Top 5 Domain name registrars over the internet

What is a domain name? It is the magic that converts a raw IP address into easily comprehensible text. To register your domain name, you will have to seek the help of domain registration service provider. Lets us have a look at the most famous domain name registrars which can help you register and manage your domains.

Find a Good Domain Name for your Blog or Website – are you finding it difficult to choose a good domain name for your new blog or website? Read our well-explained tutorial on selecting the best & right domain name.


1. GoDaddy



Alexa Rank : 82

Go Daddy is the giant of the entire web hosting service industry, in fact, many times larger than any other service provider for that reason. It has built a huge customer base by providing cheap package deals that combine domain registration and web hosting coupled with frequent specials on domain registration. Registration at Go Daddy includes a free mini hosting plan wherein you get a five page website based on any of their templates, blogging tools, a photo album and an email account with 1GB of storage. One year registration with Go Daddy costs you $11.99.


Go Daddy offers a range of features like email, database and blogging to start with. No other web hosting service can compete with the breadth and depth of its feature set and this is a major reason why it has become a prominent player. It is the largest web host with its competent and comprehensive service.


Well, most of the best features at Go Daddy are limited or come at an additional cost. Besides, as the site has grown so large, it is less personal.

2. Namecheap



Alexa Rank : 987

As it name implies, domain registration at Namecheap is quite economical however the web host has not built a name for itself merely by providing the absolute cheapest deals. Reputation of Namecheap rests mainly on its solid customer service and value added packages like free email, URL forwarding, free domain transfer, dynamic DNS services, free and customizable domain parking and the like. Namecheap provides you with two business hosting packages: Basic and Elite. Both these packages enable unlimited domain hosting and include shopping carts as well. Hosting with Namecheap offers you access to a service called RichContent which provides access to a comprehensive range of content relevant to your site. One year registration costs $9.98.


Unlike other service providers, Namecheap does not try to sell you a bunch of other things when you are just in to buy a domain name. This, in fact, is Namecheap’s best selling point. Though this may hinder their profits, it makes them more pleasant to do business with. If you are looking for a domain registrar with a great reputation, unbelievably low prices, and top notch services, Namecheap is one such company.


No phone or chat support offered by the web host. There are also complaints of occasional system problems.

3. Name


Alexa Rank : 1342

Besides simple domain name searches, provides alternative suggestions including domain names that are presently held but are up for auction. has a service called Domain Grabber. If a domain is unavailable, but you really want it, you can pay to pounce on the domain once it becomes available. One year registration costs $9.99.

Pros is very simple and easy to use. It offers reasonable prices on domain names and has amazing features if you have 1-2 domains or a ton of domains.


Support is available only during normal business hours during the week days. moreover, the PRIVACYPLEASE coupon is not free.

4. Hover



Alexa Rank : 13511

Hover is yet another clean and straightforward registration site that you would like for its top notch domain management tools. Besides a great control panel, each domain you purchase comes with unlimited domain forwarding and free private domain registration to save your personal info and keep it hidden. In addition, email accounts are also available for an additional cost. One year registrations costs $15.


Hover is easy to use and free from annoying from flashy, annoying and spammy advertisements. The checkout process is quite simple and they don’t try to push additional products along with the main item. Besides, the prices are fair, realistic and direct. You are not charged any hidden fees.


Regular pricing is quite expensive at $15 per year and mailbox pricing is $20 per email address per year which is also more expensive. Furthermore, Hover directs its customers to a chosen group of specialized hosting companies instead of extending their own web hosting services.

5. 1&1


Alexa Rank : 1028

All 1&1 domain registrations comprise of a simple five page starter website, free private domain registration to shield your personal information and an email account with 2GB of storage. Cost of one year registration is $4.99.


With just $3.99 per month you can get free 1&1 Website Builder which gets sites on the World Wide Web in just four simple steps and the 1&1 marketing centre and search engine credits ensure high traffic. Spreadshirt Marketing is a distinct software program that enables website owners to create branded merchandise and get more visibility among the masses. This is especially useful for the business owners. Also, it provides a complete collection of email features along with spam protection and ample mailbox space. Furthermore, it comes with a simple and easy to use control panel sporting much functionality like creating a forum, blog, and database just in a matter of clicks.


The starter packages seem to be too lightweight for storefronts and business sites, with merely 10 GB storage. But, the larger packages are competitively priced and provide better stats and more frills. You have to pay extra dollars to get additional features.

What to choose?

Having examined the most popular domain registration sites available and known some of their features, price, pros and cons, you should be in a better position to find out which one will best suit your requirements. Before selecting a web hosting company or a domain registrar, experts suggest that you completely compare a few different possibilities. Besides, how comfortable you are with the design of the company’s site is unquestionably one of the factors you have to consider in addition to the features, services and prices.



7 Best Places to Sell Your Domain Names-How To Sell Your Domain Name

Got a good domain name? What about making some money selling it out? the domain was sold for $1800 and the person who bought the domain re-designed the website and sold it for $173,000 after 2 years!! Pretty interesting business huh? So how can you make money selling your domain names? What all are the best domain selling websites?
With the internet reaching new heights, there are more places to sell your domains than ever before. Though experts recommend that investors seek potential buyers directly, it is also important to do everything possible to get your domains in front of as many buyers as possible.

Well, you can list your domain is multiple places as well. What you need to remember is to remove domains from other platforms as soon as it sells on one. Let us have a look at some of the best places to sell your domain names.

Find a Good Domain Name for your Blog or Website – are you finding it difficult to choose a good domain name for your new blog or website? Read our well-explained tutorial on selecting the best & right domain name.


How  can you sell your domain name for the best price

This article is all about selling your domain name at the best price. The domain name business is very much like the real estate business. I still regret I wasn’t able to register those 3 letter and 4 letter domains in the early 2000. If you had a 3 letter domain name right now you could have sold it for a minimum price of $100,000.  Anyway let me tell you, all the 3 letters and 4 letter domains have been taken. I remember my college days while I applied mathematics I learned in Engineering to check the 4 letter domain name availability.  Like, I just wanted to check whether any of the 4 letter domain name is available. I applied permutations (26p4) and found that there were 26x26x26x26 =456,976 4 letter domain names.  I used the bulk domain name checker to check whether these domains were available , I also asked the help of some of my friends in achieving this task. After 1 week I found out that all the 4 letter domains were taken up (1 week efforts went futile).

Anyhow, it was a great learning experience to me and I found that FORECASTING is the key success factor in domain business.

Now, lets see how you can sell your domain name.

1. Let the world know your domain is for sale

Whether your site(domain) got visitors or not, let your visitors know that you are planning to sell your domain. This one of the best way to generate leads.

2. Sensible pricing

You might have heard of domain names sold for million dollars. Either they are lucky or their domain name must be worth it. Dont overprice your domain or else you’ll be spoiling the chance to sell your domain. Yes, bargaining is really important but first of all make sure your domain name pricing is sensible. Your domain name might sound fancy for you , but may not for others. Pricing depends on many factors like

  • Domain Letters
  • Domain Age
  • Relevance
  • Brandability
  • Google Search Volume
  • Current or upcoming trends
  • Pricing in future


 Best places to sell your domain names

So we checked about selling your domain name. Now, what all are the best places to sell your domain names? Lets have a look at the top 7 websites in the internet through which you can sell your domain names.

1. Sedo

Alexa Traffic Rank: 5533



Sedo is one of the largest domain companies online that provides its clients with a large variety of domain services; however, the most popular are the domain listing and sales services and the domain parking services. Besides, they provide registrations, domain valuations, brokerage services, portfolio management and a lot more. In fact, Sedo is the largest domain listing service with more than 800,000 users and marketing more than 14 million domain names on their site. Most names are listed for sale at a straight fee; however, there are names listed for sale by negotiation and those domains for sale via Sedo’s premium auctions.

If you want to sell a domain name, set up a free account on this site and list your name; as it is with other sites, Sedo too takes a percentage on all completed sales. Sedo also provides a unique service called Sedo Pro that caters to the more active and higher valued domain portfolio owners.

One of the downsides of Sedo is that their escrow fees are really high.

2. Flippa

Alexa Traffic Rank: 6913


On Flippa, it is very easy to buy and sell domains. All you need to do is create an account and list your domain; you have to pay for any upgrades you wish to add to your listing and respond to the queries as they come in from potential buyers. If a sale is likely to end successfully, you can transfer the ownership and receive your money. It is as simple as that.

Flippa is certainly a great option to sell your domain provided you don’t mind paying the fees. However, there are some complaints about bad customer support at Flippa. Moreover, it is also said that there are quite a few dodgy bidders who make bids without the intention to buy. It seems that Flippa team hasn’t done anything much to check these fake bidders.

3. Afternic

Alexa Traffic Rank: 19,945


Afternic is one of the great domain aftermarket sites to visit. The site tends to specialize in high quality names and therefore, cheap bargains are harder to come by. But, if you are looking to sell a quality domain name, you will most probably find a buyer pretty easily at Afternic. The process of buying and selling domain names on is quite simple when compared to other aftermarket sites as Afternic uses their own specialized escrow service. Coming to the sale fee, it is comparable to other sites, falling between 10 and 20%.  As a seller, you get your money’s worth as Afternic is capable of reaching a large network of potential and seasoned buyers.

4. Igloo

Alexa Traffic Rank: 156,754


Igloo provides you with the information and tools required to meet your domain needs pretty effectively and efficiently. Being the premier marketplace for registered domains, Igloo specializes in helping people purchase domain names, buy registered domains, list domains for sale in different ways and sell domains in a safe and secure manner.

There are many reasons why you should consider Igloo: verified buyers and sellers, user-friendly interface, public and private auctions, customized transaction support, tailored listing pages, seamless parking platform integration and independent third party data.

5. Cax

Alexa Traffic Rank: 390,852


Cax features your domain in front of the biggest community of domain investors. The sales commission is 5 to 10% depending on your membership. Except during auctions, there is no listing or brokerage exclusivity. Your listing is in your control; you can add, edit or remove as per your convenience. You are provided with complete sales page customization; you can choose to add text, video, graphics, and the like. You can also avail free sale page parking at Moreover, get a free sub domain to list your entire domain portfolio under one roof.

The best part is that you can start using the domain you wanted with no money down!

6. BrandBucket

Alexa Traffic Rank: 38,697


Brandbucket offers businesses with carefully researched domain names rich in branding. Therefore, if you have a high quality domain with you, you can certainly find potential buyers via Brandbucket. Communication with BrandBucket is very fast and all transactions are swift. This means that you can sell your domain and get your money in a flash.

There aren’t any contracts involved for buying and selling domains at this site.

7. HuntingMoon

Alexa Traffic Rank: 410000


HuntingMoon has created an easy platform for trading assets like domain names, businesses, domain portfolios, web traffic, content, design and a lot of other products and services. The transaction is pretty fast and smooth. They price your domains realistically and can gain attention of most of the big players in the arena. By choosing HungtingMoon, you are dealing with total honesty and integrity.

HuntingMoon market has over 10,000 buyers shopping every month and the number is growing every consecutive month. A lot of start-ups, investors, and businesses rely on this site for domain names. So, you should find a plethora of buyers for your domain.

Members can interact with each other over private messaging or via the Questions and Answers tab on the listings. The commission to HuntingMoon on successful transactions is just 10%.

Well, having reviewed quite a few popular online places to sell your domains, now, it’s up to you to decide on which online platform will best suit you. Before deciding on finding a site to sell the domain, make it a point to assess your domain and find out its quality and worth. This will be a great way to identify the best platform to sell your domain through a domain aftermarket site that sells the kind of domain you have.



5 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools to find a perfect domain for your website


Well, establishing a strong online identity is, in fact, an important element of all businesses today. In order to achieve this, you have to first choose an appropriate domain name for your brand, be it a product, service or business. The whole process might end up a piece of cake or might turn out to be a challenging task. All depends on how you go about it!

Needless to say, you have to craft a name that is smart as well as creative; above all, it should describe the essence of your business in a word or two! The name you choose should be easily memorable, attractive, unique, and successfully communicate the message of your business. A number of top level domains being already taken, it is really not an easy act.

If you are confused about finding a domain name for your business, this guide about finding a good domain name for your business will certainly help.

Luckily, lots of good domain name suggestion tools are available over the internet. In this write up, you will come across the most used and some of the best tools that would help you create and choose domain names. These domain suggestion generators comprise of a range of search and suggestion web applications with a comprehensive choice of features, assisting you to create the ideal domain name to strengthen your online presence.

The best five Domain Name Suggestion Tools

1. Lean Domain Search


lean domain search

Have a look at the screenshot above, I’ve searched for domains including the word songs ,  the Lean domain search tool itself

The domain name generator used in Lean Domain Search specializes in displaying distinct and quirky domain names using prefixes and suffixes. The best part is that it checks the availability of the precise match domain for your search term. In fact, you can quickly and easily sort and filter search results to end up with a great domain name. Another great feature is that you can mark a search result as a favorite so that you can keep track of it in the process.

Lean Domain Search is really simple, fast and intuitive. It helps you find names that you never would have considered. Most importantly, the Lean Domain Search returns domain name suggestions that are in fact worth registering. On the whole, this tool is super cool and awesome!

2. Domainr


Domainr is the best to find tlds for a specific domain, have a look at the tlds available for the domain name titanic.

Domainr, an innovative web tool, helps you to explore the complete domain name space beyond the most obvious .com, .net, .org and find all new and exciting domain names. It has helped in making popular websites such as and that stand out from the crowd. Well, searches will also include the well known top level domains that are available for registration. The tool secretly logs, searches and tracks over 1700 top level domains and more than 1300 generic TLDs that can be registered at one of the 219 accredited registrars. Also, there are two external APIs for client side implementations and web services.

Thus, the unique feature of Domainr is crafting unique domain names beyond the normally used .com, .net and .org TLDs.

In addition, users can try accented characters and diacritics to see globalized domains as well as Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi and Chinese scripts. Moreover, you can use Domainr’s apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Chrome!

3. Dot-o-mator


Dot-o-mator is another great tool that suggests site names purely based on the prefixes and suffixes that you enter. On the other hand, you can use a category of prefixes like tech or games and suffixes like Hardware or Web 2.1 words to generate suggested site names for your business. It is perhaps a helpful tool for obtaining good inspiration for a site name.

The site also sports a fun tool called Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator which can generate “Web 2.0” site names such as Yakidoo or Zoompulse.

Dot-o-Mator allows you to craft domain name suggestions by choosing a list of words for the beginning and the end of the domain. If you choose this beginning and ending word, the tool combines the two and gives you a plethora of options; you can choose from these options and the chosen name is moved to the scratch box where it is checked for availability.

Good news for iPhone users is that Dot-o-Mator is also available as an iOS app for use on the go.

What’s more? Dot-o-Mator site provides its users with great tips to choose a good domain name; thus, the site acts like a one stop shop for all your needs on choosing a unique domain name: you have all kinds of information available on how to select a domain name plus it serves as a great tool that helps you with choosing a domain name successfully. Dot-o-Mator is also a good domain name suggestion tool that can generate a number of domain names for your website.

4. BustAName

BustAName assists you in finding the ideal domain name by using its unique word combiner that finds similar words and checks for available domains in that range. There are significant options like saving domains for review, switching the word order so as to create new domains and combining up to three words. Besides, you can create groups of words to craft domain names using hyphens, plurals or by dropping the last vowel.

This tool is a robust and a domain finder that is packed with a lot of features as mentioned above. It uses linguistic data to help your search for domains. It further allows you to save and manage your searches for later use and review. On the whole, the tool is well organized with a variety of options for you to choose from so that you can narrow down your search for a perfect domain name. Of course, this tool is very intuitive; however, the creators have provided users with a video tutorial on how to use BustAName.

5. Panabee


Panabee is an easy to use tool that provides users with a simple way to search for domain names, app names, and company or personal names. Using Panabee, you can buy the online address associated with your name. You just give the basic and original idea and the tool presents you with a plenty of great suggestions inspired by your original idea. These suggestions are normally derived from phonemes, abbreviations, syllables, suffixes, prefixes and popular domain trends. You will surely love these alternatives offered by Panabee.

Plus you can also use Panabee to search the Apple App Store and Google Play while checking domain name availability. Panabee also checks whether usernames are free for registering on popular social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, the site is a great resource for information on domain name trends and on the lighter side, some humor as well!

Which one is the ideal domain name suggester??

Fine, after having a look at the features and advantages each tool offers its users, it seems that you have to choose a tool mainly based on your requirements. If all you need is a simple, straightforward and quick search, Lean Domain Search is your perfect choice. Lean domain search is such an  intelligent Domain Name Suggestion tool, it gives you lots of suggestions.

On the other hand, if you want to try very different and ‘out of the box’ domain names, Panabee and BustAName should work fine for you. BustAName has a plethora of features that can be of real help to you. Domainr is a unique tool that helps users try accented characters and diacritics to see internationalized domains as well as scripts of the most popular languages. Besides, it provides you with domain names beyond the usual .com, .net or .org. It seems that Domainr will match the needs of a particular set of users that demand these specialized services. If you wish to use your latest mobile device to access domain name suggestion tools, Dot-o-Mator and Domainr support your intentions.

Hence, it is pretty obvious that each tool is unique in its own way and having studied their features and uses, it is up to you to decide on which tool will best cater to your requirements.



How to sell your domain name and make money? – 4 steps

There are various reasons why someone decides to sell a domain name. A few individuals collect attractive domain names habitually but never intend to use them. So, at some point of time, they decide to sell away those domain names and make some cash. On the other hand, companies can come forward to sell their domain names as they are no longer in business. Whatever the reason may be, if you want to make the best deal out of your domain name, you should know how to sell it appropriately.

There are various steps involved in your mission towards selling your domain name.


Determine the value of your domain

value of domain

Before you go about the whole process, ensure that you take stock of its value in order to come up with the right price, in fact, a good price. There are quite a few significant factors to consider when you determine the value of a domain; well, if you are not very sure on how to assess its value, it is better to seek the help of a company that performs these assessments. Factors like traffic, whether or not the domain is a Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.), and the length and readability of the domain name do affect the pricing considerably.

Learn to price a domain name. You can price your domain name appropriately only if you analyze the above mentioned factors properly. A lot of sellers are not able to sell names in the marketplace mainly because they overpriced the domain. It is true that lack of knowledge might lead to erratic pricing.

Understand that it is quite harder to sell names of domains that bear personal names as well as names that one has hardly heard of. In fact, short names sell the best. Also, basic and common domain names that are relatable and can arouse interest are great as well. On the whole, general names that are easy to spell attract buyers the most and offer good opportunity for you to make a decent profit.

In general, if you have sufficient knowledge about the domain, you can start looking for buyers.


How to announce your sale?


Well, one of the ideal ways to get offers on your domain is to hang up a simple “For Sale” message on your site. Any visitor will come to know right away that the domain is ready for sale and how to move further to close the deal. You can do this by several ways including:

  • A lot of domain registrars offer simple free websites. Make use of the tools provided to create the basic page that specifies that the domain is for sale. You can include a link to the domain listing or your contact information.
  • Try adding a page to any of your existing websites and redirect all your for-sale domains to this page.
  • Modify your WHOIS information to show that your domain is for sale. Change your registration information to reveal the fact that the domain is for sale.

Finding domain name buyers

1. Selling services – There are a range of selling services where you can list your domain. Though these services take come commission, they can provide greater exposure to the domain. A few services let you to add extra descriptions and notes about the domain that can help in boosting sales even more. You can consider popular selling sites such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Flippa and AfterNic.

2. Domain brokers – There are quite a few brokerage services accessible that can actively sell your site. Of course, these services are more expensive than the standard listing services; however, they do generate better results. Before signing any contract with a brokerage service, do a little research and make sure that they are reliable and charge you reasonably.

3. Auction services – There are some auction sites where you can try selling your domain. EBay is an example. In fact, several listing services provide auction services as well.

Top tips for a successful sale

  • Act quickly – As soon as you get an offer, ensure that you respond at the earliest. There are chances for you to lose a buyer if you wait for more than 24 hours.
  • Utilize charm pricing – When you have determined the price of your domain, use charm pricing to attract buyers. For those who are wondering what charm pricing is, it is a simple act of knocking $1 off the price just to make it even more attractive; for example, $299 vs. $300.
  • Bargain –  Are you sure that your domain is worth a certain price? Then, ascertain that you don’t settle for anything less. Be well informed about the worth of your domain and be prepared to explain the buyers why the domain is worth the price you have quoted.
  • Use escrow services – If you are dealing directly with the buyer, it is better to use escrow services. This will ensure that all the checks clear and you don’t end up getting a bounced check and no domain as well. Though Escrow services add a few days to a sale and do cost you a percentage, they can really save you from a lot of heartache. However, if your domains are selling for lesser price, these services may not be that cost effective.

Payment and domain name transfer – Close Transaction

Of course, when everything has travelled in the right path, it’s time to get your domain name transferred. Each and every site has its own process. In general, domain selling sites demand sellers to submit authorization code that initiates the process of transfer. As soon as the transfer is done, the seller can transfer the funds from the escrow account to his or her personal account.

Remember to check the minimum number of days the cash must stay in the escrow account before the completion of the transaction. Once the amount is ready for release from the escrow account, transfer the money to your personal account via PayPal or wire transfer.

By accurately following the above said steps and tips, you can unquestionably sell your domain name for a fair price!

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