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E-commerce is a sought after option when it comes to starting a new business venture. E-commerce stores are easy to start and operate. The hardest part in creating a successful E-commerce business is beating out the competition. There are lots of players in the field and it’s unimaginable to compete with giants like Amazon. [Read: – Top 10 E-commerce Stores in the world based on visitors]. To be successful and profitable in the e-commerce space, one should operate in a specific niche rather than be betting on general purpose stores like Amazon (which sells anything under the sun). So here we list different niche e-commerce business examples which operate successfully with profit and growth prospects.

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#1 – Medelita – Sells Lab Coats and Medical Scrubs


The medical field is notorious for its specialization and Medelita is no exception either. Medelita has specialized in uniforms for people working in the medical field. Its philosophy for business is predicated upon the belief that appearances reflect poise and confidence. If the doctor or nurse cares for his or her appearance then it is almost certain that patients develop confidence in them.

In this micro niche market of uniforms within the medical care industry, Medelita has created products to enhance the appearance of the persons wearing the uniform. Uniforms are created with fabrics of the highest performance quality and functionality and finished with meticulous care to fit perfectly. Besides lab coats and scrubs Medelita offers clogs, leather bags, and accessories. Though Medelita products are available through its website, it offers its products through retailers as well.

#2 – Afloral – Sells Artificial Flowers Online


It is difficult to imagine anyone not liking natural flowers. However, for those who like artificial flowers, there is a superb website, This is a niche market of the unique kind and Afloral is a classic niche e-commerce business example.

The website offers silk flowers not only for daily use but also for weddings and special occasions. It also sells vases, decorations, and lighting products.The website boasts customer satisfaction and highest quality standards as its main goals, and it achieves these goals quite effortlessly so much so that it is rated very highly in the industry.

If there is any doubt on the business model of this e-commerce business it should be laid to rest as Internet Retailer, the e-commerce authority, has declared as the largest online silk flower provider.

#3 – DogIsGood – Niche Lifestyle Brand


DogisGood is a great example of a niche e-commerce business that targets a very specific segment of the market which is huge – 70 to 80 million dog owner households in the United States. DogisGood touches the hearts of dog lovers who feel for dogs with great messaging that reinforces the feel good factor omnipresent with dog lovers. The dog loving sentiment is used cleverly to open up a business for lifestyle products across the country.

DogisGood products are sold through its own website online and through wholesale and retail nationwide. Further, DogisGood is licensed to manufacturing entities in the home product, gift and pet industries. DogisGood opens up another channel for sales through its Exhibitor Program in which its products can be sold at various events throughout the country.

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#4 – ParentGiving – Products for the Aged

parentgiving is a website that takes niche e-commerce business to a new high. Firstly, it identifies its target audience as the aged and the caregivers. Secondly, it focuses on products that are not sold in general sales channels. Thirdly, it sells only online through its website.The website offers products and services that are the refrain of the aged such as bariatric bathroom aids, overbed tables, and trays, walking aids, wheelchairs, and incontinence accessories.

The website sells products and services of well-known brands, including Abena, Poise, and Stander as well as products specially manufactured for it. The website is a great source of knowledge for elders and caregivers.
The website is a full-fledged one with all the features a website in the e-commerce business should have.

#5 – PrintingForLess– Online Print Shop

printingforless (PFL) claims it is the first e-commerce commercial printer. Judging by the way the business is showcased and the amount of products and services it offers it may well be true.The niche that PFL has carved out for itself is in the realm of printing and mailing needs of customers. PFL not only offers some great advice for print marketing programs but also implements them.

PFL is perhaps one of the rare businesses that take customer service to a new level claiming real-life people answer customer phone calls.PFL is able to provide its products and services through its state-of-the-art centralized production facilities through its customer-centric strategy that offers ‘local print shop’ services with high-quality printing.

#6 – ForYourLegs – Niche Online Store Selling Socks


Considering that For Your Legs is a niche e-commerce business it could hardly be accused if it did not have a wide range of products. Surprisingly, it offers a number of branded products that take care of legs.The website is highly functional and provides easy navigation under three categories – by brands, by compression, and by the condition. Customers can quickly zone in on their requirement choosing from a wide variety offered.

The website’s ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ offer is a niche within a niche as it is directed to those customers who are price sensitive and don’t mind putting in efforts to compare prices.Launched in 2005, For Your Legs is a division of Aleva Stores. It leverages the massive customer base provided by its parent.

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#7 – DiscountDance – Dance Accessories


Dance can be placed under many categories. It could be a profession or a hobby. Dancing allows people to experience a sense of achievement or provides a means to express themselves.DiscountDance caters to the niche market represented by dance lovers and practitioners by offering a variety of wearing options from performance dresses to leotards and unitards, from skirts and tutus to pants and leggings and from undergarments to shoes.

The website offers a host of other services including a program for dance teachers and a facility to link them with students. It also provides a wide choice of gifting options that includes among others accessories such as toe ring replacements, sequin leg warmers, and ruffle shrugs.DiscountDance targets kids specifically to catch them young and make them stay with the brand through adulthood.

#8 – IDWholesaler – ID Badge Products


Providing expert advice to those seeking photo identification products is a niche segment and IDWholesaler has notched up an impressive 100,000 + customers in its twelve years of existence.The website is a navigation delight and customers are quickly taken to pages they seek such as visitor badges, id cameras, id cards, photo id systems and id card printers. They can also easily look for data capture products, badge holders, reels, and lanyards, software, and card printer supplies.

IDWholesaler prides itself on its customer driven services provided by trained experts who guide customers through the buying process understanding their needs. It provides links to blogs that talk about ID related issues. It claims it is the only entity to stock a large inventory, unlike its competitors.

#9 – BuildASign – Custom Signage


BuildASign is an e-commerce business that can be emulated by others simply because it is a business that has identified custom signage as its niche and it promotes this business to attract customers from a large spectrum of users.

BuildASign makes ordering products very simple. Its online interface allows customers to create their own products and order them with designs of their choice, including colors, fonts, graphics and text. Its template for design is very accommodative and user-friendly for customers to iterate. What is more, it does not charge a set-up artwork fee.
BuildASign’s customer list runs like a who’s who in every industry segment requiring signage to express themselves. No industry is a pariah for this great brand that has taken the custom signage business to lofty heights ever since the first signboards were created in ancient Egypt.

#10 – PropertyRoom – Online Auction of Used Goods

propertyroom is a rare kind of an auction website so unlike others. What makes this website stand out is the fact that all the products sold on this website are the ones confiscated by government authorities or left in various locations under the care of some statutory authority or the other.

The website has evolved since the time it started auctions in police stations over the years and diversified (if you can do that in a niche market) into auctioning products for other entities such as fire departments, liquidators and even wholesale merchants wanting to reduce their inventory of unsold products.

The availability of such confiscated goods provides an opportunity to create a niche market. It is an eye-opener to see products such as electronic items, jewelry, vehicles, watches, coins and bullion and, can you believe it, even art being auctioned on the website.

#11 – Shindigz – Party Accessories


All parents stuck up with a party to be organized can heave a sigh of relief as website, with a 90-year lineage, is here to help them solve their ‘party to be organized’ issue. The support staff at Shindigz will give ready and actionable inputs to make the party unique.

The website offers products not found in competing companies with an accent on customization. The website offers 34,000 items to choose from. It claims it has been a part of 13 million events so far and is poised to participate in a minimum of another 13 million events in the future.Shindigz runs a wholesale program aimed at photography studios, caterers, decorators and event planners, and an affiliate program as well.

#12 – TFAW – Kids Store


ThingsFromAnotherWorld hosts a website to sell products in the genre of comic books, superhero apparel, statues, toys and graphic novels.The website should appeal to the niche segment of people wanting to reminisce about their childhood and carry forward reading their favorite heroes and make a hobby out of collecting merchandise from such heroes.

ThingsFromAnotherWorld sells items produced by its own publishing entity Dark Horse. It also sells products from other publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel. Some of the other items sold on include products from Bluewater Productions, Zenescope and Top Shelf.Besides the website, ThingsFromAnotherWorld sells through strategically located retail outlets and through a well thought out affiliate program offering over 20,000 pop culture products.

#13 – Folica – Hair Care Products


If ever anything can be described as quintessential it is the Folica website. The Folica website itself heralds ‘Folica is your go-to destination for all-things-hair.’ How true!

The website is aesthetically and functionally evocative providing all the features of an e-commerce website with ease of navigation as its main feature. It hosts a number of products and services ranging from tools (with a special section for Sedu) to hair care to hair growth/loss and hair style. It offers products from almost all the top brands associated with hair care and beauty.

The ‘Top 10’ section helps customers to reduce search time. The blog section is replete with information on a number of issues related to hair care, even men’s hair care.Folica is a great website for those who care for their hair deeply.

#14 – V2 – E-Cigarettes


The website is probably one of the rare websites that motivates users to sign up for the V2 e-cig forum. The V2 forum is a veritable storehouse of knowledge on all things e-cigarette. Tobacco smokers intending to give up on their habit can turn to e-cigarettes.

But before starting on e-cigarettes new members are encouraged to participate in the highly interactive V2 forum. The forum enlightens members new to e-cigarettes on a number of issues that will help make up their minds after interacting with actual users who are from various countries with different backgrounds.

Once members decide to switch to e-cigarettes they will then appreciate the website for its classiness. If they have tried cigars earlier then they will enjoy navigating through this website more as the style and tenor are similar to scores of cigar websites.

#15 – SparkFun – DIY Electronic Kits


For those parents who are tired of ferrying their children to and from various extra-curricular activities, SparkFun comes as a breath of fresh air. SparkFun is an online retail store that specializes in selling components for electronic products that children can build in the comfort of their homes.

Children can plan to build almost any kind of electronic product such as a robot that can do homework (just kidding) or a hearing aid for their favorite grandmothers by choosing the appropriate components from the website which boasts 3,500 components and widgets on sale, including Arduino development boards and breakout boards.
In addition to the online retail store SparkFun also educates children on embedded electronics through their classes and online tutorials.

SparkFun is a promoter of open source technology which works beautifully for children as they don’t have to worry about copyrights.

#16 – WheelSkin – Steering Wheel Covers


It is said that man and his car are emotionally intertwined. So, when it comes to the steering wheel of the car, where the hands are always on them, it holds a special place in a man’s heart.

Recognizing this universal truth, Wheelskins produces individually hand-crafted wheel covers from genuine leather, carving out a special niche for itself. The company protects its image, built over 39 years, by being very choosy about its offering with manufacture only in the U.S.A. It stays with genuine leather and offers just 3 styles in 15 colors but aims for sizes that fit any steering wheel.

Wheelskins offers customers the facility of mailing color samples within 24 hours. It also promotes a robust reseller program. The two propositions are perfect for niche market strategy.

In this post, I am showing you the best way to start an eCommerce website. There are many ways in starting your eCommerce store(like shopify,woocommerce,magento,bigcommerce, other shopping cart softwares etc). I assume you want to start an online ecommerce store, but you are not that sure about how to start it. This post helps you to start your eCommerce website in the best way.

So whats the best way to start your e-commerce store?

Answer: Bluehost+WordPress+Woocommerce+Woocommerce Theme.

Hmm… So what made me come to such a conclusion?

I am a Web Developer and has been working with various eCommerce platforms like Magento,Shopify, Opencart,Bigcommerce and many others(for 8 years) for various clients. I have also developed a shopping cart software. My judgment comes from this solid experience working in the eCommerce sector.

These are the factors I’ve considered in coming to this conclusion

  • Pricing – Woocommerce is totally free while for hosted shopping carts like shopify, bigcommerce etc , you need to pay life long(also a small amount of your sales as fee). Consider long term, even if you are using the most basic plan of shopify, you have to pay $3,480 (for 10 years). If you are going for higher plans you have to pay $35,880(plus the per sale fees). Keep in mind that its real hard to change the ecommerce platform once its chosen(you have to re-add the products, keep the url structure and all, believe me, its a real pain).
  • Design – I’ve developed some woocommerce themes for themeforest. And I can confidently says that woocommerce themes are the most good looking themes available in the industry. Themeforest wont approve sub standard designs, and you can see that a number of new woocommerce themes gets uploaded day by day in themeforest. All the designs are highly competitive, code is well written and highly secured.
  • You keep your code – If you are running an offline store, its better you be the owner of your own property right? By using woocommerce, you can achieve this. All the code, transactions etc will stay on your own server.
  • Light weight and fast loading – One of the biggest mistake in my life was to start an ecommerce store in magento for one of my important online business. Magento was notorious for slow loading speed and complexity, yet I decided go with magento(as my partner was a fan of magento, there was a general conception that woocommerce is suitable for small scale online business). But after 1 year of launch and facing lots of issues(like slow loading, bad feedback about design(we were using a magento theme), hacks(the store was hacked regularly)) we decided to change the store to woocommerce. Things got better afterall, the store loaded in seconds and the sales improved.
  • A wide range of plugins and easy customization– The WordPress plugin library is filled with woocommerce extensions. There are lots of free woocommerce plugins for many functionalities. Also, when it comes to customization, its far easier to customize woocommerce compared to magento and all.

So hope you are convinced with what I said from my experience.

Now, let’s have a look at 4 steps in starting an eCommerce store

Step 1: Register a domain and setup a hosting

The first step is to register a domain. You need a domain name for your e-commerce store, if you are not sure about your domain name, this article will help you in picking the right domain name for your ecommerce store.

Luckily, bluehost offer a free domain name along with their hosting, so that you can have it all in one account.

So, these screenshots will help you in setting up your bluehost account

1: Select the Pricing Plan

Bluehost does have 3 major plans(basic,plus and prime). To set up your first eCommerce store, I’d recommend you to take the basic plan. Initially, your blogs wont be having that much traffic so that the basic plan will be the perfect one to start with. Later on, once you build some traffic(visitors) to your blog, you can updgrade to bigger plans(this can save you some good money). The basic plan is $3.95 while plus and premium plans are $5.95 per month.

Well, you can go ahead with the plus or prime plans if you can get good amount of traffic initially. I am not at all against these plans, but what I meant is that you can always upgrade to higher plans anytime you want. This might probably save you some bucks.

Recommended: Basic Plan


2 :Register the domain

Enter the domain you want to register for your e-commerce store. You can enter a domain if you already have one, bluehost will show you how to transfer the domain to bluehost server.


3: Fill in your details and the payment details.


I am highly recommending you to uncheck the following options(which can save you some good money). Moreover, you don’t need this in the initial stage.

  • Domain Privacy Protection – Only select this if you want privacy for your domain,. Means you dont want to disclose the identity of the domain owner
  • Site Backup Pro – Your blog wont be having tons of contents intially. So that, it wont be hard for you take backup initially. You can easily take your blogs backup using the Backup WordPress plugin. You can always select this option later(if you need this)
  • Search Engine Jumpstart – This is not necessary, you always have the yoast seo plugin to make your blog seo friendly
  • Site security lock – Not needed intitally, you can use this later once your blog gets established. This can save you some money

I am saying this because I dont use any of these additional features for my eCommerce store and everything is super cool for me.

Again, its all up to you, if you think you need privacy and backup feature, just go for it.

Approximate Pricing for Bluehost: 45-72 USD a year

Step 2: Install WordPress in your domain

Now you’ve set up the domain and hosting. The next thing is installling the WordPress in this domain in your bluehost. The one click install of bluehost makes this process so easy(like installing a software in your pc). If you want a complete guide about installing WordPress in your bluehost account, read this tutorial . I’ve given a quick tutorial below about installing WordPress in your bluehost using 1 cilck installation.

1. Login to your bluehost and select the Install WordPress option.

step 1 installing wordpress bluehost

2. Click the Install Button

step 2 clicking install button wordpress bluehost

3. Select the domain you want to install WordPress
step 3 selecting domain to install

4. Enter the WordPress site title, username and password(to access the WordPress admin dashboard of your website)

step 4 setting wordpress user name and password and installing

5. Completing the WordPress Installation

step 5 installation complete and logging in

6. Logging into the admin dashboard using the admin URL
step 6 logged in wp panel

Step 3: Install Woocommerce plugin in your WordPress

Now lets set up the WordPress ecommerce (Woocommerce) store.

1. Select Plugins>Add New
Once you log in to the dashboard, select the Plugins> Add New button


2. Search for “Woocommerce” and Press enter

This will prompt WordPress to search for the Woocommerce in the WordPress Plugin Repository. The Woocommerce Plugin will be shown in the list. Click the install button to install Woocommerce

3. Activate Woocommerce

After all you need to activate the Woocommerce. After activating woocommerce, you will be directed to a small survey page. You can select the Not Right Now(which can save 3 minutes of your life time) or complete the survey.
That’s all! You are done! The store functionality is ready.

Step 4: Buy a Woocommerce theme and install it in your WordPress website.

The next step is to buy an apt Woocommerce theme for your woocommerce store. I would only recommend themeforest woocommerce themes as they have the best quality and the most good looking and high quality WordPress themes available in the industry(I’ve developed many WordPress themes for themeforest and their quality guidelines are top class).

Download the WooCommerce theme(installable zip file) and upload it to the WordPress theme directory.

Go to Appearance>Themes>Add New>Upload Theme




Once the theme has been uploaded you have to Activate the theme.

Approximate price of WooCommerce theme – 50$

Step 5: Integrate a Payment gateway in your WordPress-Woocommerce store.

After uploading a Woocommerce theme, your store will be ready. Now you need to integrate your payment gateway into your Woocommerce store. You have to take an account some payment gateway which is convenient for your like(stripe,braintree or whatever).

You’ll get WordPress integration plugins for the payment gateway you are using. For instance lets try an example with stripe.

Go to Plugins>Add New and search for “Stripe” and press Enter.



Select the right plugin you are looking for and install it. Here you can use the first one and second one(I prefer the second one).  Make sure, the plugin does have good start rating (I’d say something above 3.5).

Install the plugin and Activate it.

Configure the payment gateway plugin

You can configure the payment gateway at Woocommerce> Settings > Checkout > Stripe Payment



I am saying about Stripe here. If you are installing another payment gateway, you can take the settings of that payment gateway.

You have to enter your stripe account credentials here, like Secret Key, Publishable Key, Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key etc. There are two modes Test mode for test transactions and Live Mode for live transactions.

Any payment gateway should have these basic configurations.

How to integrate Paypal with Woocommerce.

Go to the same Woocommerce payment checkout settings

Paypal comes default with Woocommerce, so you don’t need to install any separate plugin for that.

Woocommerce> Settings > Checkout > PayPal

You can enter your paypal email, paypal receiver emails etc.

Once you’ve saved the settings, you can see the payment gateways integrated automatically in your checkout page.

Have a look at how I implemented paypal and stripe in my checkout page.



You can select your preferred payment gateway and make the payment and complete the purchase.

That’s all with setting up your first eCommerce store! And all under 100 $.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial in setting up the best ecommerce store for you using WordPress and Woocommerce.

You can contact me to help or implement an e-commerce website for you (I won’t be charging for the first 50 enquires).



The success of any business lies in the model. If your model is good, you’ll have surplus time, and this surplus time can bring in more money. When it comes 2017, many online/internet business models helps you to achieve this. The biggest advantage of internet related business is that you need less investment, less time and it is globally scalable.

The key to wealth is to learn how to make money when yo sleep

J Paul Getty

In short, internet businesses allows you to make money while you sleep.

So What all are the best online businesses that can help you to earn while you sleep? Let’s have a look.

Rank 1 : Blogging

Blogging undoubtedly is one of the most efficient online business model. Blogging stands very much closer to the title of this blogpost. You doesn’t even need to worry much about monetizing your blog, once you have the readers/traffic, you can easily make money out of your blog. Have a read at the 6 different methods through which you can make money from your blog.

Blogging is all about writing quality content and building a reader base. The simplest form of making money through blogging is advertisements, the more readers you have, the more money you can make out of these advertisements. And you don’t need to deal with any advertising brokers or people to get ads published in your blog. You can use adnetworks like adsense(can be integrated to your blog in 2 minutes). These ad networks display ads in your blog automatically, which can literally make you money while you are sleeping(ads will run 24/7).

Rank 2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry when it comes to 2016. It is also a good internet business model that can make money while you are sleeping. What you need to do is to join popular affiliate programs(like amazon and all), pick a product and promote it through your online channels. You’ll get paid as commissions per sale. You can promote your affiliate links through the channels where you have influence(may be a blog,youtube,facebook page or whatever). You can sell while you are sleeping , and the money earned while sleeping can get you rich!

Rank 3. Ebook Selling

Ebook selling is another good online business model through which you can make money sleeping. Ebook, being a digital product, can make you great deal of profits. As you may know, the cost of digital product a is the initial cost. After all, you can get cent percent profit per sale.

You can sell your ebook through various channels available online/

Rank 4. Selling photos

If you are a good photographer or can create good photographs, you can make money online selling it through various market places like shutterstock and istockphotos ,smugmug, alamy,fotolia etc. As I already mentioned, being a digital product , the profit percentage will be higher. Just imagine, you woke up one morning to see 100+sales to your photos, awesome! right?

If you don’t find a method to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die

Warren Buffet

Rank 5. Selling themes/plugins

Selling supporting themes and plugins is one of the hottest online business models in 2017. As I’ve mentioned, I am a WordPress theme/plugin developer. We sell WordPress themes directly through themeforest as well as our independent theme store. Till now, we’ve made 200+ sales through themeforest alone. If you want to know the reach of themeforest themes, check out this article about a themeforest theme that made millions of dollars in 2 years.

Another good option to make money online while you sleep is to sell supporting plugins/extensions for platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. Codecanyon is one good market place through which you can sell your plugins.

Rank 6. Selling your music

There are lots of people who live full time online with their music skills. Did you know that singers make millions of dollars through YouTube alone?

I’ve written an article before about how singers can make money online.

Some of the popular places through which you can sell your music online are.

  • Wix Music– Through wix music you can reach highly influential channels and promote your music 100% commission free. You can promote your music through itunes,spotify etc
  • YouTube- Start your own YouTube channel , build subscribers and promote your music in YouTube. You can make money through ads in YouTube

Read this article about the best places to sell your music online.

Rank 7. Selling graphics/fonts/logos/clip arts

Logos,Clip art and graphics are something thats highly required for any online business. Whether it be blog, power point presentation or a facebook ad , graphical images are used day by day and it does have great demand. You can make money online selling your graphics/clipart.

You can sell your graphics through marketplaces like graphicleftover and graphicriver  etc and yes make some money while you sleep.

Rank 8. YouTube Videos

Creating YouTube videos is one of the most favorite online business model now a days. There are many people who make millions of dollars through their YouTube channel. Felix Arvid Urf Kjellberg (founder of YouTube Channel PewDiePie) makes 15 million Dollars a year from his YouTube channel. YouTube channel can not only make you money while you sleep, but also make you a celebrity. You can use adsense/youtube ads in order to make money through youtube. What you need to do is to develop a channel with lots of subscribers.

You can get paid per views, more views means more ads and more ads can make you more money.

Rank 9. Mobile Apps

Mobile app is another online idea where you can make great deal of money while you sleep. Think about an innovative mobile app that is useful . Once the app gets its momentum, people will start downloading and using the app. The more user the more money you can make. The most basic way of making money from a mobile app is using ads, other than that there are different ways through which you can make money from your mobile app. Calm app follows the freemium model to make revenue. They offer lots free meditation courses(from which they build users) as well as premium ones(from which they make money).

Rank 10. Starting a Website that drive visitors

We all live in a web/mobile era. We all know that billion dollar companies, or some of the companies who rule this world are web companies(google,facebook etc). That much is growing potential of a website.

Think about a unique idea, whether it be a web application like facebook,twitter or like a simple tool like Google(Well, its no longer a simple tool right now, but it was a simple search engine way back in the mid nineties).

Think about some web application that solves the problem of people in the world. Think about something that can drive visitors into the website. More visitors is equivalent to more money. All these big companies where started as small web applications and it was the visitors who helped to grow these companies as billion dollar businesses.

Time is money

Benjamin Franklin

Rank 11. Start a niche E-commerce website

Ecommerce is another trending online business of this era. Well, admit it, you cant be the next amazon! But you don’t need to be an amazon to make great deal of money. I’ve mentioned about lots of niche ecommerce startups who make million dollar profit annually from their ecommerce stores running from home.

Pick a good niche in which you can sell products and promote your store. If you can make 6$ profit per order and is able to bring 30 orders a day, you can earn $5,400 a month.

If you work in the drop shipping model(where some other people ships the product and you’ll just manage the order), the process will be much more easier.

Rank 12. Sell in marketplaces

Selling in marketplaces like Amazon,etsy etc are one of the most favorite online money making methods of 2016-2017. Through amazon fba, many sellers make more than  $30K a month through their online sales. Amazon FBA is program where amazon takes care of the shipping and packing; you just need to supply the inventory. The advantage of this business model is that , you don’t need any staffs to manage this business. You can operate this sitting from home, what you need to do is to pick a product that has good chance to be sold in amazon. Etsy is also another good market place through which lots of sellers make great deal of money while they sleep.

If you want to know more, read this complete guide about setting up an amazon fba business.

Rank 13. Rent out your place

You can rent out your place and make money online while you sleep. Portals like Airbnb, vrbo etc allows you to list out your place. People can book rooms in your hotels,rooms,house or wherever through these portals. This is one good online method through which you can make some good money with out much effort or investment.

Rank 14. Webinars

Webinar is another good online business model you can try. So, what really is a webinar? Webinar is seminar/presentation/lecture that is conducted online using a video conferencing software. People who are interested in the webinar can pay and join the webinar. The joined people can have an interactive session , by asking questions,poll etc. If you have any interest in webinar, read this article about making $10,000 from your first webinar.

To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep

David Bailey

Rank 15. Podcasts

Podcast is one trending idea to make money online. If you have a good amount of audience who listen to your podcasts(through your blog or whatever), you can make a lot of money from your podcasts.

Some of the popular ways in making money from your podcasts is,

  • Episode sponsors- If you have audience, you can easily get podcast sponsors and make money from each episode
  • Freemium Podcasts- Offer podcasts for free, but reserve some of them as premium
  • Product recommendations – You can recommend products to your audience. Say if your podcast is about yoga, you can always recommend a yoga course or ebook.

Rank 16. Sell course in Udemy

Udemy is a good place where you can make money while you are sleeping. In Udemy, you can sell online courses to people all over the world. Udemy has listed courses in wide range of categories. If you are good at something, start an online course in udemy. Average price of a udemy course is 30 $. Udemy course is a digital product and the effort is one time. After the initial efforts you’ll be earning 100 percent profit(as you don’t have to invest any time further, except replying to your students queries).

Hope you enjoyed this 16 online business models through which you can make money while sleeping. If you have some queries, bring it on in comments. If you find this article worthy, don’t forget to share(this will help me to reach more audience).

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What are the popular online businesses types in India

India is a big country and different kinds of online business are budding up day by day. Which online business is apt for you?

Lets have a look at some of the online business that are popular and feasible in India.


India is a country with more than 1.3 Billion in population and is expected to become the country with biggest population by 2025.  The  internet just have around 48 % penetration of the total Indian population, where in countries like US , the penetration is more than 85 %. This states it clearly that the Indian eCommerce industry(which is a 30 Billion dollar industry right now) is gonna skyrocket in the upcoming years.

Some of the biggest players in the Indian eCommerce industry are,

Biggest ecommerce websites in India

India being a big country, have the space for many ecommerce businesses. Here is a list of the top eCommerce businesses in different sectors. You can also see that most of these ecommerce portals were started around 2011-2012.

General Category

Flipkart – Found in 2007, Headquarters at Banglore

Snapdeal – Found in 2010, Headquarters at NewDelhi

Amazon – Global Player, found in 1994, Headquarters at Seattle.

Fashion and Apparels

Mynthra – Launched in 2007, Headquarters -Bangalore

Jabong – Launched in 2012, Headquarters at Gurgaon

Home Decor

Pepperfry – Found in 2012, Headquarters at Mumbai – Found in 2012 ,headquarters at Gurgaon




Diamonds and Jewelry

Bluestone – Established in 2011,

Spects and Frames




First of all you need to identify your ecommerce niche. You cannot compete with Flipkart or amazon, the niche must be comfortable for you, also it should a space in the gigantic ecommerce market. In 2016, the success of ecommerce lies in picking the right niche. You also need to create a proper marketing strategy for your ecommerce store, like whether to use Facebook/Google ads,direct ads etc.

2. Digital Product Store

Starting a digital product store is another good online business in India. The biggest advantage of a digital store is that the investment is one time . A digital product can be sold repeatedly and the profit percentage will stay high.

Some of the popular digital good store ideas are

Ebook Store – When it comes to 2016, ebooks are as popular as paperbacks. Start an ebook store in a niche , market your ebook store and bring audience and sales to it.

Softwares – We are living in a world of free softwares. But, there are software niches that are not available online. Find out the right opportunity and start selling your software. Long tail pro is one such good example for a software that has demand.
[spencer haws longtialrpro earning image]

Photos/Videos/ Graphics – 2016 is an age of designers. Without good design, you cannot do anything. If you are a creative designer or do have a team of good designers, you can start your online graphic store. Through this digital store you can sell your graphic designs to the users. Some of the good examples would be istockphoto, shutterstock etc(at times, I’ve found them expensive). If you can find out an economical solution in a good niche , you can certainly turn out your store into a success.

Themes/Plugins – We sell WordPress themes through themeforest. So far we got more than 130 sales. Not that big, but a good start. Some of the hottest platforms that do have great demand for themes/plugins are WordPress,Magento,Shopify,Joomla,Prestashop etc.

3. Ebook Selling

Ebook Selling is another good online business model. Being a digital product, the efforts/ investment are one time. You have multiple options to sell your ebook .

  • Amazon and Amazon Kindle store – List out your ebook in the amazon stores for free. If your book is good, the amazon audience will buy your ebook
  • Blogs – Start your own blog,build audience to it and sell your ebook on behalf of this audience. If you have no interest in starting a blog, make a list of blogs through which your ebook can be sold. Contact these bloggers and offer a commission per sale.
  • Shareasale – You can list your ebook in shareasale, shareasale affiliate users can promote your ebook
  • Warriorplus – Warriorplus is similar to shareasale, where you can offer a percentage the sale revenue as affiliate income to the seller.

4. Blogging

Blogging is another online business in India with great demand. You can see the income reports of many Indian bloggers all over the internet. Amit Agrawal is one of that old and popular Indian bloggers and is expected to have an earning of $60,000 a month. Harsh Agrawal from shoutmeloud publishes his income report regularly, In June 2016 Harsh earned $29,659 from his blog.

Yes, the blogging industry is crowded very much but if you can find the right niche which has space, you can definitely make money out of it. Tools like Google trends can be used to find out the new trending blogging niches.

Note: – If you are looking to launch a blog in the fashion niche, we have created an excellent guide on How to Start a Fashion Blog and make money from the blog.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another online business model possible to operate in India. The idea of affiliate marketing is very simple. You refer a customer (possibly a visitor on your website) to a particular product and if the customer buys the product, you’ll get a percentage of the sale as commission. If you are new to the term ‘affiliate marketing’, read our guide on – What is Affiliate Marketing to get a good idea.

Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud has published this blog post in which he has disclosed his 5-year affiliate earnings – $80,410, Out of which more than 20% of the earnings came through hostgator affiliates.

Indian E-commerce giants like Flipkart, and SnapDeal offer affiliate programs for its approved associates. If you are familiar with the Affiliate program, things will be easy for you. The affiliate programs of these Indian e-commerce companies operate somewhat similar to the Amazon affiliate program. You have to refer visitors from your website to the websites of these e-commerce companies through their product affiliate link. You will get a commission when any of those referred visitors makes a verified purchase.

What are the popular affiliate programs in India

Amazon is the number one affiliate program in India. Amazon offer 5-10 percent commission per sale.

Shareasale – Shareasale affiliate offers good range of commission, there are products which offer commissions as high as 75%. You need to pick one product and can promote it through facebook, blog, social medias etc.

Hosting Affiliates

Hosting is a niche where the Indian affiliate marketers make great deal of money. Most of the hosting affiliates pays good commision as well, the bluehost hosting affiliate pays you $60+ per signup. Online marketerers like Patt Flynn makes more than $75,000 a month from bluehost affiliates alone.

Some of the most popular hosting affiliate programs in India are


Flipkart one of the most popular eCommerce website in India offers one of the best affiliate programs in India offers upto 12% commission per sale.

BharatMatrimony affiliates

India is a country where arranged marriage is a billion dollar industry. Bharatmatrimony affiliates offers you 25% commission per paid signup. If your blog has descent amount of traffic, you can post text links or banners to bharatmatrimony in your website/blog and get paid per signup.

6. Selling in eCommerce Market places

Ecommerce marketplace selling is another good online business to start in India in 2016. You can register as a vendor to the popular eCommerce portals in India. Some of the popular eCommerce market places in India are.


From my personal experience selling in Snapdeal was not that bad. I have a store for artificial flowers in Snapdeal. I used to get plenty of orders, there were days where I got like more than 20 orders. I didnt have much inventory (around 30 products). I am sure that the number of orders will be improved(may be doubled) if I add more products.

The biggest negative in selling through Snapdeal is the unexpected returns and order cancellations which you may need to encounter. Snapdeal doesn’t have a system to track cancelled orders, you might only come to know about the order cancellation after you ship the product. When I started selling in Snapdeal, I got like 3 orders on the very first day, I was excited and once I packed all those 3 products, I found those orders vanished into thin air. When I called the customer support, they told me that all the orders were cancelled. Well, okay, the poor vendor should be notified right?

Once Snapdeal resolves these problems, it will be a great marketplace for sellers in India.


Amazon is much more organized that snapdeal, I’ve listed 15 products in amazon. The number of orders I get from amazon is far less compared to Snapdeal. May be it takes some more time for the orders to catch up(I only started recently in amazon). But the over all experience was good, very organized, more over I can arrange the shipping of my own. In Snapdeal, they handle the shipping(through couriers with which they have tie ups). I’ve often felt that the Snapdeal shipping charge is little bit over priced. In amazon, we can bargain with our courier partner and this can reduce our shipping cost.


Flipkart is another good eCommerce marketplace with a very big user base. I have no personal experience selling in Flipkart, but many people I know do sell in flipkart and make great deal of revenue online.

7. Selling Services

India is a country with the second biggest population in the world with lots of technical resources. Most of the engineering graduates are into IT/Software jobs, this has resulted in an aggregation of many IT experts in India.

You can bid for works in different domains from upwork(formerly elance), freelancer, guru etc. The industry(especially web development, web design etc)is a little bit crowded, but you can see lots of jobs posted in various categories. Try bidding in low competitive categories, you can definitely get works from these portals. Data mining/Business Intelligence will be be one good area to explore.

What are the scopes of doing online business in India

Doing online business in India do have great scope. Now a days you can see lots of people in India working full time online. The major challenge is to find the right online business for you. Whether it is ecommerce or blogging or whatever, you need to choose an online business that is feasible for your. For instance, if you have an offline business that do have a good scope to go online, then your area is eCommerce.

As I said there is not point of starting another flipkart or snapdeal, but you can always go niche. In my case, I already have an offline business of artificial flowers, which is a niche and I took it online. The online competition for artificial flowers is not that high.

Like wise, every online business models which I mentioned above do have their own opportunities. You just need to identify it. Some says the blogging industry is overcrowded, but I strongly have to disagree. Well, I admit that there is no point in starting another gadget review blog(too crowded) but we are living in a world where a number of topics are generated daily. You just need to find a new blogging niche which do have less competition and vast opportunity.

Hope you enjoyed this article about starting an online business in India. Queries? Just shoot in a comment.