7 Best Ways For Singers To Make Money Online

In my previous articles I’ve written about the money making tips for programmers. Owing the positive feedback from readers, I thought of taking this idea a little vast. In this I am gonna help the singers around here a little bit by showing how they can make money from their songs. There are lots of ways and websites through which singers can generate descent revenue, but the key game is in selecting the best and fruitful one. This article should guide you through it.

money and music

I’ve arranged the list in the best order.

[steps number=”true”]Way-1[/steps] Youtube

We have seen lots of youtube stars(those people whose songs became hit through youtube).Everyone knows that youtube pay for ads. Upload your song video in youtube and share it with the world. You can monetize your video with advertisements. Youtube pays you for advertisement views. More views means more advertisements or making it simple more views can generate you more money in youtube.

[steps number=”true”]Way-2[/steps] Start a Music Blog

Starting a music blog is another great opportunity for singers to make money online. You can start your music blog like pitchfork and consequenceofsound. You can showcase your music as well as other musics in you blog posts. You have to start your blog in WordPress, now, WordPress supports the uploads of audio/video. In WordPress, the uploaded music will be shown in the inbuilt music player. There are many music bloggers who make more than $10,000 from their music blog.

Starting a music blog in WordPress is so easy (just 3 steps),

  • You have to signup for a hosting
  • Register a domain
  • Install WordPress using its 1 click install

I recommend you to use bluehost , bluehost has an all in one package of all the 3 steps mentioned above.


[steps number=”true”]Way-3[/steps] SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online music streaming website where users can upload ,download and share their music with the world. Millions of artists have uploaded their soundtracks in soundcloud . Signing up in soundcloud is free. The free users have an upload limit of 2 hours. Well, you can always upload more songs exceeding the limit by switching into the premium account (for a small payment).

If your average track is around 5 minute, a free account is sufficient to accommodate 24 tracks which is not that bad.

How to make money from SoundCloud?


The above given screenshot is the soundtrack page in soundcloud. You can see that this particular track was played more than 300K times . This is what makes soundcloud special. You can popularize your songs through soundcloud. Soundcloud do have the features to share the songs through social medias like facebook, twitter etc easily. Check Out the Buy Now button on the top navigation bar of the page. You can place a buy now url in your song settings page so that the user can buy the song clicking on the link. And thats how you’ll be making money from soundcloud.

Considering the above track I’ve mentioned , it had more than 300K plays and what if just 1 percent of the plays were converted to the buy now page?

1 percent of 300000 = 3000 sales.

These are approximations, but you see the possibility right?

[steps number=”true”]Way-4[/steps] Fiverr

Fiverr is one the latest trending new generation market places where you can offer your skills(drawing,photography,modelling,programming,singing etc) as service. As the name indicates, the services are sold for 5$. Lots of singers make their daily leaving through Fiverr. I admit that Fiverr is a highly competitive marketplace, but if approached properly and professionally you can definitely make some money.

fiverr rap

Have a look the the Henrimixing Fiver page where he creates a custom rap song in any category for 5 $ . The 5$ service is just the basic package. He offers other sub services like ( 1 day extra fast delivery and all for 40$).

JasminChloe is another successful lady in fiverr who make good revenue selling her singing skills. She records and sings your song in her studio for 5$. If you are not that familiar with fiverr, have a look at some of the top rated services in fiverr in various sectors.

[steps number=”true”]Way-5[/steps] Revenue from streaming

There are lots of music streaming services like Spotify ,Rdio,Beats Music etc where you can generate revenue through streaming your music. Unfortunately these services are not available in many countries that I did put this into last of the list. Well, if it is available in a country its a sure shot thing for singers to make some money online.

[steps number=”true”]Way-6[/steps] Freelancing through Upwork

Upwork, formerly known as elance has lots of freelancers and job listers. Through upwork, you can get hired for your singing skills. You can offer voice overs,singing ,musics,orchestra as services. Many singers has more than 40 USD per hour rate in upwork singers section.

[steps number=”true”]Way-7[/steps] Selling singing course through Udemy

As you might know, Udemy is one of the best online portals through which you can subscribe to top class courses. If you can be a good music teacher, you can sell your courses through udemy. Here is a singing course listed in Udemy, the Elite Singing techniques which has more than 5.2K students enrolled. The course has been sold for 100 USD , which means the course provider has done a business of more than 500,000 USD.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Are there some other methods through which singers can make money? If so shoot it inside the comment box ūüôā

Selecting the right shopping cart platform for your ecommerce business

Looking forward to start an e commerce website? Which platform is apt for you? Hosted or Self hosted shopping carts? I am writing this article with a motive of helping non technical people who don’t have much experience in online/e-commerce business. Your start should be perfect, selecting the right e-commerce platform plays pivotal role to success of your e-commerce store. Have a look at the worlds biggest and most successful e-commerce websites.

There are two kinds of shopping cart platforms

1. Hosted shopping carts
2. Self Hosted Shopping carts.

[steps number=”true”]1[/steps]¬†Hosted Shopping Carts

Hosted shopping carts are those ones hosted by the providers. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to use a hosted shopping cart software. You don’t need to worry about hosting,installation,maintenance,security in the case of hosted shopping carts. What you need to pay is a monthly subscription fees and the providers will take care of the rest.

So what all are the best hosted shopping cart platforms?


1.  Shopify
2.  BigCommerce
3.  Volusion[/well]


Have a look at my detailed article about selecting the best hosted shopping cart software and advantages of one over other. You might also be interested in creating a shopify e-commerce website in 5 minutes.

[steps number=”true”]2[/steps]¬†¬†Self hosted shopping carts

These are shopping cart softwares that need to be hosted on your server. You need to worry about installation and setup.
You very much need to worry about some steps if you are preferring a self hosted shopping cart to hosted shopping cart(given below).

  • Buying a hosting/server space to host your website.
  • Downloading and installing the shopping cart software(Magento,Opencart etc).
  • Setting up the right e-commerce theme.
  • Need to worry about data security and backup measures.
  • You may need to hire a web developer for support(Most of the Hosted shopping cart service gives you 24 x 7 customer support ).

What all are the best self hosted shopping carts?


1. Magento
2. Opencart
3. PrestaShop


I could have flooded this list of self hosted shopping carts with the available ones(like, zencart,cs cart,xcart,oscommerce,tomatocart etc). But I wish my readers could make a choice (rather than getting confused). Becuase of this specific reason I’ve shortlisted the whole self hosted
shopping carts into four(The best and practically useful four)

For sure first rank holder among these self hosted shopping carts would be magento.

[steps number=”true”]Rank 1 ¬†[/steps]¬†– Magento

magento ecommerce

[alert style=”green”]Why and ¬†When should you use magento?[/alert]

1. Wide Range of features.

Magento is feature rich, you will get all or more features than you require in Magento. The powerful extensions offered by Magento can make your store more powerful.

Visit Magento Store

2. Ideal for large scale business.

The bigger your business, its very much likely to use magento as your ecommerce platform. I’d recommend opencart for small business as it is very light,fast loading
and less complicated. But once your business gets big you’d be forced to use Magento . Opencart lacks many of the awesome feature magento does have. It
would really be complicated in migrating from one platform(opencart) to other(Magento). So, its always better using Magento in terms of long term benefits.

3. Great Support and theme availability.

Magento does have the support of a big community, where as opencart and prestashop doesn’t. If you need customization or some kind of error fix,you can ask the
help of the vast community of magento.

Lots of sexy magento themes are also available in the industry. As you all know,if you have a good looking website the half job is done.

[steps number=”true”]Rank 2[/steps]¬†– Prestashop or Opencart

opencart prestashop

[alert style=”green”]Why and When Should you use opencart?[/alert]

1. Ideal for small scale business(minimalist features)

Well, if you are about to run a small scale ecommerce store ,I’d highly recommend opencart for you. Opencart is the lightest ecommerce platform you’ll ever get.I did use
opencart for my online artificial flower store and it is doing good. I’m very much satisfied with the features provided by opencart for this particular website(I don’t require much, I am not planning to take this store that big).

2. Better loading time compared to Magento

This is were Magento turns out to be a villain. As , someone said, Magento is good in theory but bad practically. Magento is an extremely heavy platform.
It does have more than 330 database tables (WordPress have 15 tables only!) Magento, with all those heavily coded library ,takes much more time to load compared to opencart.

3. Ease of use and low cost customizations

[alert style=”green”]When Should you use Prestashop?[/alert]

All the above mentioned features are applicable to Prestashop also.

1. Advanced backend features than opencart

I would put Prestashop and Opencart in same position but if you need a little more advanced back end and management features and paid support, go for Prestashop.

Visit Opencart Store

Visit PrestaShop Store

[steps number=”true”]Rank 3 [/steps]¬†– WordPress E-commerce using WooCommerce

wordpress and woocommerce

[alert style=”green”]Why and When Should you use WooCommerce?[/alert]

Majority of the worlds website uses WordPress. 1 out of six websites runs in WordPress. Many million dollar business websites have been setup in WordPress.

Ok , I said too much about  WordPress , but this was just to let you know how strong is the WordPress Community and users.

It wont be a bad idea to start a shopping cart in  such a globally approved platform. Moreover WooCommerce plugin does have all the essential features demanded
by a shopping cart software. Being WordPress, the product management and customization will be easier. The vast WP community all over the internet can give you awesome support plus
woocommerce extensions are always there to make your ecommerce platform much better.

The best advantage of using woocommerce is the large availability of WordPress Woocommerce themes. Woocommerce themes are one of the most sold themes in themeforest now.

Are you familiar with WordPress?

Dont know much about WordPress ? Read this detailed article about the advantages of starting an online business in WordPress.
If you are already familiar with WordPress platform you wont find using Woocommerce any hard. So , Woocommerce would be a wise choice for you if you know WordPress very well.

Download WooCommerce for WordPress


The selection of the right platform depends on your business. If you are less technical and have some additional money to spend go for hosted shopping carts. You dont need to worry about the security,installation and all.If you are in a tight budget, go for self hosted shopping carts. Go for magento if your store is big. Use Opencart,Prestashop or Woocommerce for small scale business. I am always happy to help. Contact Me if you need some assistance in setting up your eCommerce store.

Compress Images Online – 4 Best Websites and Apps to Resize Images

Nowadays web page loading time is a very significant factor in SEO, ¬†Customer Retention and Online Business. People don’t want to spend much time on a website that loads slow. Research shows us that people tend to close a slow loading website/web page faster. So here comes the importance of optimizing contents on your web page to help them load faster. One key factor that affects page loading time is the page size. Page size is determined by the contents on that page, especially images and other media files. Text and number of words on a page contribute only a small share in total file size compared to images and media files. Thus we can conclude that its very important to use low sized images on a web page. This is called optimizing images for a web page.

We usually add the following forms of images on a web page.

1.Images taken using camera

2. Images taken as Screenshots or Screen captures

3. Graphical Images created using software like Photoshop 

In any case, we have two challenges at hand. We have to retain the quality of the image as such (even while optimizing for web page) and at the same time we have to reduce its file size significantly. An ideal case is to keep the file size in the order of kilo bytes (say less than 400KB). An original image of say 2.5 MB (and of dimension 1024 x 1600) has to be compressed to the order of say 200 to 300 KB without loosing quality experience.

In this article, I review a set of tools (online and offline) to compress images. There are many types of image compressors. My main focus will be on reviewing online image compressors which support batch image processing. I don’t plan to review 10 or 15 online tools to compress images but the best 3 or 4.

Apps to Compress Multiple Images

The first 3 are online image compressors which support multiple image uploads (on a single click or through multiple upload forms) and allows batch processing or batch resizing of images. These tools comes handy when you have 10 or more images to process at a time.

Yahoo Smushit


Smush is basically an image optimization tool from Yahoo Developer Network. This tool applies loss less compression techniques to the images uploaded and reduce the file size significantly. Smush is a useful tool to reduce image size when saving for web. The key benefit is loss less compression which retains image quality at its original width and height (while reducing file size significantly).

Image Compressing Tools

2 PicreSize 

PicResize is a simple web application to compress multiple images online. They have a very simple user interface. All you need to do is “Add Files” (you can add all images on a single click by selecting them all using CTRL+A) and select the compression ratio. You can select 75%, 50% and 25% compression on your images. ¬†After uploading all files, select the compression ratio and required image sizes. Finally hit “Batch Resize”. If you need, you can provide custom sizes instead of compression ratio. You can also choose to save the file type as JPEG, PNG

Review of Image Optimization and Compression Tools

3 CompressPNG and CompressJPEG

This is another online image compressor, where you can upload multiple images online. CompressPNG can be used to compress PNG files and CompressJPEG can be used to compress JPEG images. The output quality is very good compared to many other online image compressors.


This tool also works on the same concepts as explained for above online image compressors. However this compressor supports only 1 image at a time (no multiple uploads). The advantage is that this app supports one more file format BMP.

Offline Tools

An offline tool as you know is a desktop application and comes handy when you have a slow internet connection or you are away from connectivity. My first software under consideration is Photoshop (as many people who work with images will have one installed on their computer). However there are small and simple software’s dedicated to image resizing and croping alone.

Photoshop – Batch Processor

If you have photoshop installed on your computer, you don’t need any other software compress images. It has a batch processor under its File menu and you can use that to compress any number of images on a single click. You can set the output file quality, image sizes and file format (you have more options in Photoshop like PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF etc)

Where to Find Blogging Jobs

If you are a talented writer who can craft well researched and unique articles, you can make a decent living through freelance blogging.If you find the term “freelance blogging” new, its nothing but developing well researched and original articles for established blogs. The business of a¬†successful blog revolves around its original and unique content. People visit a blog again and again to learn something new. When a blog stops producing¬†original and useful content, it will start loosing its readers (who are its customers as well). This is why all bloggers are consistently looking for new content.Established and successful bloggers reach out to other talented writers and hire them (often by paying a price for every article) to develop contents. If you are a good content writer, you might be interested in market places for content writers to make money online.

In the best case, some really good¬†articles may receive $1 per word as price. So a 1000 word article will earn you a 1000 US Dollars. But that’s for the good and established writers. In a minimum level (provided you have the basic quality standard covered),¬†you can expect a base pay between 30 and 50 US Dollars per 1000 to 1500 words articles. Payment depends highly on the blog or blog network you work for and their spending power.

So you now got a basic idea about freelance blogging. Now how to find assignments or blogs to work for ? Before getting into that lets analyse some important matters to take into account before you apply for blogging jobs.

1. Your Knowledge and Skills

The first important matter is the knowledge you have in the language you are going to write. If you are going to write articles in English, then a good command over its grammar, a writing style that pleases readers, simple and easy explanation of subject are essential. If you are going to write in German, then a good command over that language is essential. Second important factor (which is as important as the first one) is the knowledge you have in the subject you write. For example:- You can write a really good article on programming languages only if you are proficient in computer programming.Similarly you can write an article about equity and investing only if you have first hand
knowledge in the subject. So take your time and find which are your core areas – the language you have command in, your core knowledge area and your passionate topics.

2. Your Discipline and On Time Delivery

Once you commit to a writing schedule with blogs, you will have to stick on to that.Say 1 article a day, or 3 articles in a week etc. Some blogs may require you to post on specific days like every Tuesday or Monday. In any case once you agree with the schedule terms, you should stick on to that.

3. Following Up with Readers

Your responsibilities don’t get over with you publishing the articles. Readers will raise their opinions and doubts via comments. You will have to respond to readers opinions as well.

4. Get used to Web Content Writing

Writing articles for web is a little different from writing for print magazines. You should add hyper link references in web articles (where ever you find the reader will benefit from a reference) at all possible points. Keep in mind that you communicate with the reader directly through a digital device. There are certain aspects like Search Engine ranking eligibility of the article, which you should consider while developing the article.

Now lets see the resources where you can find blogging jobs.

1. Problogger Job Board  Р is a great job board to find blogging jobs. You can find open blogging positions posted by many established blogs and companies. You may find those opportunities that interests you and apply for the job.

Here is a list of similar job boards – 10 Top Blogging Job Boards – lists the best job boards to find blogging jobs. Another list from About.com has got a couple of other job boards as well.

2. Apply Directly to the Blogger – Every established blogger is looking for people to help them create new content. One interesting way to find new blogging jobs is to apply directly to the bloggers. You can always contact them through their social media profiles (I am sure every successful blogger will be active on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks). There are tens of thousands of successful bloggers all across the world. You can make a list of the ones that suits you best (aligns with your skills and knowledge) and start applying to them.

Note:- You can also contact bloggers/editors of successful blogs via direct email and the contact us form given in those blogs.

To increase your chances of success, here are my tips.

a. Try to find bloggers in an area you have knowledge and skills. You have increased chance for impressing the blogger with your article ideas and content.

b. Try to find a blogger from your own native country. This will increase your chance.

3. Apply to Established Web Apps and Web Software Companies РYou might be thinking why web app companies and software firms need paid bloggers Рrite ? These companies use content marketing to reach out to different audiences.  Shopify is an online commerce store builder app and they do content marketing through their blog. SparkFun is an online store based in USA and they do content marketing by developing educational content. These are two examples of established online businesses using content marketing to reach out their audience. These all are small to medium scale businesses and there are plenty of such businesses online. You can find those companies inside your taste and apply to them.

4. Apply to Service Companies – Just like App and Software companies do content marketing, established service business also do the same to reach new audience. SingleGrain is a Digital Marketing company based in USA which does content marketing. Similarly there are many other service companies which use content marketing to target their prospects. BlueAcorn is a Web Development services company which uses content marketing using blogs aggregated from different experts.

More over if you are planning to make some money through content writing, our article should help – making money online through content writing.

Well, if you are confident about your blogging skills and have great knowledge in some niche you can always start your own blog. Check our ultimate guide to start a blog easily.

If you have any more ideas or know a new job board to find blogging jobs, post your comments.