Installing WordPress in your bluehost using one click install in 5 minutes

As I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m in a mission in educating people around the world in starting their own website (without depending any one).

[blockquote source=””]Fact is that launching a new website is something which you can Do It Yourself(DIY) without much efforts.[/blockquote]

As a part of this mission, I started an article series which includes tutorials which can help non technical people in starting and establishing their website.

In this post I am gonna show you how to install WordPress in your bluehost server in less than 5 minutes. Yes very much less than in 5 minutes, its that easy.

Step 1 : Login to your Bluehost and take the Install WordPress Option – 1 Minute

After setting up your bluehost server and domain you need to have WordPress installed to your server(after all you can purchase a good looking theme and can install it into your WordPress website).
Login to your Bluehost Panel and take the install WordPress Option


step 1 installing wordpress bluehost

After that click the Install button on the WordPress installation page.

step 2 clicking install button wordpress bluehost

Step 2 : Select the Domain into which you need to install your WordPress – 1 Minute

step 3 selecting domain to install

Here you need to select the domain to which WordPress has to be installed. Here I’ve selected the domain as and sub directory as wordpress which means the WordPress will be installed to

Step 3 : Enter your WordPress Login Details and click Install Now – 2 minutes

Here you will see three check boxes (tick boxes) .

1. Advanced Options check box.

Check this and enter your WordPress website site title, username and password (through which you will be logging into your WordPress website).

2. Automatically create new database check box.

Check this option and the one click install will automatically create the database(where all your website data(website content,user login details etc) will be stored or else you may need to create one yourself

3. Terms and conditions check box.

Check this option to agree to the terms and conditions.

step 4 setting wordpress user name and password and installing

Now click the Install now button and the WordPress installation should begin

Step 4: Completing the installation and logging into the WordPress admin dashboard. – 1 Minute

This is the final step. After your installation has been completed, you will be shown a notification about the completion.

Click the View Process and View Credentials Option and you can see the login details to your WordPress installed website (which you gave before).

step 5  installation complete and logging in

In my case( as shown above ) was,

Main Website url –
WordPress Admin url –

I did login to the WordPress dashboard all in 5 minutes from the beginning of the one click install process.
step 6 logged in wp panel

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Blog Name Ideas-How to Find a Name for your Blog

You are interested in starting a blog – right ? I guess that’s why you came to read my article. Every new project or product or business or website or what ever has to go through a “naming” phase, in which we give a unique and interesting name to the same. A unique, catchy and easy to remember name is crucial for the success of a business, a website, a product or a blog.

I have already written a detailed and in depth article on How to Find a Good Domain Name for your business. In this article, I have analysed many famous domain names and developed a set of methods through which you can come up with an interesting domain name very easily.

You might be wondering, why I have dedicated a whole new article to finding a name for your blog; when I had already written a detailed article on same subject. The reason is simple. My other article is general in nature and applies to all types of business; be it an offline business, a web application, a blog or even a social network. In this article, I attempt to focus on aspects related to naming a blog. So let’s begin to generate blog name ideas.

1. A Blog is a Brand identity

The very first aspect that you should keep in mind is that your blog is going to be your brand identity. You are going to be known in the name of your blog and at the same time, your blog is going to be known by your name as well. If you need real life examples, Darren Rowse is known as the founder of If some one tells you the name -Darren Rowse, you immediately connect his name with his blog  If some one else tells you about a website he found recently and mentions Рyou immediately connect the blog name with Darren Rowse. So this is going to happen in your case too.  People are going to keep you, your name and your blog name in their memories. They should be able to connect everything properly when they hear your blog name.

2. 3E Test – Easy to Remember, Easy to Spell and Easy to Pronounce

A good blog name should pass this test. It should be easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. This rule is very important in winning long term readers and customers. Consider a scenario like this. In January 2014, a guy named Peter decided to start a website. He didn’t knew how to do that. So he Googled and came to my article on How to start a Website. He read the article and he liked it. But unfortunately he didn’t had enough money to start a website at that point of time. So what will he do ?He might postpone his attempt to start a website. After 6 months, he makes enough money and decides to start the website. He wish to read my article once again. How will he identify me quickly after 6 months ? Here comes the importance of an easy to remember domain name. My domain name is DollarFry – which is coined based on method 4 described in How to Find a Good Domain Name. Though its not an outstanding domain name, it certainly scores mark on the 3E test. DollarFry – is definitely easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. Finally there’s a small ¬†quirky”¬†element that makes every reader think about the domain name once again – that’s the tricky part. You read DollarFry and the immediate question in mind is – what a name is this ? How can you fry dollars ? ¬†Human brain works in a suggestive manner. The more you tell your brain about something, the more its likely to remember about it. Here an additional layer of thoughts happen about the domain name DollarFry – in the form of a confused question. It helps people to remember this name easily.

3. Avoid using SEO keywords in your blog name

If you are not very familiar with what is SEO and keyword, then I am speaking about using words related to your topic or industry in blog name. For an example, if you are planning to start a blog on vegetarian recipes; then using the word recipes or vegetarian on your blog name can be considered as using a keyword.  If you can come up with a really interesting name with a keyword in it, I recommend you go ahead with that. The whole point in avoiding keyword based names is that you can stand out from a hundred other vegetarian recipe blogs who is going to use keyword rich domain names. For example, you started and built it for 1 year. Within this year, you will see many other blogs in your topic with similar names like, etc. All these blogs are catering to the same audience at any point of time Рpeople who are interested in veg recipes. How will you stand out then ? A much better option is to choose a unique domain name like Рwhich resonates the topic but do not use a keyword or a general word about the topic.

4. Give importance to Name than Extension

Some people are really adamant about coining a name with .com extension. I see no point in that. These day’s its very hard to come up with an available .com domain name, unless you have money to purchase a premium domain name. You should give importance to the name than its extension.

How to Fill the W-8BEN Tax Form

This article is a guide for affiliate marketers outside USA. There are lots of smart affiliate marketers who make money online by referring sales to hosting companies like BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost and many other popular hosting companies. They earn money by referring sales to these companies and the earned money is kept in the respective affiliate account of each hosting company. Most of these hosting companies are located in USA and they are subject to US Tax laws. An affiliate marketer who earns commission  for a sale is also subject to US tax laws. Since the parent company who provides commission for a sale is incorporated in US, the earned commission is also an income earned in USA. If the affiliate marketer is a US citizen or an immigrant, he/she is subject to US tax laws and should pay income tax for the earnings. Such people (US citizen or permanent resident) should file the tax form W-9 with the respective hosting company.

If an affiliate marketer is not a US citizen, he/she has to file tax form W-8BEN with the respective hosting company.

What is W-8BEN ?

I will summarize the whole thing! Non US persons (individuals or corporations) are liable to pay income tax at 30% (flat rate) on certain types of income earned from US sources. This tax amount is collected at the source by the payer of the income. (In the case of affiliate marketing, this tax amount is collected by hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator etc who pay the affiliate commission). The source (payer) which collects the tax amount is also known as “withholding agent”. Withholding agent then pays the collected tax amount to IRS (US Internal Revenue Service).

Withholding agent is responsible to collect tax and pay it to IRS. In case the agent fails to collect tax, IRS will charge the amount from the agent. The 30% withholding tax is applicable to non US ¬†persons only. Payer doesn’t need to withhold any tax from US persons. Each foreign person has to submit a W-8 (one particular version of the W-8 form) tax form with the payer (withholding agent). You may note that W-8 has to be submitted with the payer (or withholding agent) and not with the IRS. ¬†When the payer has the form W-8 on file with the accounts, they will know the payee is a non US person and they have to withhold 30% of the payment. On the other hand, if the payee is a US person, they will have a W-9 form on accounts. The payer don’t need to withhold 30% from accounts with a W-9 on file as they are US citizens.

Note 1:- In some cases, an income tax treaty negotiated with US and another country can be used to reduce this tax rate of 30%. It depends on which country you are residing and the possibility of tax treaty with the country. You can check this in official IRS website.

Note 2:- You may check this blog for further reference on the subject of W-8BEN

How to Fill Out the W-8BEN Form ?

For a case study, I am using the W-8BEN form provided by Bluehost for its affiliate accounts. So here is how to fill the W-8 BEN form on BlueHost. The form is same for other companies like Hostgator, DreamHost or others, there are differences only in the way the form is presented (look and feel of form).

What to Fill ?

As shown in the screenshot, your name, your country name, your permanent address, your state/city, your country name in full are the primary fields to fill. If the present address is different from permanent address, fill those optional fields. Now comes the very important fields – SSN or EIN. SSN is Social Security Number issues for US citizens and residents only. A non US citizen don’t have an SSN or EIN. So you can leave those fields blank.

Note:- At the time I submitted the BlueHost tax form, there was a technical glitch with their system. The form was not getting accepted when I submitted with blank fields for SSN and EIN. I contacted customer support of BlueHost and they responded with a suggestion of submitting the form with any random 9 digit number. This is the reason you see a random 9 digit number on the screenshot. This is needed only for BlueHost. For other companies like Hostgator and DreamHost, you can leave those fields blank. If you face any difficulties, contact their customer support.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Finally there are some check boxes to tick. Read them carefully and select applicable ones. You may refer the screenshot to see what I have selected. In the signature field, just type your full name as signature. You can write “Owner” in the field “Capacity in which acting“.

Now hit “Submit Tax Form” and you are done. You will receive a success message screen as shown below (for BlueHost).


I hope you have got it done perfectly. If you have any doubts, drop in a comment.

How to make money with your WordPress plugins ?

WordPress is not only a simple blogging platform , but also a multipurpose web platform.
Plugins have taken WordPress to a superficial level. Wonderful plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, JetPack, BuddyPress,Easy Digital Downloads makes WordPress the most favorite and powerful website platform.

Are you a blogger? – Read how to make 5000 $ a month from blogging
Are you good at WordPress plugins ? What about making some money with it ? Let me introduce some popular WordPress plugins making pretty big money over internet and some popular personalities who makes money through WordPress Plugins.

Lets have a look at some make money WordPress plugins

I’ve divided this blog post about How to and how much money can you make with WordPress plugins into three sections.

  1. Top money making WordPress Plugin Developers
  2. Biggest WordPress plugins and their revenue.
  3. Premium Plugins from CodeCanyon


#1 : Top Money Making WordPress Plugin developers

1. Joost De Valk

Joost de

Joost De Valk is the owner and creator of very famous Yoast

Most popular plugins by Joost

1. Yoast WordPress Seo

Total Downloads : 22 million

Average Per day download : 25,000

Status : Free

2.  Google Analytics for WordPress

Total Downloads: 10 million.

Average Per day download : 2800

Status: Free

3. Print Friendly and PDF Button

Total Downloads: More than Half  Million.

Average Per day download : 300

Status: Free

How does  Joost De Valk make money  through WordPress Plugins?

All the above mentioned plugins are free ones. So how would be Joost making money with these plugins ?.

Have a look at Yoast Plugins Page¬†where they’ve listed their premium plugins. WordPress plugin repository doesn’t allows you to upload paid plugins. WordPress is an opensource platform and it will only support free codes inside its repository.

WordPress seo plugin Premium Р89$ Joost does sell the premium version of WordPress seo plugin  for a price of 89$.

Video Seo – 69 $ – Video Seo is another popular plugin from Yoast, this helps in optimizing your website videos to get more search traffic.

Local Seo – 69 $ – This helps to improve your local search results which should boost your offline/online business sales.

What Joost earned through the free plugins was just 400-500$ per month as donations, so he wanted to implement premium WordPress plugins to stay with the WordPress business .

Regarding the WordPress Seo Joost is following a freemium model . Freemium is like a balance between both free and premium versions. The Premium version of WordPress Seo have some additional features like,

  • Url Redirections – Redirect your old urls to new one.
  • Integration of Google webmaster tools.

Apart from these features, what you get would be awesome support from the awesome team of Yoast( installation,troubleshooting etc).

How much money does Joost De Walk make one day from his WordPress Plugins ?

What Joost does is driving traffic from Free version to its premium version. We don’t have any exact figures , but approximations are always possible.

Lets say the minimalist 1 percent conversion, like  if 1 percent out of 25000 people who download the free version of WordPress Seo every day upgrade to the premium plan (it would be 250 people).

Approximate Revenue Generating

1 Percent

250 x 89 $ = 22250 $ revenue Per day

0.1 Percent

25(people) x 89$ =2225 $ revenue Per day.

These are speculations, but you see the possibility right?

This is one great business model ,like building traffic initially (Joost have linked to his premium plugin page from his WordPress plugins page ).

wordpress seo plugin premium

Yoast does have a huge amount of traffic( Majority of traffic gained by Yoast have been driven from the WordPress Plugins page) and as you know website traffic is always a big source of revenue. You can always monetize traffic to a website. Joost, apart from plugins, sells Premium WordPress themes. Joost also does website reviews, through which the yoast team will review your website (providing improvement tips,showing drawbacks, improving site performance, loading speed , seo etc ) . The minimum package for website review is $699 and the maximum is $3,999. I strongly believe lots of people are using his top quality website review service , lots of money right?

2. Michael Torbert

michael torbert


Michael Torbert, very much like Joost De Valk has written a bunch of plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, of which the most popular one is All in one Seo Pack.

1. All In One Seo Pack

Total Downloads : 25 million.

Average Per day download : 14,000

Status : Free

You might have noticed the similarities between the most popular plugins of Joost and Michael. Both are Seo Plugins. All in one Seo Pack have much more all time downloads than WordPress Seo by Joost De Walk but the per day download statistics of WordPress Seo is almost double of All in on Seo Pack. This means there was a downfall in the demand of All in one seo pack as people started loving WordPress Seo more. This is the key factor in WordPress plugin business, being an opensource community , people always go for FREE THINGS WITH MORE QUALITY.

Revenue Model of All in one Seo Pack

Michael uses the same revenue model of Joost De Walk (The Freemium model) .All in one Seo Pack has a pro version  for 79$ were you would get much more features than the free one. Michael also have linked to the pro version  and premium support from the WordPress plugin page.


#2: Big WordPress Plugins  working on the Freemium (Free download/ Revenue for Support,Customisations, Extensions) Revenue Model

1. Akismet

Akismet comes along with WordPress or in other words everyone who have installed WordPress have used aksimet. Eventhough akismet is free for personal uses ,it have a premium and enterprise plan through which you will be getting their priority support and usage license.

akismet pricing plans


I cannot guess the revenue Akismet is making, but I’m pretty confident that Akismet would be largest money making WordPress plugin.

2. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is another popular WordPress plugin which helps you to make professional and stylish forms in your website without knowing any line of code. Gravity forms have been recommended by  Curtis McHale of twitter , this is what he said.

[blockquote source=”Curtis McHale,”]Man, the User Registration add-on for Gravity Forms made my life way¬†easier[/blockquote]

How much traffic does have?

Gravity forms traffic


An  alexa trafifc rank of 8693 makes is crystal clear that they do have huge traffic to their website. GravityForms is not available in the WordPress repository . It can only be downloaded from the gravityforms website. What there is inside the WP Repo related to Gravity Forms would be some of their small extensions. Anyway,  this clearly indicates the authority of GravityForms. That much traffic to their website gives us a clear picture about the quality they are maintaining to their plugin as well as successful marketing over the internet.

Have a look at the pricing of GravityForms,

Pricing Gravity Forms

Approximate Revenue Generating

According to them, more than 1 million WordPress website uses Gravity Forms. So how much can we approximate that in terms of business?

1 million x 39 $ (The minimalist package) = $ 39 million in revenue!! ?

3. Easy Digital Downloads 

Easy Digital Downloads is another popular WordPress plugin working in the freemium model .   This plugin makes your WordPress website extended with checkout, downloads functionality. An alexa traffic rank of 18 K ensures they does have good amount of traffic. Their revenue is on customization, support and paid extensions of  Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce could be said as a plugin that gave another outlook to WordPress. Woocommerce  was released during a time where shopping carts like Magento was getting damn popular. Woocommerce  made WordPress from a simple cms to a powerful user friendly shopping cart. Plenty of themes are released in themeforest based on the WooCommerce Plugin.

Woocommerce also work on the freemium revenue model, selling extensions and giving support. You can see a number of extensions listed in the Woocommerce portal. Most of them are premium ones, and are very much useful in real world scenarios. ¬†This is how Woocommerce makes their money, they do drive an amount of free users to premium ones. I’ve purchased more than 5 Woocommerce premium extensions under different scenarios. Why did I buy them? Nothing but ¬†I or my client was using Woocommerce. Perfect example of how a free product can make money following the freemium model.

On the other side, many developers make huge deal of money developing Woocommerce themes. Check the Woocommerce category ¬†in themeforest and you’ll understand it. The Flatsome Woocommerce theme(priced $59) has made¬†more than 18K sales from themeforest. ¬†See , the dependent business is also huge right?


#3: Most Sold Premium  Plugins from CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is a marketplace where you can sell your code. Envato, the parent company of themeforest is the very same brain behind CodeCanyon. You can list your plugin in codecanyon. Have a look at the most sold WordPress plugins in CodeCanyon.

wp plugins


I cant go in detail about every one of these plugins, I’ll do a short review about the most sold three plugins.

Approximate Revenue Generating from CodeCanyon

1. UberMenu РUberMenu is a premium WordPress plugin featured in Codecanyon. It is a plugin which makes your ordinary WordPress menu a stylish Responsive Mega Menu.  Very much configurable and flexible.

Approximate money made till date : 49,511(total sales) x 11 $(around 57-58% of plugin price (19 $)) = $544,621

2. Slider Revolution РSlider Revolution is a premium WordPress  responsive slider plugin. Unlike the normal free sliders it does have lots of awesome features like plenty of loop animations and parallax layers.  This is what make people interested in buying this plugin.

Approximate money made till date : 71,792(sales)x 11 $(around 57-58% of plugin price (18 $)) = $789,712

3. Visual Composer – Visual Composer is one of the coolest WordPress plugin I’ve ever used. It extends the default WordPress composer and takes it to a supreme level. Without knowing any bit of code, or hiring a developer you can easily drag an drop to build an ¬†awesome page in WordPress. It does have features like Carousel, Slider,Accordion and lots of other stuffs to make your post/page composing sexy and superlative.

Approximate money made till date : 93,030(sales)x 20$(around 57-58% of Plugin price (33 $)) = $1,860,600 (Approaching 2 Million!)

That  makes visual composer the most money making  WordPress Plugin in CodeCanyon. When I first wrote this post (months ago), Visual composer was on second position and it is now on the first position.

The total number of sales for Visual composer was nearly around 27K when I published this post for the first time , and now nearly after 10-11 months it has reached more than 70K downloads which means an average of 136 downloads per day or in other words around $3,000 in profit per day(awesome! right?)

Keep in mind that all these are professional plugins that was not built in one single day. Start slow, don’t depend 100 percent on WordPress. Start a Website for your plugin and try popularizing it. Are you a programmer who don’t have enough time to develop an awesome WordPress Plugin? Have a look at my six easy ways for programmers to make money online.

Latest update(small players)

I just saw a recent post from The PortLand company, author of the Bulk Photo to product imported Wooocommerce Plugin and they’ve disclosed that the plugin is earning an average of $550 per month from its premium version.

The plugin looks comparatively new and doesn’t have much active installs(like 900), which indicate that the revenue might grow in the upcoming days. See, forget the big players I’ve mentioned above. This company does only have 4 plugins till date and this will be a great inspiration to small players/freelancers in the WordPress plugin development industry.


You can follow any of these methods to make money from your WordPress plugin.  Lets have a look at the summary of the major things you need to note(or can implement) in make money from your WordPress Plugin.

  • Try for a unique plugin – Write a unique plugin that is not available in the WordPress plugin repository and submit it to the repository. Don’t make a plugin in a saturated market, there is no point in making some plugin like Visual composer. Visual composer is huge and cant get more better. If you are making a new slider WordPress plugin(and submitting in codecanyon), you are very much likely to be rejected(unless it is that awesome) as WordPress slider plugin is a saturated market. Instead, try something that doesn’t exist. If you ask me to pick one, I’d say go for WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads Extensions. There are not much competence in that niche
  • Try the Freemium Model – ¬†Release the main plugin for free but make the supplementary plugin premium. Most of the big players try the freemium model and has been a great success so far
  • Try submitting in CodeCanyon – Submit your plugin as a premium plugin in CodeCanyon.
  • Start a WordPress plugin development service – This area has lots of potential. Recently I was asked by a¬†client to add Vendor store feature to WooCommerce and ¬†I had to develop that. Like wise, custom WordPress plugin development have great demand. You may start your own online portal for that. You can also find WordPress plugin development requirement in Freelancer, Odesk, Elance etc. You can bid on them and develop plugin for the job poster.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post.

I have two questions

What kind of WordPress plugins have you developed?

How do you promote your plugins?

Do post your comments. ūüôā