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In one of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned about 8 ways to make money with your videos. In this blogpost I am writing about makeing money online selling your videos. Well, you can make money through your videos from YouTube(through ads and other programs). This write up is about creating an independent platform for your videos and selling it to various subsribers.

Uscreen comes up with an idea of creating and selling content(especially videos) online. It’s been used by wide range of business owners, startups and many other internet savys. Uscreen is a monetization platform for over 1,100 live customers. Uscreen allows you to upload Videos, Audio, PDFs, Documents, Text, Live Streams & Webinars. All these contents uploaded can be presented on behalf of the users and they can subscribe to the content you provide.


You can upload your videos to Uscreen via direct upload,google drive, dropbox etc or even sync directly with your Vimeo,YouTube,Wistia accounts . A special feature of uscreen is the live streaming, you can live stream your content through the live streaming player of uscreen.

You can upload your video and build a community where you can interact with other video uploaders (like commenting,messaging etc).

Check some of the real life scenarios where uscreen will be the choice for you.


Are you a personal who want to sell your courses online? Whether it be training videos, motivational speaking videos, English speaking courses, Web development courses or whatever, uscreen is a perfect platform to promote your skills by selling your courses online.

Live WebCasting

Uscreen allows you to live cast your videos. This will be perfect solution for your webinars.

Internal Video Hosting

Say, if you have a firm or an internal network of people where you need to showcase your videos . For instance , you have a team and you need to train your team using training videos. You can host the videos in your uscreen account and share it with your team.

Uscreen recommends its service mainly in these sectors,

  • Educational Content
  • Membership Sites
  • Fitness Training
  • Entertainment Videos
  • Corporate Training

How to make money with Uscreen

You can make money with Uscreen . The biggest attraction of uscreen is the different modes of money making like,

  • Subscriptions
  • Rentals
  • Pay Per View

You can also setup coupons and bundle offers for your users and once a user subscribe to your plan you will make money.

Other highlight features of Uscreen

Lead generation

With Uscreen you can create high converting landing pages with top notch designs. You can also promote these landing pages through various marketing platforms and create sales funnels through it. This can generate good leads to your landing page and help you to attract more subscribers and thereby more money.

Built in Themes

Uscreen theme library has lots of good looking themes which you can use for your video portal. The themes, very much like the WordPress themes , can be set up in minutes and require zero technical knowledge. You can even create a website like Netflix in terms of look and feel using these Uscreen themes. The best advantage of using a theme is its portability, if you think your design is not that effective, you can easily change to another theme without any complications.

Uscreen Analytics

Uscreen does have an inbuilt analytics system through which you can analyse your viewer’s behavior. You can track user engagement,popularity, who is watching what parts of the video etc. You can also connect your uscreen account with popular analytical platforms like google analytics and all. This analytics helps you in analyzing the overall performance and user interaction.


Uscreen is heavily optimized for video hosting. Uscreen leverages multiple CDN’s to scale and reach audience world wide. The best thing is that you won’t be charged any additional fees in using the CDN. This makes your video smoothly streamed around viewers residing in different parts of the world.

Pricing and features

Pricing of UScreen starts at $99 per month and ranges up to a luxury plan of $499 per month. For all the plans, you’ll be having unlimited bandwidth and courses. One of the best feature of uscreen is the 99 % up time for the basic plan and 100 % up time for all the other higher plans. It also provide a website hosting & blog for all accounts. For higher plans($299,$499) you can use the uscreen affiliate program where a 3rd party can promote your videos. This can attract more sales to your videos. Well, you need to give a percentage of your sale as commission to your affiliate marketerer. Uscreen also accepts credit cards, Paypal and multiple currencies across the world. Coupons & promotions are eligible for all plans.

Some of the other highlight features offered by Uscreen are,

  • Upselling- The upselling feature can drastically improve your conversion rate by prompting the users to upgrade the subscription package.
  • Email Automation – Automated emails to users with respect to various actions
  • Social media integrations
  • Offers – You can create awesome offers like free content subscriptions,rentals etc
  • 100% Whitelabel-Uscreen branding wont appear in any part of your website
  • Multi language support- Uscreen allows your website to be presented in native language of users
  • Customisable order form
  • Custom checkout fields – You can add custom fields to your checkout form (This can give you better tracking)
  • Seo Optimization – The Uscreen is very much seo optimized so that you can leverage the advantage of search engine traffic

So, summing up, Uscreen is a good platform which you can use to create some awesome contents and to sell it online.

The success of any business lies in the model. If your model is good, you’ll have surplus time, and this surplus time can bring in more money. When it comes 2017, many online/internet business models helps you to achieve this. The biggest advantage of internet related business is that you need less investment, less time and it is globally scalable.

The key to wealth is to learn how to make money when yo sleep

J Paul Getty

In short, internet businesses allows you to make money while you sleep.

So What all are the best online businesses that can help you to earn while you sleep? Let’s have a look.

Rank 1 : Blogging

Blogging undoubtedly is one of the most efficient online business model. Blogging stands very much closer to the title of this blogpost. You doesn’t even need to worry much about monetizing your blog, once you have the readers/traffic, you can easily make money out of your blog. Have a read at the 6 different methods through which you can make money from your blog.

Blogging is all about writing quality content and building a reader base. The simplest form of making money through blogging is advertisements, the more readers you have, the more money you can make out of these advertisements. And you don’t need to deal with any advertising brokers or people to get ads published in your blog. You can use adnetworks like adsense(can be integrated to your blog in 2 minutes). These ad networks display ads in your blog automatically, which can literally make you money while you are sleeping(ads will run 24/7).

Rank 2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry when it comes to 2016. It is also a good internet business model that can make money while you are sleeping. What you need to do is to join popular affiliate programs(like amazon and all), pick a product and promote it through your online channels. You’ll get paid as commissions per sale. You can promote your affiliate links through the channels where you have influence(may be a blog,youtube,facebook page or whatever). You can sell while you are sleeping , and the money earned while sleeping can get you rich!

Rank 3. Ebook Selling

Ebook selling is another good online business model through which you can make money sleeping. Ebook, being a digital product, can make you great deal of profits. As you may know, the cost of digital product a is the initial cost. After all, you can get cent percent profit per sale.

You can sell your ebook through various channels available online/

Rank 4. Selling photos

If you are a good photographer or can create good photographs, you can make money online selling it through various market places like shutterstock and istockphotos ,smugmug, alamy,fotolia etc. As I already mentioned, being a digital product , the profit percentage will be higher. Just imagine, you woke up one morning to see 100+sales to your photos, awesome! right?

If you don’t find a method to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die

Warren Buffet

Rank 5. Selling themes/plugins

Selling supporting themes and plugins is one of the hottest online business models in 2017. As I’ve mentioned, I am a WordPress theme/plugin developer. We sell WordPress themes directly through themeforest as well as our independent theme store. Till now, we’ve made 200+ sales through themeforest alone. If you want to know the reach of themeforest themes, check out this article about a themeforest theme that made millions of dollars in 2 years.

Another good option to make money online while you sleep is to sell supporting plugins/extensions for platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. Codecanyon is one good market place through which you can sell your plugins.

Rank 6. Selling your music

There are lots of people who live full time online with their music skills. Did you know that singers make millions of dollars through YouTube alone?

I’ve written an article before about how singers can make money online.

Some of the popular places through which you can sell your music online are.

  • Wix Music– Through wix music you can reach highly influential channels and promote your music 100% commission free. You can promote your music through itunes,spotify etc
  • YouTube- Start your own YouTube channel , build subscribers and promote your music in YouTube. You can make money through ads in YouTube

Read this article about the best places to sell your music online.

Rank 7. Selling graphics/fonts/logos/clip arts

Logos,Clip art and graphics are something thats highly required for any online business. Whether it be blog, power point presentation or a facebook ad , graphical images are used day by day and it does have great demand. You can make money online selling your graphics/clipart.

You can sell your graphics through marketplaces like graphicleftover and graphicriver  etc and yes make some money while you sleep.

Rank 8. YouTube Videos

Creating YouTube videos is one of the most favorite online business model now a days. There are many people who make millions of dollars through their YouTube channel. Felix Arvid Urf Kjellberg (founder of YouTube Channel PewDiePie) makes 15 million Dollars a year from his YouTube channel. YouTube channel can not only make you money while you sleep, but also make you a celebrity. You can use adsense/youtube ads in order to make money through youtube. What you need to do is to develop a channel with lots of subscribers.

You can get paid per views, more views means more ads and more ads can make you more money.

Rank 9. Mobile Apps

Mobile app is another online idea where you can make great deal of money while you sleep. Think about an innovative mobile app that is useful . Once the app gets its momentum, people will start downloading and using the app. The more user the more money you can make. The most basic way of making money from a mobile app is using ads, other than that there are different ways through which you can make money from your mobile app. Calm app follows the freemium model to make revenue. They offer lots free meditation courses(from which they build users) as well as premium ones(from which they make money).

Rank 10. Starting a Website that drive visitors

We all live in a web/mobile era. We all know that billion dollar companies, or some of the companies who rule this world are web companies(google,facebook etc). That much is growing potential of a website.

Think about a unique idea, whether it be a web application like facebook,twitter or like a simple tool like Google(Well, its no longer a simple tool right now, but it was a simple search engine way back in the mid nineties).

Think about some web application that solves the problem of people in the world. Think about something that can drive visitors into the website. More visitors is equivalent to more money. All these big companies where started as small web applications and it was the visitors who helped to grow these companies as billion dollar businesses.

Time is money

Benjamin Franklin

Rank 11. Start a niche E-commerce website

Ecommerce is another trending online business of this era. Well, admit it, you cant be the next amazon! But you don’t need to be an amazon to make great deal of money. I’ve mentioned about lots of niche ecommerce startups who make million dollar profit annually from their ecommerce stores running from home.

Pick a good niche in which you can sell products and promote your store. If you can make 6$ profit per order and is able to bring 30 orders a day, you can earn $5,400 a month.

If you work in the drop shipping model(where some other people ships the product and you’ll just manage the order), the process will be much more easier.

Rank 12. Sell in marketplaces

Selling in marketplaces like Amazon,etsy etc are one of the most favorite online money making methods of 2016-2017. Through amazon fba, many sellers make more than  $30K a month through their online sales. Amazon FBA is program where amazon takes care of the shipping and packing; you just need to supply the inventory. The advantage of this business model is that , you don’t need any staffs to manage this business. You can operate this sitting from home, what you need to do is to pick a product that has good chance to be sold in amazon. Etsy is also another good market place through which lots of sellers make great deal of money while they sleep.

If you want to know more, read this complete guide about setting up an amazon fba business.

Rank 13. Rent out your place

You can rent out your place and make money online while you sleep. Portals like Airbnb, vrbo etc allows you to list out your place. People can book rooms in your hotels,rooms,house or wherever through these portals. This is one good online method through which you can make some good money with out much effort or investment.

Rank 14. Webinars

Webinar is another good online business model you can try. So, what really is a webinar? Webinar is seminar/presentation/lecture that is conducted online using a video conferencing software. People who are interested in the webinar can pay and join the webinar. The joined people can have an interactive session , by asking questions,poll etc. If you have any interest in webinar, read this article about making $10,000 from your first webinar.

To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep

David Bailey

Rank 15. Podcasts

Podcast is one trending idea to make money online. If you have a good amount of audience who listen to your podcasts(through your blog or whatever), you can make a lot of money from your podcasts.

Some of the popular ways in making money from your podcasts is,

  • Episode sponsors- If you have audience, you can easily get podcast sponsors and make money from each episode
  • Freemium Podcasts- Offer podcasts for free, but reserve some of them as premium
  • Product recommendations – You can recommend products to your audience. Say if your podcast is about yoga, you can always recommend a yoga course or ebook.

Rank 16. Sell course in Udemy

Udemy is a good place where you can make money while you are sleeping. In Udemy, you can sell online courses to people all over the world. Udemy has listed courses in wide range of categories. If you are good at something, start an online course in udemy. Average price of a udemy course is 30 $. Udemy course is a digital product and the effort is one time. After the initial efforts you’ll be earning 100 percent profit(as you don’t have to invest any time further, except replying to your students queries).

Hope you enjoyed this 16 online business models through which you can make money while sleeping. If you have some queries, bring it on in comments. If you find this article worthy, don’t forget to share(this will help me to reach more audience).


We all know about E-books! E-Books are nothing but the same content in printed books published in the electronic format. It can be a PDF or in another formats suitable for Ipad, Amazon Kindle or other devices. In this article, we are going to see how we can make money by selling E-books. In the process we will meet a couple of people who does this successfully.

Why People are Interested in E-Books?

E-Books are a convenient way for gaining information & knowledge. We all buy books to gain more information & knowledge. For example, we buy a book on PHP to understand more about the programming language. Similarly we buy  books on cookery, fitness & many other areas where we are interested in gaining more information.

In any case, knowledge is distributed only in 2 ways – either as free content via web or as paid content via books, e-books, mobile apps (android, iphone) and other distribution platforms.  E-books are just another way of delivering content, just like printed books, websites, mobile apps.

People buy e-books for the following conveniences:-

  • It costs less than a printed book – customers can save more than 30 to 40% on the same content 
  • Customers can carry it anywhere using their portable devices
  • Customers can transfer it to many devices and access from different locations
  • Customers don’t need to wait the shipping time – they can start reading immediately

Who will buy when there is lot of free information?

We are living in an era where internet & mobile phones have penetrated deeper into the nook & corner of our world. For any one who wants to gain information, lots of authentic free resources are available. Wikipedia is a great first source of information on any topic in this world. Similarly a couple of smart queries in Google can give answer to a lot of our questions.  So with these much free information available online, who will buy your e-book? The answer lies in coming up with e-books that give advanced knowledge & information.

Of 1000 people who search  about a fitness guide, a 100 might be searching for a specific work out plan – say a guide to gain fitness with only 1 hour of exercise every day. This specific information may not be available in the free pool resources. So if you are a fitness teacher who can come up with an e-book – A Guide to Gain Fitness with 1 hour Daily Work Out, you have chance to sell a 100 copies or more.

Real People who make money online selling E-Books

Lets meet some people who makes a lot of money by selling E-books online. These people have done it successfully many times by releasing different e-books.


1) Darren Rowse – The first man among the successful E-book sellers is Darren Rowse. Most people know him as the man behind Problogger – a blog that helps to make money online via blogging. Darren is actually more than just Problogger. He is also the founder of Digital Photography School (his most successful project till date) and handful other business as well.  One of his major share of online income is by selling E-books through his 2 successful blogs – Problogger and DPS.  In DPS, he has released over 10 E-books on various topics of photography.


2) Patt Flynn – is another young man who makes thousands of Dollars every month by selling E-books online. Patt’s earnings for March 2015 was $153,397 !

Read – Top 10 money making bloggers like Patt Flynn .

Every one knows Patt as the man behind SmartPassiveIncome. But Patt began his online money making through one of his initial ventures named GreenExamAcademy. This is a website which publishes free resources for any one who wishes to pass the LEED exam (an exam necessary for architects to practise in Canada). Patt sells his LEED exam study guides (written as E-Books) to people who visit GreenExamAcademy. If you analyse his monthly income reports, you can see that he consistently makes around 2000+ USD (average value) every month by selling e-books through GreenExamAcademy. The interesting fact is that, GreenExamAcademy is one of Patt’s initial ventures which he started in 2008. He started making money from the website through Adsense initially and later moved to E-book sales. He continues to make money from the same website even in 2014 (that’s 6 years).

Why its not easy ?

When we read stories of successful people, we will become inspired. We instantly feel like jumping into the idea and start doing something. When you read theses successful stories about E-book selling, you will fell like coming up with one immediately. But you have to note one important fact that these successful people like Darren and Patt already had a set of audience in their websites before they released an E-book. Patt Flyn had GreenExamAcademy and Darren had DigitalPhotographySchool and both of these websites were having good umber of visitors and subscribers before they released these e-books.

If you already have a successful blog on a specific subject, then the next idea you should try is to release a good E-book.  From my experience, blogs that revolve around educational content are a good platform to sell e-books. You may see, Patt Flyns GreenExamAcademy is an educational resource for LEED exams. DPS is an educational resource for photography enthusiasts. If you take a closer look, you can see that they both sell advanced knowledge as e-books.

What should you do if you are planning to write and sell an ebook?

If you are new to the concept starting a business online or making money online, I recommend to start a blog or a resourceful website around a subject that you are really good at. Over time (may be in 1 or 2 years, provided you put enough work) you will be successful in setting up a resourceful website with enough audience. Once you reach this level, you can write an E-book (that carries advance knowledge on your subject) and sell it online through your website.

There are thousands of subjects to start a website/blog. You may choose one that you have passion and knowledge. Some example subjects are

  • Programming (PHP, Java, CSS, Python).
  • Cooking (Chinese, Asian, Italian etc) .
  • Investing (Equity markets, Mutual Funds, ETF’s etc) – Lindsay Ostrom from pinchofyum has written an ebook about Food Photography- Tasty Food Photography, through which she earns more than $4,000 a month.
  • Interior Designing and lots more.

 How to Sell E-Books?

Through your blog/website

If you already have a successful blog or a website which seems a good candidate for selling E-books, then I recommend you sell the goods directly through your website. If you run your website/blog on WordPress, then you can use the extension EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) to manage your digital goods and sell them online. EDD is a very popular extension of WordPress which is used to managed digital stores. We use EDD to manage our theme downloads in Layero. In addition there are handful of plugins available to handle payments in EDD, manage affiliate sales etc.  The advantage in using EDD is that you don’t need to give sales commissions to a third party service.

If you are not comfortable with EDD, there are plenty of other options available to manage E-book sales. Darren Rowse uses E-Junkie to manage his E-book sales. E-Junkie is a digital goods distribution platform which can be used to sell your E-books online. E-junkie will manage your digital goods (e-books, audios, software or whatever), will handle your payments and downloads. They will charge a fess per sale for the service offered.

Apart from EDD and E-junkie, there are other popular services available. I will aggregate them in an upcoming review.

Through other platforms

You can also sell your e-book through other platforms where which you can upload your ebook and start selling . Some of the most popular ebook selling platforms are


So thats all with selling and making money online with E-Books. You can either build your own website/blog, build traffic,brand,trust and start selling ebooks or depend on other platforms where you can sell your ebook.

Got a good domain name? What about making some money selling it out? the domain was sold for $1800 and the person who bought the domain re-designed the website and sold it for $173,000 after 2 years!! Pretty interesting business huh? So how can you make money selling your domain names? What all are the best domain selling websites?
With the internet reaching new heights, there are more places to sell your domains than ever before. Though experts recommend that investors seek potential buyers directly, it is also important to do everything possible to get your domains in front of as many buyers as possible.

Well, you can list your domain is multiple places as well. What you need to remember is to remove domains from other platforms as soon as it sells on one. Let us have a look at some of the best places to sell your domain names.

Find a Good Domain Name for your Blog or Website – are you finding it difficult to choose a good domain name for your new blog or website? Read our well-explained tutorial on selecting the best & right domain name.


How  can you sell your domain name for the best price

This article is all about selling your domain name at the best price. The domain name business is very much like the real estate business. I still regret I wasn’t able to register those 3 letter and 4 letter domains in the early 2000. If you had a 3 letter domain name right now you could have sold it for a minimum price of $100,000.  Anyway let me tell you, all the 3 letters and 4 letter domains have been taken. I remember my college days while I applied mathematics I learned in Engineering to check the 4 letter domain name availability.  Like, I just wanted to check whether any of the 4 letter domain name is available. I applied permutations (26p4) and found that there were 26x26x26x26 =456,976 4 letter domain names.  I used the bulk domain name checker to check whether these domains were available , I also asked the help of some of my friends in achieving this task. After 1 week I found out that all the 4 letter domains were taken up (1 week efforts went futile).

Anyhow, it was a great learning experience to me and I found that FORECASTING is the key success factor in domain business.

Now, lets see how you can sell your domain name.

1. Let the world know your domain is for sale

Whether your site(domain) got visitors or not, let your visitors know that you are planning to sell your domain. This one of the best way to generate leads.

2. Sensible pricing

You might have heard of domain names sold for million dollars. Either they are lucky or their domain name must be worth it. Dont overprice your domain or else you’ll be spoiling the chance to sell your domain. Yes, bargaining is really important but first of all make sure your domain name pricing is sensible. Your domain name might sound fancy for you , but may not for others. Pricing depends on many factors like

  • Domain Letters
  • Domain Age
  • Relevance
  • Brandability
  • Google Search Volume
  • Current or upcoming trends
  • Pricing in future


 Best places to sell your domain names

So we checked about selling your domain name. Now, what all are the best places to sell your domain names? Lets have a look at the top 7 websites in the internet through which you can sell your domain names.

1. Sedo

Alexa Traffic Rank: 5533



Sedo is one of the largest domain companies online that provides its clients with a large variety of domain services; however, the most popular are the domain listing and sales services and the domain parking services. Besides, they provide registrations, domain valuations, brokerage services, portfolio management and a lot more. In fact, Sedo is the largest domain listing service with more than 800,000 users and marketing more than 14 million domain names on their site. Most names are listed for sale at a straight fee; however, there are names listed for sale by negotiation and those domains for sale via Sedo’s premium auctions.

If you want to sell a domain name, set up a free account on this site and list your name; as it is with other sites, Sedo too takes a percentage on all completed sales. Sedo also provides a unique service called Sedo Pro that caters to the more active and higher valued domain portfolio owners.

One of the downsides of Sedo is that their escrow fees are really high.

2. Flippa

Alexa Traffic Rank: 6913


On Flippa, it is very easy to buy and sell domains. All you need to do is create an account and list your domain; you have to pay for any upgrades you wish to add to your listing and respond to the queries as they come in from potential buyers. If a sale is likely to end successfully, you can transfer the ownership and receive your money. It is as simple as that.

Flippa is certainly a great option to sell your domain provided you don’t mind paying the fees. However, there are some complaints about bad customer support at Flippa. Moreover, it is also said that there are quite a few dodgy bidders who make bids without the intention to buy. It seems that Flippa team hasn’t done anything much to check these fake bidders.

3. Afternic

Alexa Traffic Rank: 19,945


Afternic is one of the great domain aftermarket sites to visit. The site tends to specialize in high quality names and therefore, cheap bargains are harder to come by. But, if you are looking to sell a quality domain name, you will most probably find a buyer pretty easily at Afternic. The process of buying and selling domain names on is quite simple when compared to other aftermarket sites as Afternic uses their own specialized escrow service. Coming to the sale fee, it is comparable to other sites, falling between 10 and 20%.  As a seller, you get your money’s worth as Afternic is capable of reaching a large network of potential and seasoned buyers.

4. Igloo

Alexa Traffic Rank: 156,754


Igloo provides you with the information and tools required to meet your domain needs pretty effectively and efficiently. Being the premier marketplace for registered domains, Igloo specializes in helping people purchase domain names, buy registered domains, list domains for sale in different ways and sell domains in a safe and secure manner.

There are many reasons why you should consider Igloo: verified buyers and sellers, user-friendly interface, public and private auctions, customized transaction support, tailored listing pages, seamless parking platform integration and independent third party data.

5. Cax

Alexa Traffic Rank: 390,852


Cax features your domain in front of the biggest community of domain investors. The sales commission is 5 to 10% depending on your membership. Except during auctions, there is no listing or brokerage exclusivity. Your listing is in your control; you can add, edit or remove as per your convenience. You are provided with complete sales page customization; you can choose to add text, video, graphics, and the like. You can also avail free sale page parking at Moreover, get a free sub domain to list your entire domain portfolio under one roof.

The best part is that you can start using the domain you wanted with no money down!

6. BrandBucket

Alexa Traffic Rank: 38,697


Brandbucket offers businesses with carefully researched domain names rich in branding. Therefore, if you have a high quality domain with you, you can certainly find potential buyers via Brandbucket. Communication with BrandBucket is very fast and all transactions are swift. This means that you can sell your domain and get your money in a flash.

There aren’t any contracts involved for buying and selling domains at this site.

7. HuntingMoon

Alexa Traffic Rank: 410000


HuntingMoon has created an easy platform for trading assets like domain names, businesses, domain portfolios, web traffic, content, design and a lot of other products and services. The transaction is pretty fast and smooth. They price your domains realistically and can gain attention of most of the big players in the arena. By choosing HungtingMoon, you are dealing with total honesty and integrity.

HuntingMoon market has over 10,000 buyers shopping every month and the number is growing every consecutive month. A lot of start-ups, investors, and businesses rely on this site for domain names. So, you should find a plethora of buyers for your domain.

Members can interact with each other over private messaging or via the Questions and Answers tab on the listings. The commission to HuntingMoon on successful transactions is just 10%.

Well, having reviewed quite a few popular online places to sell your domains, now, it’s up to you to decide on which online platform will best suit you. Before deciding on finding a site to sell the domain, make it a point to assess your domain and find out its quality and worth. This will be a great way to identify the best platform to sell your domain through a domain aftermarket site that sells the kind of domain you have.