Avada wordpress theme have made more than $2.3 Million from themeforest in 21 months !

As you all know, wordpress theme business is one of the hot cakes in the web industry . I’ve written reviews about wordpress themes here in dollarfry. Check the Sahifa WordPress theme review. So how much you thought you can make from a single WordPress theme?  Here I am bringing out the story of the most successful WordPress theme in themeforest.

Avada, created in August 12 2014 is still  the most sold WordPress theme . If you havent heard about avada have look at the avada wordpress theme in themeforest.


avada theme demo

#1 How much copies of Avada have been sold?

Avada have more than 70k purchases(and counting) from themeforest alone. Themeforest gives a commission of 50 to 70 percent of the buy now price if the  item is sold exclusive ( Sold only in themeforest, cannot buy elsewhere) and  30-35 %  if the item is sold  non exclusive(You can list the theme in other market places too).

Avada is an exclusive theme which can be bought only from themeforest. If you check the theme authors webpage(themefusion) you can see that the buy now link has been  directed to themeforest.

#2 How much money have themefusion supposedly made selling Avada theme ?

The 50 to 70 profit varies depending on the sales volume(Themeforest decides this). Normally a fresh new theme gets 50 percent of the buy now price and goes up further with sales. Lets assume that all sales of avada have made 60 percent profit.


[blockquote source=””]

Total amount of money Avada generated – 70150(sales) x 55 $ (price per item) = $3,858,250.
Total profit to the seller                                                               – 60 percent of $3,858,250 = $2,314,950.
Total profit to themeforest                                                         – 40 percent of $3,858,250 = $1,543,300.[/blockquote]

Who cannot be jealous of themeforest? $1,543,300 money made from a single theme for acting as a market place for the theme . (you all know how much themes are sold in themeforest)

Avada nearly have 1000 sales a week , or $33,000 profit per week for the theme author !

Moreover, they should have made lots of money giving support to these theme buyers. For instance, buyer can request a customization for the theme and the theme authors can do that. This work very much similar to the services model where the developer can charge for hour. Also, the  customization wont be that hard as the theme developers know everything about the theme.

Best features of avada

  • 100 percent responsive.
  • Mega Menu .
  • Woocommerce integration.
  • Advanced options and 100 shortcodes.
  • Great support.
  • One page parallax feature.
  • Regular updates.
  • 6 Blog Layouts.
  • WP multi language ready.
  • 18 home page layouts.
  • 5 kinds of slider.

Have a look at the complete features of avada .

 #3 Why these much people buy avada, what is the secret of avada’s success ?

Great Features

Well, currently I am fully in WordPress theme business. Lots of the  new themes in WordPress provide many of the features provided by Avada. But the   secret behind the great success of  avada is that they were the first one to implement  these features. The best thing about avada is that it is heavily loaded. It worth very much more than the 55 $.  The 18 home page layouts and the 100 shortcodes itself are enough to get back the money spend. Recently we developed a travel WordPress theme, which had 4 home page layouts and I personally think it was more than enough :).

Multiple niche compatible (Freedom and flexibility to user).

Avada is a multipurpose theme, or the user had the freedom to use it for his websites in different niches. You can use it as a porfolio website, business website,e-commerce,photo gallery,blog and in much more niches.

Unbelievable sales.

Well this work on the basic human psychology.

[blockquote source=””]Everyone buys this theme, definitely this should be good[/blockquote]

More over no one will be worried(will be confident too) in buying the most sold theme in themeforest!

More exposure from themeforest

Being the most popular theme, avada will be featured by themeforest itself in the popular items menu .  Lots of user navigates to the popular items page and they will be seeing avada over there.



Also the buyers can sort the results by sales and avada will be shown on that list too.

Avada is the only theme of themfusion(theme author company).

I am not 100 percent sure about this , but when I looked over their theme showcase I did only find avada. No wonder, they should give support to 1000 buyers every week! Anyway the point is , they can give awesome support to the buyers as they might be focusing fully on this single theme.


How claim your content with Google Authorship for multiple authors in wordpress

Linking your blog contents with google plus profile is really important now. Almost all the established bloggers now have linked their content with their google plus profile. And yes, it will affect your google rankings. The main advantage in this linking is the authority of the content. Well, no one reads a book of an anonymous author right? If you are to buy a book you will definitely check who is the author .
Very much similar is the situation of contents delivered over the internet. So you should give high priority in linking your content with google plus profile. The scope of the importance of google plus is more than this post, so I’ll discuss this in a separate post. Have a look at the google plus profiles linked to the results for the keyword “seo 2014”
seo google plus

How can you link your content to Google+ profile?

There are two ways to link your blog content with google plus.

1. If you  have an email address on your website(on the same domain) ( The easiest way).

If you have an email address on your same website domain, like your website is xyz.com and your email is yourname@xyz.com. In this scenario , you just need to verify your email address in your domain. Google will send a verification mail to your email and after the verification, you are done!

2. If you don’t have an email address on your website 

In this case you can link your google plus profile (say yourname@gmail.com) outside your content providing website domain. You need to go over 3 steps to achieve this.

  1. You need to put the same name given in your google plus profile after your content in this format “By Linjo Joson” or “Author: Linjo Joson” .
  2. You need to link back to your google + profile from your website in this format

    . Don’t forget the rel=author attribute.

  3. Go to your google plus about section and you can find the contributor section. Add your website in that section.


Now lets get into the main title of this post ,

How can you implement Google authorship for multiple WordPress users?

Me, Linjo Joson as well as Jojo Joson does contribute to dollarfry . We  had to link our own google plus profiles to different posts put up here. the get_author() function in wordpress helped me to achieve this.

The get_the_author() function retrieves the nickname of the author , this is what I did

if(get_the_author()=="Linjo Joson"){
echo "By Linjo Joson"; echo "Google+";
elseif(get_the_author()=="Jojo Joson"){
echo "By Jojo Joson"; echo "Google+";

Hope you enjoyed this post, put your queries ,suggestions etc as comments 🙂

Top 5 Domain Registrars in India

Well, are you looking for a domain name registrar that focuses on India? There are a plethora of web host services that target Indian customers providing great payment facilities such as accepting Indian debit cards, Indian online banking and the like.

Below discussed are some of the most popular domain registrars that support and accept all kinds of payment options in India.

1. BigRock


BigRock covers most of the hosting needs providing five different types of hosting plus domain registration and website builder. If you are a Windows or Linux user, you will find a lot of hosting options with plans that fit your budget.

BigRock has a completely accessible knowledge base wherein you can quickly find answer to any issues. The web host provider offers three main types of hosting: shared hosting, specialized hosting and reseller hosting. Besides, they provide their customers with every single variety of payment method online, right from net banking to credit card to offline payment options. Their payment options include net banking, PayPal, direct deposit to account, debit/credit cards, cheque or DD.


  • A comprehensive range of pricing and service plans
  • A lot of payment options
  • 24 hour dedicated tech support
  • Money back guarantee


  • A few entry level plans are very bare bones.
  • Speaking of web hosting services in India, BigRock charges a little higher for their hosting plans compared to other websites. For instance, in India, normal unlimited website hosting plans range from Rs. 300-400, but at Big Rock, it goes up to Rs. 559.

2. GoDaddy




Well, GoDaddy is a mass international player and is easily one of the highest profile and largest web hosting providers in the world. With enormous potential, the company’s reach in India is growing tremendously in the recent times. Godaddy tops the best domain registrars in the world.

GoDaddy hosting provides a wide variety of web related products and services and is certainly an advantage if you are looking for more than a normal and simple web hosting plan. The three shared web hosting plans of GoDaddy provide solid value for your money. The plans include unlimited bandwidth, substantial web space of minimum 10 GB, 100 or more email accounts, and at least about 10 MySQL databases. Besides, its web hosting plans come with daily backups, website statistics, a number of one-click applications as well as complete programming support for your chosen scripts; the packages are all ready for e-commerce if you desire.


  • GoDaddy provides the industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee!
  • Its web hosting control panel lets you to build, grow and administer your site and its features from one central and strong interface.


  • With high end, GoDaddy has made a name for itself for all kinds of reasons possible, sometimes racy television ads and celebrity support that have nothing to do with web hosting.
  • Also, be aware of GoDaddy’s regular offers for their add-on services. If you were not watching carefully, you would end up singing up for very expensive additional features and products you don’t have any idea about.
  • The site offers 24×7 customer support via email and phone; but the phone numbers are not toll free which means you are draining your pocket (you never know how long you will be on the line!)

3. Crazydomains


Crazydomains.in is an Australia based domain registrar plus a web hosting service provider that has started it service in the Indian subcontinent recently. The best part is that Crazy Domains offer domains at the cheapest price in India; for instance, .com, .net and .asia at Rs. 150 and .in, .co.in, .net.in, .org.in at Rs 250.


  • Users can get cheap domains for many TLDs (Top Level Domains). Oftentimes, there are heavy discounts for .in domains.


  • DNS support is not free; besides, the registration time with Crazydomains.in is more.

4. iPage


iPage is a very popular and affordable shared hosting providers; it is quite evident that they are very confident about their services and products as they offer an anytime money back policy. iPage has been the industry leader in web hosting business with its stunning hosting services; it has been in the business for 19 years, i.e, set up in 1995. iPage is an ideal, flexible and a well-rounded web service perfect for beginners and intermediate users.

iPage.com is a wonderful and everlasting hosting provider giving its best hosting plan at the price of just $1.99 per month with features like unlimited web hosting, disk space, bandwidth and email addresses.


  • Besides unlimited bandwidth, disk space and emails, this web host service provider offers basic marketing tools, shopping cart tools, and round-the-clock support.


  • It seems that their service lacks some advanced features like custom cron jobs and a script library.

5. ZnetLive

ZnetLive India is one of the leading web hosting service providers in India; Created in 2002, the site provides the best web hosting solutions all over India. ZnetLive is an Indian based company; however, it has close ties with the US and Singapore, providing some servers in America and Singapore.

ZNetLive offers a whole range of online business solutions right from domain registration, virtual servers, shared web hosting, cloud servers, dedicated server and reseller hosting to numerous other online applications.

ZnetLive is said to provide 99.9% uptime using HA (High Availability) or Fail over environment. It always uses RAID technology with the server to prevent any kind of data loss or any downtime.  Moreover, the web host provider is easy to use with a control panel that is user-friendly and which is powered by the popular and proven software, cPanel.


  • ZnetLive provides 45 days money back guarantee.
  • Besides, it provides you with 24/7/365 support with a quick response time of 20 minutes.


  • Users have complaints about very poor up-time & bad performance contradicting their statement of 99.9% uptime.

Choice is yours

Having reviewed some of the most popular domain name registrars serving India-based users, you can choose from any of these based on your budget, requirement and preference of features. Experts suggest that performance, uptime and quality of the service are much more crucial than the cost and fancy features. So, it’s up to you to make a great choice with these best Indian domain registrars!

Best hosted shopping carts review – Start an ecommerce store yourself

Lets get straight into the point, this article would be helpful for you if you are looking to start an e-commerce business and you

  • Doesn’t have much technical knowledge.
  • Don’t want to depend others to set up your e-commerce store (a web designer or programmer).
  • Want to setup a good looking e-commerce store.
  • Should need a support team to help so that there wont be any troubles to the stores and can be maintained easily .
  • Ready to spend a small amount (say 10-20$ per month or more ) for setting this up.

Well, if you are some one related to the  points mentioned above, you should definitely be looking on to hosted shopping carts.


What are hosted shopping carts ?

Hosted shopping cart softwares unlike Magento, Opencart, OSCommerce etc, are those ones which  you doesn’t need to worry about hosting , code, installation and all. You need buy their subscription on a monthly basis(dependent) so that they will take care of all your tensions, what you need to do is to manage your products  and other stuffs from the administration panel.

So which all providers are the best in the industry? Well there are many, of which I would like to list the best 3  out of it.


Rank 1 – Shopify



Alexa Traffic Rank : 765

Shopify would be your best option if you are looking for a  hosted shopping cart software .So what all are the advantages and disadvantages of shopify? Have a look.


  • Over 90000 online shops are built using shopify, so its definitely trustworthy.
  • Pretty big app store with around 250-300 apps , free and paid. You can choose them and install to extend your store functionality as per your wish.
  • Theme availability –  The theme store of shopify is very elaborate. Shopify do have plenty of themes in different niches,  which helps your e-commerce store to look very attractive. A lot of free themes are also available here, average price of a shopify theme  will be around 80$. Shopify do welcome the theme developers to upload themes in their market place  so that the probability to find good themes in shopify theme store is pretty high.
  • Shopify provide great customer support.
  • Abandoned checkout cart recovery service for higher plans- 70 percent of people adds items to cart gets into the checkout page and for many reasons (other distractions,internet failure etc)they doesn’t complete the checkout. Shopify helps you to track these  people and to send notifications to them that they can complete their checkout.
  • Do have mobile version.
  • Starter plan of $15.
  • Built in blog.
  • Good seo support.


  • 1-2$ commision for each sales
  • Shopify is built in their own templating language called liquid, even though liquid is not that hard to learn ,you need to learn a pretty new templating language for the customization.

Shopify Video Review


Rank 2 – BigCommerce



Alexa Traffic Rank : 2496

Bigcommerce is one of the other popular hosted shopping cart, tilll now bigcommerce 50000 bigcommerce stores have collectively sold more than $2750000000. Bigcommerce is used in 65 countries. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bigcommerce.


Bigcommerce Pricing
Bigcommerce Pricing



  • Over 50000 customers use Big Commerce.
  • Great customer support 24/7.
  • Easy to use – Bigcommerce do have great reputation for its easiness of use. Even the least technical person finds it very comfortable.
  • Easy integration of 3rd party applications like mailchimp.
  • Unlike shopify, you dont need to pay commission for sales . You will be saving a lot of money if your sales volume is high.
  • Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Smallest plan of 100 products and 1gb storage.
  • Provision for facebook/ebay/amazon store(Higher plans).
  • Coupon system for basic plans.
  • Provides mobile version.
  • Abandoned checkout cart recovery service for higher plans.
  • $100 adwords voucher for basic plan.
  • Built in blog- Content is king, so a blog is inevitable.
  • Seo Friendly.


  • High starter plan of 24$ (this is hard for small business).
  • Few template availability compared to shopify.

BigCommerce Video Review

 Rank 3 – Volusion




Alexa Traffic Rank: 3032

Rank 3 goes to Volusion, with its very much user friendly interface and pretty interesting features like deal of the day and descent price plans make volusion very much worth for the money.Volusion have generated more than 14 billion in sales(collectively, combining all the stores of volusion) So what are the pros and cons of volusion? Lets have a look.


Volusion  Pricing
Volusion Pricing



  • Ability to track fraud orders.
  • Cheaper starter plan – 15$ per month.
  • Great pack of templates.
  • Provides mobile version.
  • Abandoned cart tracker.
  • Easy Instillation.
  • Unlike shopify and very much like bigcommerce, you dont need to pay commission for sales . You will be saving a lot of money if your sales volume is high.
  • Support for facebook/ebay/amazon store(Higher plans).


  • The reporting and the data export features of volusion are not up to mark.
  • You need to pay  more for high bandwidth, if your store is dealing with a good amount of traffic ,you may need to spend some additional bucks to buy more bandwidth.

Video Review Volusion

Rank 4 –  Weebly


Alexa Traffic Rank : 220

Rank 4 goes to weebly, weebly is assumed to have the highest  traffic of all these four hosted shopping cart. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of weebly.


weebly ecommerce
weebly ecommerce


  • Over 89000 stores are built in weebly.
  • Drag and drop website building process – This makes your e-commerce store design more under your control and according to your wish.
  • All the normal shopping cart  features like, multiple products, product variants etc.
  • Easy support for popular payment gateway integrations (paypal,Authorize.net) etc.
  • Store front page feature – You can select multiple products and list them in the front page that you can attract the customers on time of offer sales.
  • Easy setup- Compared to other shopping carts, weebly ecommerce is less complex that it can be setup very fast.


  • Not advanced as other self hosted hopping carts, the all in all features will be very less.(Anyway if you are looking for a minimalist setup, you can give a shot for sure). 

Weebly e-commerce video review