How to display adsense(advertisements) below first 3 (N) posts in wordpress only

Most or majority  of the wordpress bloggers use adsense (or advertisements) below posts. And in the home page (where we can display 3 ad units (adsense)  in total, each one below posts so as to display ads below the first 3 posts ). But the real issue is that the javascript code for the ads […]

Marketplaces for Content Writers to Make Money

If you are a “Content Writer” who looks to earn more money by getting more work, then “marketplaces” are a great place to look for new projects. A marketplace is usually a website where people who are in need for content, publishes their project requirements in open. You can register with the marketplace website (usually […]

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How Content Writers can Make Money with Online Writing Jobs

The internet has created a wide range of opportunities to find and choose different types of professions. “Content Writing” is one such profession which would not have been this lucrative without web and internet. Every business needs content writers to perform different types of tasks. In the web based business industry “content writers” are used […]

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Six ways for a programmer to make money online

There are lots of sources in the internet for a programmer to make revenue. And its very interesting that most of these sources are capable in making a full time income for you. I’ve categorized all these sources to 6 types.   How a programmer can make money from internet? These are the major 6 […]

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