For the past few months, Edwiser RemUI has been creating a lot of buzz in the Moodle theme space. With reviewers claiming it to be “a UI game changer for Moodle” this theme has certainly piqued our interest.

The theme developers make some pretty bold claims owing to the numerous features the theme contains. But is the theme all it’s claiming to be? Does it live upto the hype?

Here’s our take on it.

What is Edwiser RemUI all about?


Edwiser RemUI, a theme for Moodle by WisdmLabs, is a front-end as well as back-end theme for Moodle. That is to say, not only does it change the homepage of your Moodle website, it also adds new skins or layouts on the admin side.

With user-oriented functionality added to each layout, it’s meant to not only improve Moodle’s visual appeal, but to make interaction as easy as possible.

The latest version packs in even more features, the highlight being Moodle 3.2 compatibility.


Edwiser RemUI Theme Features


When you think of a Moodle theme, the most you expect is a remodelled homepage. But Edwiser RemUI brings more to the table. You start noticing the difference between this theme and other Moodle themes once you log in.


Custom Layouts


Course archive page


Edwiser RemUI offers unique layouts primed for optimal viewing and interaction. May it be for the dashboard, the course archive page, single course page or blog. These layouts offer an updated view over the out-dated Moodle interface, while being functional and customizable.

Customization Options

The theme offers several customization options ranging from color theme customization, to the logo, to the footer. These options make the theme completely white-label, and help you personalize it for your business.


Edwiser RemUI Settings Page


Navigation Options & Quick Links


A major advantage the theme presents is simplified navigation options. Apart from the traditional left navigation menu, the theme offers quick links at every step to increase user productivity. For example, one click enrollment option or student report options on the course archive page, or an event creation option on the calendar save a manager’s or teacher’s time when working with the theme. This flexibility provides a solid reason for anyone looking to switch to this theme.


Notification, Messaging, Course creation shortcuts and quicklinks


Quick course editing shortcuts

Collapsible Sidebars


Options on the left and right sidebar, allow for distraction free-learning by letting users collapse either one, or both the bars when not needed. This makes the layout flexible and easy to adjust according to user preference.


Collapsible sidebars

Quick Messaging Option


Edwiser RemUI provides a quick messaging widget that you can add to your dashboard. This widget allows you to easily send and receive messages to or from other members. The admin bar also contains a link to view these messages in your mailbox along with an instant message received notification option.


Quick Messaging option from Dashboard

Graphical View of Data


The theme offers graphical view of student progress and performance reports making it easy to comprehend and analyse data. The user profile page also offers course progress bars for quick analysis.


Graphical course statistics on Dashboard

Mobile-Ready Interface


Edwiser RemUI offers interfaces that display seamlessly on both desktop as well as mobile devices. The layouts adapt to fit well on smaller screens without the need  of any additional settings or customization.


Edwiser RemUI Theme SetUp

While the theme options are plenty, one can’t help but wonder if this very plethora of options makes the theme laborious to set up?

Well, it’s quite the contrary.  The theme has a clearly laid out options panel wherein settings are categorically divided. The theme guides you through the settings and you can skip them if you need and edit them later.

A detailed documentation backs the settings options, additionally providing you tips to optimally set up your Moodle website.


Final Thoughts On Edwiser RemUI


Edwiser RemUI is clearly a path breaking theme for Moodle. It sets itself apart as one of the first theme’s built keeping end users in mind. This theme delivers where others often fail – it greatly improves Moodle navigation and makes for faster, simpler interaction. The documentation is impressive and support is responsive.

Overall, the theme completely overhauls Moodle’s interface and provides a great deal of functionality and customization options. What’s more, the theme is relatively user-friendly and has a fresh new look.

The translation option makes it a great buy for Moodlepreneurs across the globe.

From a pricing point of view, the theme is priced at $79 for a single site yearly license, $99 for a two site yearly license and $299 for a lifetime license. If this seems a bit steep to you, you should consider the fact that the multitude of features the theme offers, are considerably more than those offered by other premium themes.



  • Front-end and Back-end Moodle theme
  • Unique and functional page templates
  • Simplified navigation options
  • Helpful documentation
  • 140+ Language packs included
  • Sleeker interface elements and graphical view of data



  • Might be an overload of features for new users
  • Not ideal for those seeking a minimal theme


Summing everything up, Edwiser RemUI is a theme for Moodle that delivers more than you would expect. It could be a theme you could use or one you could recommend fellow Moodle users. But don’t take our word for it. Test drive the theme yourself. The detailed theme demo guides you through the theme features to provide you a student’s, teacher’s or manager’s point of view.


Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a platform between the educators and the learners with which anybody can easily create customized learning web portals. Most of the Moodle Premium Themes available in market are crafted on Bootstrap Framework.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework to develop websites. It is a free open source framework for faster and easier web development.  It has customizable built-in design templates which can be crafted into beautiful looking web pages.

In this article, let us review the pros and cons of different Moodle premium themes available in market. We have curated around 6+ premium moodle themes, which we believe are outstanding, unique, crafted with high programming standards and design.

Note:- Take a look at our review of Moodle Bootstrap Themes – in which we review the best and top Moodle themes crafted on Bootstrap framework.

#1 Edwiser RemUI Moodle Theme



RemUI is a latest moodle theme which do have lots of interesting features. The moodle user interface has been remodeled completely to have a classy new design. Some of the most interesting features of the RemUI moodle theme are

  • Custom layouts & simplified course navigation- This moodle theme do have lots of templates to optimize the view of the pages.
  • Mobile friendly out of the box – RemUI is not just mobile friendly , but compatible across multiple devices.
  • Personalised moodle theme –  RemUI comes up with options through which you can change the colors, upload logo etc . Simply saying, you can personalise your moodle.
  • Graphical Charts – This moodle theme have graphical charts other visual representations through which you can make your moodle more interactive.
  • Top notch Blog archive page
  • Home Page Slider
  • Translation ready
  • Fontawesome settings
  • RTL compatible
  • Mini-menubar

These unique features make RemUI another loved moodle theme. You can buy RemUI starting at $79 and $299 for Lifetime!

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#2 – Tikli – Simple and best choice among moodle premium themes!

Bootstrap Moodle Theme

Tikli theme is very simple to use as the placement of navigation panels, drop down menus to different courses, contacts, etc are more conventional like how we see in majority of the websites. This premium moodle theme has cross browser compatibility and it works perfectly on all browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. Theme also supports Moodle versions upto 3.0. It has an integrated Google maps facility too. There is a slider to display images from your own gallery. Each webpage can display a maximum of three columns. Also, it supports 4 social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It is very well optimized for tablets and mobile devices, as it is a necessity nowadays!  Yet another useful and interesting option is jQuery counter, with which the website can display active students count and many more.

Coming to its other side, it has only 5 colour scheme options, compared to other premium moodle themes which enable users to choose any from the colour panel. The header and footer options are very much limited too.

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#3 – Roshni – modern, better headers and more social links!

Moodle Theme Bootstrap

Roshni can impress its customers with its varied header options. The customers can choose from three different available headers and any colour can be chosen from the color panel. The next awesome feature is that it has TinyMCE HTML editor to work on the HTML code. There are four pages with excellent background colour change options. Also, it provides two sliders to display images. The interesting part of Roshni is that it has ten social media icons, which is one of the greatest counts that any Moodle premium theme could offer! Like most other Moodle premium themes in market, it has a three column display and a higher resolution. It extends good cross browser compatibility as well.

Besides these advantages, there are few drawbacks with Roshni too! There is no jQuery counter and it can only work up to Moodle 2.9(expected update to Moodle 3.0 very soon).

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#4 – Marble – column-wise display and a customized footer? Go for Marble

Moodle Premium Themes

Marble by presenting four columns display, is best suited for more information in a compact space. It offers a customized footer in which social media links of your choice can be placed. Besides providing varied colour options, it is compatible with Opera too. Marble is equipped with good background image settings as well. There are sliders for images and six different social media icons. Most importantly it has Hide Block Option, if the customer does not wish the main menu to occupy the space.

But the Hide Block Option can sometimes be a disadvantage too! If the user unknowingly clicks the Hide Block button, the main menu goes hidden. As the main menu lies pretty down the page, the user might not be aware that it is hidden! Also, the user has to scroll down every time to look for most required information such as Login, Site News and other links. Though Marble – the moodle premium theme looks awesome, there is no jQuery counter and has minimized header options.

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#5 – Shiksha – newer theme with appealing Logo presentations and HTML editors!

Bootstrap Theme Moodle

Siksha is a premium moodle theme and its highlight is that it presents very clear introductory information with two levels of headers. One level of header is to place social media icons or to customize the site logo and another level for static or slider banner. There is a footer option too, to place contact details and other links. Shiksha has excellent cross browser compatibility and it is compatible with Moodle 2.9 and Bootstrap 2.3 as well. If the site owner can tailor HTML code, then Shiksha is the best choice, as it has two HTML editors – TinyMCE and Atto HTML. It provides a variety of color options and is integrated with Google maps too. Also, it has jQuery counter and is optimized for tablets and mobile devices.

The limitations of Shiksha are pretty much lower than the other Moodle premium themes. Like most premium Moodle themes, it does not have Hide Block option and has only three columns display.

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#6 – Lambda – The best seller, with Image Carousels and Layout options 

Responsive Bootstrap Moodle Theme

Lambda – the best selling Moodle premium theme is easier to use with Full or Boxed layout options. More over the blocks can be placed at either left or right. Interestingly, along with sliders it has image carousels too. Besides enabling a variety of colour options, it displays calendar at the footer. It has amazing cross browser compatibility. It do supports Moodle 2.5 and upto higher version moodle 3.0 and Bootstrap 2.3 as well. It has four social media icons which can be placed in the Header or in the Footer or in any block regions.

Besides these advantages, Lambda has no jQuery counter option and has only three columns display. Also, there is no Hide Block option, though it supports different block layouts.

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#7 – Academy – It is newer and Trendy!

Premium Moodle Themes collection

Academy supports four columns and presents more information compactly. It supports Moodle 3.0, Bootstrap 2.3 and it is compatible with the browser Opera as well. Another useful feature of Academy is that the HTML code is available for re-use, once the styles are setup. The slider here is placed well such that it does not occupy much space. The theme is equipped with Front page marketing spots and client marketing spots. There is a newsletter and subscription panel as well.

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As the design is more compact, it might take a little time to identify specific information from the pages. Being a very newer theme, you can expect much updates and improvements to the theme in coming months.


Okay! We have reviewed the best premium Moodle themes available in market right now. We will add newer themes when we find them online. Take a look at our review of Top 10 Moodle Bootstrap Themes – in which we review Moodle premium themes crafted on Bootstrap framework.

Did we miss some moodle themes? Are there any free moodle themes that has premium quality? Do let us know


Moodle – is an open source learning platform which is used globally by educational institutions (Colleges, Universities, Schools etc) to create Learning Management Systems. In this article, we are listing a collection of the best Moodle Bootstrap themes – which are basically Moodle Themes based Twitter Bootstrap framework. We have listed 5+ bootstrap moodle themes in this collection; which are clean coded, well designed,follows the best coding practices and design standards.

There are a handful of companies which make Moodle bootstrap theme products and sell online. We don’t think all of them are a good fit for your learning management system as some of them don’t follow good design and coding standards. We have handpicked all these bootstrap moodle theme collection based on certain criteria; say themes with a unique design, follows best programming standards for Moodle, follows best design standards, provides good customer support and many other essential criteria.

Lets begin our review of Moodle bootstrap themes. All themes listed here are responsive as well.

1. Tikli – Responsive Moodle Theme

Bootstrap Moodle Theme


Tikli – is a responsive Moodle bootstrap theme with a unique and exclusive design. We select this theme as #1 for its unique design style of home page and inner pages. This bootstrap moodle theme is compatible with Moodle 2.7 and higher upto Moodle 3.0. When it comes to bootstrap versions, Tikli is compatible with bootstrap 2.3.x and higher versions.

Highlights of Tikli 

  • Unique design with 5 color schemes
  • Responsive with App like feel for Tablets and Mobiles
  • 4 Page layouts and unlimited font selections
  • Animated Number Counter/Pricing Table (jQuery)
  • Featured Content Area
  • Google Maps integration
  • RTL Language support
  • Feature rich Theme Settings Backend

Price : $44

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2. BeSmart -Boxed Layout Moodle Theme

Moodle Bootstrap Theme

BeSmart – is a responsive bootstrap Moodle theme that comes with a boxed layout in addition to full width option. We select this theme as #2 for its good design and rich features like layered slideshow, grid based course listing, front page marketing spots and many other features. This Moodle bootstrap theme is compatible with Bootstrap 2.3.x and higher upto the latest Bootstrap 3.x. BeSmart is also compatible with Moodle 2.5 and higher.

Highlights of BeSmart

  • Unique responsive design with Boxed layout
  • Layered Slideshow in Home page
  • Bootstrap Grid – Grid based course listing
  • Custom style for Pricing tables, Testimonials and Icon boxes
  • Front Page marketing spots/Client page marketing spots
  • Theme Settings panel (backend administration)

Price : $44

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3. Lambda – the best selling Moodle Theme

Responsive Bootstrap Moodle Theme

Lambda – is one of the best selling Moodle Theme so far in online markets with 1000+ sales in just 1 year. This moodle theme based on Twitter bootstrap comes with high customization options. They provide excellent customer support for all theme buyers. Lambda – is one of that moodle theme which makes excellent use of bootstrap carousels, accordions, dropdowns and tabs.

Highlights of Lambda 

  • 100% responsive design
  • Theme Settings Panel – with rich customisation options
  • Home page slideshow and carousel
  • Unlimited color settings option
  • Full width and boxed layout options
  • Font selection option
  • Flexible Moodle Blocks – arrange positions based on choice
  • Typography styles – to choose from

Price : $59

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4. Siksha – Moodle Theme with unlimited colors

Bootstrap Theme Moodle

Siksha – is a responsive bootstrap theme for Moodle with unlimited color setting option (choose from a color palette), exclusively designed for educational institutions, flexible moodle blocks, parallax elements, floating menu with multi level drop down and many other essential features. Siksha moodle theme comes with 16 customizable sections in the front page/home page which the user may customize through a backend settings panel. Users can customize theme color, logo and pages through settings panel, which is otherwise not possible in a typical Moodle theme.

Highlights of Siksha

  • Exclusive design for Educational institutions
  • Clean design – fluid and simple
  • Multi level drop down menu (floating)
  • Home Page Settings panel (backend)
  • Parallax section in home page – add accordion,parallax background etc
  • RTL language compatible
  • Google Maps integration
  • Customized UI elements

Price : $44

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5. Roshni – Customizable Responsive Moodle Theme

Moodle Theme Bootstrap

Roshni – is a highly customisable Moodle theme based on bootstrap which comes with 3 types of headers, highly flexible and module based home page(where you can set the position of different home page elements like slider, text area, contact us page, google maps and all other home page elements). This moodle theme has a highly feature rich theme settings panel with lots of options to customize the home page and inner pages. Roshni – is a responsive moodle bootstrap theme suitable for colleges, schools and universities to build course management systems.

Highlights of Roshni

  • 3 Types of Headers – home page  and inner pages
  • 3 Types of Logo and 4 styles for Page layouts
  • 2 sliders with custom positions
  • Theme Setting panel with rich customization options
  • Unlimited color schemes and Flexible moodle blocks

So we have reviewed 5+ Moodle bootstrap themes to build LMS (Learning Management Systems) and Course Management Systems. Choose a theme that suits your needs to the best! We’ll be adding much more moodle themes in the upcoming days. Lots of good moodle themes are getting released day by day, so stay tuned for it.

Price : $44

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6. Marble – Responsive bootstrap moodle theme

marble moodle theme

Marble is another Moodle bootsrap theme with great demand. It is a clean and simple theme in the moodle platform. Moodle is used world wide as a learning management system.

Now, lets have a look at the major features of the Marble bootstrap moodle theme.

Major highlights of Marble Moodle theme.

  • Responsive design.
  • Bootstrap inbuilt.
  • Client Marketing Spots
  • Social media icon settings
  • Hide or show all blocks in 1 click.
  • Custom Css functionality
  • Custom styles for testimonials, pricing and icon boxes.
  • Fontawesome integrated.
  • Front page layered slideshow

Price : $44

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7. Hoxa – Moodle Bootstrap theme

hoxa moodle bootsrap theme

Hoxa is another popular moodle bootstrap theme, hoxa is very simple is design and outlook.

Lets have a look some of the best features of the Hoxa moodle theme.

  • Responsive Design
  • Font awesome Icons
  • Highly Customizable
  • Client marketing spots
  • Social media integration
  • Custom styles for icon boxes, testimonials and other sections.
  • Custom Css area

Price : $44

If you are looking for some simple responsive moodle bootsrap theme, hoxa will be a perfect choice.

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8. Solveto – Moodle bootsrap theme

solveto moodle bootstrap theme

Solveto is the most recent moodle bootsrap theme out of all the mentioned ones above. It is a clean and simple moodle responsive theme.

As we all know, moodle is used widely by colleges and universities to showcase their courses and highlight learning management systems. Solveto will be a perfect choice for a moodle bootstrap theme as it is very much simple yet elegant in its design.

Lets have a look at some of the interesting features of Solveto Moodle bootstrap theme.

  • Responsive bootstrap design.
  • Fontawesome Icons.
  • Fronpage layered slideshow.
  • Custom CSS option.
  • Custom pricing table styles.
  • Social media integration.
  • Spots for client marketing.
  • Functionality to show and hide blocks.
  • Custom testimonial styles.
  • Highly configurable settings page.

With all these option and being a latest moodle theme, buying  Solveto moodle theme is not at all a bad idea.

Price : $44

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These are the most popular moodle bootsrap themes/moodle responsive themes available in the market, your choice depends on your needs.  We’ve reviewed these moodle bootsrap themes based on their popularity as well as features. Moodle fans are increasing day by day, moodle is getting more usable and important. We’ll be updating this list regularly so that you can stay in touch with the most popular moodle themes.

Did we missed some any awesome moodle theme ? Do comment or Contact Us, we’ll be updating the list with your suggestion(after reviewing).