog.

How to make money from a Mom Blog.

  • Endorsing products for kids
  • Helping other moms to start a blog/make money online- While the kids are small, many of the moms won’t be able to go to work. Most of these moms might be looking for a passive income source. You can help them to start their own mom blog and make money from it. Promote hosting, WordPress theme/plugin affiliates and earn money.
  • Write a parenting ebook and sell on behalf of your readers.

7. Language Learning Blog

By a language learning blog, I am not saying about English, let’s think about some other languages. Write guides and tutorials in English about a foreign language. This world is becoming a smaller place. People are migrating from one place to another and are learning new languages. If you are good at some particular language, start a blog writing tutorials of the language.

How to make money with this blogging idea.

  • Sell eBook – Write guides about the language you are teaching(eg: A complete guide to French language). Sell it for a small price($10-$25) to your readers.
  • Affiliates – Promote 3rd party language learning books and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Online Courses – Start online courses and educate your readers(oh yes, make good money as well!).

8. Niche Podcast Blog

Its not a long time that podcasts blogs gained strength. People love to hear podcasts. Pick some niche and upload podcasts in your blog. John Lee Dumas of is making more than $200,000 a month from his podcast blog. Pick a niche( whether it be fashion, food,relations,business ) and start your podcast blog. The best podcasts would be success stories, interviews etc.

How to make money from a Podcast Blog

  • Premium Podcasts- You can sell premium podcasts to your readers.
  • Sponsoring a podcast – You can make money getting sponsors to a podcast. Announce the sponsors name in the beginning of the podcast.
  • Making it a mobile app – A podcast blog is highly prone to get mobile traffic. Start a mobile app for your podcast blog and make money from it as well.

9. Virtual Reality Blogs

Virtual reality is a hot topic of 2017 that gained immense popularity. You can start your virtual reality blog with great quality contents about virtual reality like latest trends in VR,  exciting VR videos, reviewing VR products.

How to make money from this blogging idea

  • Amazon affiliates- Promote VR products through your blog and earn around 6 percent commissions from amazon
  • Amazon FBA- There is a wide range of products(subsidiary products as well) in the VR niche. You can start an FBA business through amazon and drive the audience from your blog to amazon and make a great deal of money. Many bloggers now make millions of dollars through amazon FBA

10. Niche Disease blog

Niche disease is one amazing blogging idea to make money online. As we all know, more and more diseases are popping out day by day and thereby the google search volume. When the ZIKA virus was discovered, it became trending in the google search. There are a plethora of diseases, pick one disease and start blogging about it. Start first and take the beginners advantage.

How to make money with this blogging idea?

Google adsense will be a good option. Oh yes, you can use it with all these blogging niches(all the 21) as well! But seriously speaking, I am not a great fan of Google Adsense when it comes to their payout. For many niches, the payout is very less. But it is not the case when it comes to health and disease.

Mesothelioma is a special type of cancer formed in the thin layer of tissues covering the internal organs. 10 years before, there was an outburst of mesothelioma blogs because of that google adsense was giving $100 per click for mesothelioma ads. That’s massive right? $100 for just 1 click!(In other words, if you get 5 clicks a day , you can earn $500 a day or $15,000 a month). Even now, diseases like mesothelioma, asbestosis etc gets like $70-$100 per click.

I am not saying you to start a blog in mesothelioma, but find a disease which has space. As the payouts are high, you can use google adsense for monetization.

11. Social Media Marketing

Social media is booming industry. Facebook, twitter, instagram, Linked In and all have grown beyond just social media websites but solid businesses makers. Many bigger brands depends on social media traffic to build their brand. Many big companies have got dedicated in-house team to manage their social media. In 2017, you can see social media every business sectors, celebrities, models, real estate companies, IT companies, food brands and the list goes on.

Read- 13 ways to make money from facebook

This is where a social media blog does have great relevance. People are looking for the latest social media techniques to build their online business. If you are a social media expert, share your latest social media experiments as case studies, videos etc through your blog.

How to make money from your social media blog

There are various methods through which you can make money from your social media blog.

  • Paid brand promotions- You can promote various brands through your blog.
  • Selling or being an affiliate to various social media tools like Everypost. Social Media Examiner blog has written a perfect blogpost with this idea I’ve mentioned.
  • Selling online courses, webinars about social media promotion
  • Public speaking- If you are a good speaker, you can sell your speaking skills for money. Dale Partridge, a serial entrepreneur/blogger says he have made $20,000 one month through public speaking leads he got from his blog.

12. Online Courses Blog

Listing various online courses will be another good idea to blog in 2017. As you can see, there are lots of paid online courses in websites like udemy,coursera etc. People are confused about selecting the best courses from these portals. You can start a blog reviewing the best courses available in these online course portals.

How to make money reviewing online courses

  • Affiliates- You can recommend online courses to your readers and if your readers signup to these courses , you’ll get money as commissions. Udemy affiliates offer 50 % commission per course signups.
  • Selling your own courses – You do have a target set of an audience looking to join online courses. You can prepare a course in some category and promote it through your blog.

13. Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce still shows no signs of declination. We all know that an e-commerce industry is having a high boom time period. The turnover of these e-commerce giants is improving day by day. Many small scale niche ecommerce businesses are also gaining million dollar profits. E-commerce in US gained 14.6% growth in 2015 . E-commerce B2C sales volume in 2016 (worldwide) touched 1922 Billion and is expected to touch 2356 Billion by 2018.

E-commerce tips is a great blogging idea to start. You can write-ecommerce tips, success stories, case studies, traffic improvement tips, e-commerce optimization tips etc. You can also interview successful ecommerce startups and showcase podcasts and videos.

How to make money with an ecommerce blog

  • Services- Helping people to setup their ecommerce website
  • Ecommerce affiliate- You can promote ecommerce affiliates like shopify, bigcommerce, magento etc and make money. You can also promote bluehost affiliates which can get you $65 per signup
  • Ecommerce Advertisements- You can promote other ecommerce portals and make money

14. Stress Management

This is a time where people are stressed due to various problems(money, relations etc). People depend on various stress management blogs and their techniques for relief. Stress management is a good blogging idea to start and make money. Release podcasts, videos and good contents in stress management, build some quality audience and make money from your blog.

How can you make money from your stress management blog?

Some of the best methods to make money from this blogging idea will be

  • Selling a stress management ebook – Your audience are stressed, write an awesome ebook that can burn out their stress(you can sell it to them)
  • Google Adsense – Stress management is a niche with good payout , you can try google adsense and make great deal money from your stress management blog.

15. Jobs

Jobs is an evergreen niche. People are looking for jobs all the time.  A good job listing blog has space, it is also a niche where you can get the visitors come back to your blog. Many big job listing websites like Freshersworld was started as a simple job listing blog.

How to make money with this blogging idea

  • Premium job listing- Once you’ve established your brand, you can charge employers for a premium job listing.

16. Veganism

Veganism is another trending topic which you need to try on for your new blog. Have a look at the google trends graph for the keyword Veganism.


This keyword emerged as because of the importance of being Vegan in our day to day life. Studies show that one of the major reasons for deadly diseases like cancer, cirrhosis and all are through the nonveg junk foods we intake in our day to day life. This is one of the primary reason why people want to be vegans.

Veganism is one great blogging idea to cover. The best thing is that the competition is not that high.

Ideas to make money from your veganism blog

  • Sell an ebook – Write an sell an ebook about veganism. ex: 101 benefits of being a vegan.
  • Amazon affiliates- promote other books about veganism in amazon

17. Celebrity Gossips(Social media)

Celebrity gossip is one hot blogging idea to get viral traffic. You can write about the day to day lives, affairs, scandals,upcoming movies etc of the celebrities. Apart from the google traffic, you can expect a lot of social media traffic(especially from facebook).

How to make money with celebrity blog

  • Advertisements- You can expect a lot of traffic to a celebrity blog. TMZ has a whopping monthly traffic of 61 Million unique visits. Celebrity gossips(with photos and videos) is a niche which has the potential to get millions of traffic. The best way to make money is direct advertising once you have this huge amount of traffic.

18. Start-Up Stories

Start-up stories will be another good blogging idea to try. We are living in a startup economy where people like to read success/failure stories of startups. Not every startup stories are told.

Interview different startups and build a blog for startup stories. You can also add videos and podcasts of these interviews.

How to make money

  • Paid story – Once you establish the brand, people will ask you to publish stories. Yourstory is a good example following this model. The paid promotion can get more reach to the startups looking for funders, so basically it is a win-win situation.

19. Yoga/Meditation

Owing to the rise of health problems and other physical issues, Yoga and meditation is an interesting topic to watch out. More and more people are getting interested to know more about Yoga and meditation. Calm, a mobile app about meditation does have millions of downloads in the android play store.

Start a blog sharing yoga/meditation tips showcasing the benefits.

How to make money with this blogging idea

  • Amazon affiliates – You can find a number of yoga products on amazon. Like Yoga mats, yoga pants, yoga socks etc. You can promote these products to make money online from your yoga blog.
  • Premium Yoga courses – Sell your premium yoga course to your readers, this is another great idea to make money from your Yoga blog.

20. IOT

Internet of Things has emerged out as a good blogging idea. More and more business opportunities in iot are happening and thereby more and more readers in this niche.

Every new technology trends demand good guides and tutorials. IOT is a similar trending technology where people can’t find many good sources/guides over the internet. Write some good guides in Iot and sell it through your blog.


Undoubtedly, facebook is the biggest internet business in 2016. With more than 1.71 billion users world wide and 16 million local business pages, facebook , rather than just being a social media, has emerged out as the biggest business platform in the internet. You can see lots of businesses happening day by day through facebook. The biggest brands are now using their facebook pages to build their brand. Some people even think like facebook page as a replacement of  website.

Presently, facebook is a good source of income for “many make money online” enthusiasts. Now a days lots of online business are totally dependant on facebook. Lots of people live full time by the money earned through facebook.

Lets have a look at 13 ways through which you can make money using facebook.

1.  Facebook ads as a service

In 2016, social media marketing expense in  US alone touched more than $ 31 billion. You can see that many big brands do have a well maintained Facebook page.

This form of advertising grew over a time period and is expected to multiply in the upcoming years.  A well maintained Facebook page is the identity of any brand.

Let’s have a rough look at some of the well maintained Facebook pages of some bigger brands.


Oreo (Likes: 42,443,567)

Coca Cola (Likes: 6,543,859)


Tom Cruise (Likes: 11,181,571)

Kim Kardashian (Likes:29,208,021)


Can you believe the fact that Kim Kardashian has 2.5 times the number of likes of Tom Cruise?

Rihanna(Likes: 81,990,099)

You can see that all these brands/celebrities are very much active in their facebook page. They post updates regularly, and you can see that their contents are really creative as well.

Many of these companies do have a team(in house or ad agency) to maintain and regularly update the facebook page with creatives. They do have a monthly budget for the promotion of their brand through their facebook page.

If you are creative and innovative, you can provide facebook page marketing as a service. You can take a percentage of the monthly budget as your service charge and the rest for promoting the post. As you may know, everything can be tracked in facebook (like the post reach, number of likes etc).  This tracking is what attracts big brands into facebook marketing.

2. Develop a Facebook page with a large fan base


Developing a big facebook page is a good model to earn money from facebook. I’ve always felt a facebook page very much like a blog. Now a days many online business operates just with a facebook page(without a website). If you can produce good contents through your facebook page, you can build good audience and fanship. A facebook page with large number of fans is always an asset (Very much like a website with large number of visitors).

At one point (after getting a good fan base), you can make money from your facebook page.

Here are some methods through which you can make money from your facebook page.

  • Driving traffic to your blog – You can drive traffic from your facebook page to your blog. You can convert your blog’s visitors to money through various methods. Like adnetworks(adsense,chitika) and all. Read – 6 ways to make money from your blog.
  • Sponsored posts – You can get paid for sponsored posts in your page.
  • Promoting affiliate products- Be an affiliate(amazon,shareasale etc) and promote the products to earn commission.
  • Selling your facebook page – Yes, you can sell your page for money.

3. Building facebook applications

An average user spends 50 minutes in Facebook  a day.  Which means  facebook applications also have lots of scope. Facebook apps helps the facebook users to have an enhanced experience.  It allows users to have an interactive experience in facebook.

So, how can you make money with your facebook application? Let’s have a look.

a. Building your own facebook application

You might have seen facebook applications like “Which friend is having a crush on you”? Such kind of applications gives a different experience to facebook users which the facebook doesn’t provide.

How can you monetize your  own facebook application

You can use ad networks like bidvertiser, chitika etc. You can also sell banners , advertisiments etc.

In this model, you have to build users(daily active users) to your facebook app. Once you got to have a good amount of users, you can earn money from your facebook application.

Candy crush saga, with a DAU(daily active users ) of 57,036,085 is still the most popular application in facebook.

Top facebook applications
Top facebook applications

You don’t need to develop big games or highly application oriented programs in order to land a successful facebook application.  someecards is a perfect example of a simple facbeook application which focus on a creative idea rather than much technical complexity.

Read – How to develop your first facebook application.

b. Facebook app building as a service

Facebook apps can be developed as a service. You can launch your own firm which develops facebook apps. I’ve been working closely with many digital marketing firms for years. 2 years before, I did develop a facebook app for a digital marketing company which was really a cool idea. They wanted this app for a client in the textile business . They had an estimated target of 10,000 likes and each time a person like the page, the cover photo was supposed to change. If 5 person liked the page,  the cover photo will updated with a new photo(9995 to go) and likewise. I developed this application purely using PHP and its GD library.

This idea was inspired from the Bisleri facebook page where in which  they created a real time countdown cover photo.

In 2016, Facebook apps play a major role in facebook marketing. Many Social media marketing companies have the requirement of facebook apps for the promotion of their client’s facebook page/brand.

4. Affiliate marketing through facebook

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry, and is expected to touch $ 4.5 Billion in US alone. We’ve listed affiliate marketing as the number 1 method in our recent blog post, Top 10 internet businesses to start in 2016.

You can promote affiliate products through your facebook page/group. There are lots of good affiliate marketing programs that can give  you good percentage as commisions. Amazon affiliates usually give 5-12% as commission, while if you check some digital products(softwares/ebooks/courses) in commision junction,shareasale etc, you can see products offering up to 75% commissions to the promoters.

You can join some affiliate programs in the niche of your page and promote their products. Say, if you have a facebook page that provide work out /body building tips, you can promote fitness guides(eBooks) from these mentioned affiliate programs. You can also select fitness products like dumbbells, treadmills etc to promote. Since we are promoting right product before the right audience, affiliate marketing has a good conversion rate through facebook.

5. Promoting your blog through facebook

Do you own a facebook page with large number of likes ? Or in other words are you a facebook influencer? Then this one is for you. Many facebook pages promote other products/brands/pages through their facebook page.

Say,  if you have a page about Fitness through which you are promoting workout tips to your fans then you are an influencer in the fitness niche. You can always promote products/brands related to fitness through your page.


Here you can see WittyFeed  using their facebook page to drive traffic to their blog.  This is how they make money(driving audience from facbook to their website). They do have advertisements, products endorsements/selling etc in their blog.

You can also see that more than 65 % of the total traffic of wittyfeed is through social media channels(according to similarweb). Majority of the social traffic should be from facebook.



Read –


6. Advertising in your facebook page

You might have heard of advertising in a blog/website. But, have you ever thought of advertising through facebook? Yes, it is possible. Even though facebook doesn’t support and ad networks (like google adsense), you can always put advertisements to products/people/brands etc through your facebook page. If you are a good influencer, then people will approach you to endorse their brands.  You need to keep in mind that this influence can make you money. If your page has good fan base,  people will contact you in order to advertise in your page. Easy money, right?

7. Facebook Video ads as a service

Video ad is the latest trend in facebook. You can see that all these bigger brands are now updating their page with short and creative videos.


Most of these videos are just 30 second videos giving boost to their brands. Most of the facebook / social media management companies doesn’t have the resources to produce innovative video ads, they still depends of  graphics(pictures and images).  Facebook video ads is a new niche with lots of opportunities.


8. Writing an ebook and promoting it through facebook

Have you written an ebook ? If not what about writing one and making money through facebook? Ebook Selling is one of the hottest methods to make money from facebook. If you have good page with nice fan base,  you can  sell ebooks on behalf of your fans. Well, even if you doesn’t have a facebook page or a set of audience, you can write an ebook and promote(boost ) it through facebook. Facebook ad is the cheapest way to promote any product.

You might love to check How to make money online selling ebooks.

Pick a good niche which can attract the audience(a niche in which the facebook users might buy an ebook) and promote it using the facebook ads.

The biggest advantage of using facebook ad is its targeting pottential,

For example, lets assume a target group

  • Gender : females
  • Age group : 16 – 40
  • City : Newyork (or some developed cities)
  • Interests: beauty, beauty products, face creams, beauty magazines

What about selling an ebook  “101 ways for a women to look attractive ” on behalf of this audience ? Promising for sure! Many ebook sellers get more than 200 % ROI selling ebooks through facebook.

Assume another target group,

  • Gender: male
  • Age group: 23 -40
  • Interest: Weight loss, Fitness tips

You  can always market an ebook titled “How to loose 25 KG in 5 months

What you need to do is to prepare a top notch eBook in a niche which you have good knowledge, create a target group and promote it on behalf of facebook audience.

I’d also like to share our recent income report of our ebook(27 ways for programmers to make money online) sales.

9. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are not child-plays anymore. I’ve been part of many organized professional group which have millions of members.

How can you make money from a facebook group? Let’s have a look.

a.) Build and develop a facebook group

Many big communities are formed through facebook groups. Some of the big facebook pages(now bigger online brands) which we see now a days were formed initially as  facebook groups. Through these groups they attracts members to crowd source creative contents and these contents can build a brand to the group owners(and thereby money).

This is the strategy followed by most of these groups, I’ll explain this with the example of a travel facebook group

  • Build a facebook group in travel niche.
  • Post travelogues and personalized travel tips.
  • Invite everyone in your connection to the group.
  • Organize the group in a way that motivates the members to share their travel experience
  • Genuine and personalized travel stories can attract new members.
  • Start a facebook page/blog to share the best travel stories from the group.
  • The admin of the page should communicate and connect with members of the group.
  • The admin can request everyone in the group to be a fan of the page. This will work ! I’ve seen this many times.

So how can I make money building a facebook group?

Through this process, you are building your brand or in other words you are being an influencer. If you are a good influencer, then people will approach you to endorse their brands.  You need to keep in mind that this influence can make you money.

Speaker– People may call you for events to share your experience , if you have good speaking skills , you can evolve as a speaker and charge per session.

Bringing visitors to Facebook Page/Blog– Through a facebook group, you can bring in visitors to your facebook page and thereby to your blog. You can monetize your blog visitors in multiple ways .

Influencer – Being an influencer in any category can help you to build your brand. It becomes easier for you to launch a product or whatever in the future.


b) Get works and connections being a member of facebook group

Be an active member on different facebook groups. Being a WordPress developer, I’ve been an active member of many WordPress help and share groups. I do help the members to solve their WordPress related problems, because of this, many of the members in the group know me. I’ve been asked by some members to fix some WordPress issues and I have made money through it.

fb group


Some times you can directly see group members asking other members directly for paid services. I’ve seen facebook groups working pretty good as an alternative to freelancer, upwork etc to an extent.

Have a look at this WordPress job requirement posted in WordPress Jobs and Projects group.

facebook job

10. Getting sales to your Ecommerce store

Now a days , facebook is the widely used by ecommerce companies to promote their products. You can start an ecommerce store and promote the products on behalf of the targeted audience in facebook. In facebook, you can target users and market your product before them, bring sales and thereby revenue.

Apparels stores and many other eCommerce stores do have good conversion rates through facebook marketing. Apart from adsense or any other forms of advertising(marketing), you can bring in the right product before the right audience with facebook. This is why facebook happens to be the most loved platform for ecommerce portals.

You can read the facebook success stories of different eCommerce businesses.

Wisebaby , an online store for babies  in America was able to achieve 8X boost in their revenue through facebook.


11. Getting more sales to your local business through your facebook page.

Facebook is a good medium for promoting local businesses as well. It can work like a local news paper ad. I have mentioned in this blog about my artificial flower business. We do sell artificial flowers for wholesale, I did run a facebook ad targetting my local area (200 KM) radius from our office and I got many enquirers from it. Business did happen and we made money out of it.

12. Promote your paid events(tickets) through facebook

Facebook is best for promoting paid events. Recently, I booked tickets for a party through facebook.  I came to know about this event when I saw a notification that One of my friend is interesed in this event. This party was not organized by big names, but a small group in my home town. They were able to bring  in some popular DJs and this attracted many facebook users of my home town to this event. Tickets were sold out in no time.  Anyhow the party was cancelled for some reason and I got my refunds eventually. These people could have never sold these much tickets without the help of facebook events feature.

13. Selling your Facebook Page

You might have heard of selling websites , ever thought of selling your facebook page? Yes, it is a good business model now. 2 years before , I had  a facebook page about jobs in my city which had a few likes (around 2000 likes ). I was approached by a career specialist who had an interest in acquiring the page. I sold the page for $500 . Not a big amount, it was really a good deal for me as I hardly spent around  4-5 hours for the page(in total).


14. Be a video publisher in Facebook

Last week, facebook brought up and update, a revenue sharing program for the video pusblisher. Facebook will be pushing ads in a video if a user watches it for more than 20 seconds and if the video is of a length of 90 seconds(minimum).

The publisher will be getting 55% of the ad revenue(which is same as the YouTube revenue sharing policy). Last year, facebook allowed publishers to to create videos sponsored by advertisers. Buzzfeed is a good example following this model generating great revenue. It is said that Facebook started the revenue sharing policy after the regular complaints from buzzfeed executives that they are not making big money from facebook videos.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost about earning money with facebook. Feel free to comment your opinion, queries or whatever.