How to build and sell a new website in flippa and make money?

You should be very much familiar with selling your web designing and development services through different kinds of platforms and market places available over the internet. So whats the deal with a whole website ?I was checking through the website businesses happening in flippa these days. Lots of good websites are being sold in flippa. Some good deal of real businesses are happening. It is very common that a webmaster builds a website to sell it later.

The best example is of Tung Tran from Cloud living , who made $12000 profit in just 6 months with a new website.

He did set up bestadjustabledumbbells- a dumbbell review website started in March 2013.


He worked on it very professionally, provided quality contents and built good links. The website got small amount of traffic and it improved, eventually in just 6 months the site was able to generate a revenue of $3000 in total (or an average of $500 per month). Have a look at his own article about how he earned this 12000$ in 6 months.
After this quick initial success, Tung decided to sell his website in flippa and he sold it for 10000$ . Discarding his expenses to the websites, he made $12000 profit in just 6 months. Pretty interesting huh?

The income source

Most of the income came from amazon affiliates. People who are interested in dumbbells would also be interested in other fitness products also, leading  to additional sales.

Check his income report in these 6  months. You can see the stable increase in the revenue graph in these six months.

dollarfry- bestdumbbells revenue

Apart from this affiliate revenue, it is very much possible to get some good revenue through google adsense also.

So how does this website selling business work?

Ready to make some money by selling websites through flippa?  For that you need to know ,

What all factors builds potential for your website to be sold in Flippa.

  1. Quality- Create a high quality website. Don't underestimate the bidders, they are intelligent and will check through every roots your website has been through. Buyers would check whether your website is indexed  properly in google, whether involved in any black hat seo techniques so and so.  Develop good content and maintain the quality of website.
  2. Traffic - Build traffic to your website , write genuine and high quality content to get some traffic from Google. Promote your website through social medias and other possible mediums to generate traffic. Your website will be evaluated mainly on the monthly traffic and the revenue it is making.  You would need to share the google analytics report as well as the alexa traffic rank details. So it is super important to build the traffic.
  3. Page rank- I've seen many websites sold in flippa which doesn't have much traffic or revenue but a good page rank (say 4,5) etc.  Page rank is always an asset. You can also advertise in your website by selling links if it does have a good PR (which will be considered as another  revenue source).
  4. Revenue- This is the most important factor, no one would buy a website for 10000$ if it is making (or has the potential of making) $50 per month. Most of the websites are sold at a price considering how much  it would make in the upcoming  1-2 years(with respect to the current revenue status). The logic is simple, you can't monetize a charity website right?  Try to find a niche were you can implement lots of ways for monetizing like  product selling, affiliates,adsense etc.  Tung Tran selected  the fitness niche in which there are lots of scopes for affiliates and product selling. Also fitness is a niche with good click rate in google ads which also made the website's revenue potential high.

If you are seriously thinking of  developing a website and selling in Flippa, you need to think in detailed about these question tips .

  • What all revenue sources can you use for your website? 
  • What is the scope of your website niche , does it have a good amount of buyers in flippa?
  • How much traffic can you build in a specific time period?
  • How much hard is it for you to build links in the niche(guest blog etc)?
  • Does your niche have good scopes in future (so that you can point that out to the buyer)?

Answer these questions and you will get a clear cut idea of what to do. Good luck! make some bucks selling some good websites!

Author: Linjo Joson

Myself Linjo Joson, here in dollarfry , I write articles about creating and optimizing websites as well as making money from your online business. I am PHP/WordPress developer by proffession.I love web analytics and driving traffic to them(doing this for 9 years). You can find me on Google+