Top 10 e-commerce sites in the world based on visitors

We are living in an e-commerce era and many of you might have your own e-commerce websites selling your own products. So who all are the biggest ecommerce players in the world? Lets have a look at the top 10 ecommerce websites in the world. This data is based on alexa traffic rank, which gives you the approximate data of traffic to a website.

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1. Amazon

Alexa traffic rank:  7



Amazon was started in 1995 as online store for books . But very sooner, they expanded to all other trendy products like DVD,electronics and other ones. Amazon now do have nearly 1 lakh employees .It is said that amazon do have more 250 M unique visits per month. The growth of amazon was really fast and have acquired a lot of companies.

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2. Taobao


Alexa Traffic rank: 12

Taobao is the biggest market place in china. It do have more than 800 million products listed and 500 million users. It is the worlds largest e-commerce website next to amazon.

3.  Ebay

Alexa Traffic rank: 26

Ebay is an American ecommerce company found in late 1995. Ebay is one of the oldest ecommerce websites and does have operations all over the world. Ebay was the first one to introduce the market place concept to ecommerce shopping cart websites.

4. Tmall

Alexa Traffic Rank : 35

Tmall is the most popular online retail store in china. It was started in 2008 by the same taobao group, now operated by the Alibaba Group. It do have nearly 181 million registered buyers. According to alexa, its the 8th most popular website in china.

5. Alibaba

Alexa traffic rank: 71

Alibaba is the global version of Chinese company and it is world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses. This same alibaba group owns Tmall and Taobao . It do have nearly 80 million registered users.

6. Flipkart

Alexa traffic rank: 116

Flipkart is the leading e-commerce company of India found in 2007. Very much like amazon , flipkart also started with books and expanded to other products later. In fact, flipkart taught e Indian people to shop online. Flipkart stands inside the 10 most popular websites in India (in terms of traffic). They did implement the Cash On delivery system which really worked out for the Indians.

7. Walmart

Alexa traffic rank: 140


Walmart is an American owned company and the biggest retailer in the world. It do have different outlets all over the world. People can buy these products online from

8. SnapDeal

Alexa traffic rank: 246

Snapdeal is on of the biggest ecommerce platforms in India which ships more than 25k products per day. It was founded in 2010. Initially, snapdeal was mainly for deals (that you will get products for special offers). Later on, it switched into a complete e-commerce portal. It was big news that Ebay did invest in Snapdeal that they got access to snapdeal’s 20 million registered user accounts. Snapdeal was on 6th position some months before in this list, but now it has been dropped down to position 8. Snapdeal, had to go through some negative issues , this might have been the reason for traffic drop.

9. BestBuy

Alexa traffic rank: 265

BestBuy is an American multinational consumer electronics corporation. It does have a vast collection of electronic goods at cheap price. The global brand name of best buy(very much like walmart) attracts visitors to the website and makes this a grand success in America.

10. Jabong

Alexa traffic rank: 267

Jabong is another Indian ecommerce website mainly in the fashion and lifestyle niche. It was launched in 2012 and had rapid growth all over India. Jabong does have the inventory model as well market place model. Jabong has now taken over ebay in India in terms of traffic.


Alexa traffic rank: 365 


This is the ebay’s Indian version. ebay is an American company founded in 1995. ebay is basically a market place where seller can list their products. Ebay is one of the oldest market places in the web industry. It do have auction as well as buy now feature for a product.


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Conclusion and important observations

Well I recently updated this post. I noticed a difference in traffic ranks for these e-commerce sites. Almost all of these sites listed here except ebay had an improvement in traffic. Well the order remained almost the same except for snapdeal which was number 10 in the list before .Snapdeal is now number 6.

These are my main observations about this change in traffic rank for these ecommerce sites.

  • These ecommerce sites improved their traffic – Almost all sites in the list has improved traffic, which means people started more purchasing. Great news! Ecommerce is growing!
  • Indian sites gained more popularity – Well , thanks to Indian buyers! Indian ecommerce sites like flipkart,snapdeal etc improved their rank and jabong which was not in the list before go into the list.
  • Increase in mobile traffic– Mobile traffic to all these sites improved a lot , which means people prefer buying through mobiles. So no second thoughts, make your ecommerce website mobile friendly

This list about world’s top 10 e-commerce site has been prepared via the data collected from Alexa.

What do you think about this data?
Which is your favorite e commerce store? .

Post your comments.

How can you guide an aimless(confused) customer to a successful checkout?

Customers for an e-commerce store are of different types as I have explained in my previous posts. Here I am going to explain about the scenario where a customer doesn’t know what he need. Your store do have multiple products and what he intend is to buy something from your store. How can you guide him to a successful checkout ? How can you make his way easier? Lets have a look

Being more vivid about the customers mindset, lets have a look at his thoughts in mind converted into a sentence.

“I would like buy something from this portal. I don’t know what to buy, but I really wish to buy something.”

What all things will this aimless customer find interesting ?

1. Offers.

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Offers will be first interesting thing for such kind of customer.

Customer : I don’t know what to buy
Store Owner : We do have some special offers for products.
Customer : Offers! , Interesting . What offers do you have??

Offers are commonly product specific and it can ultimately led this customer to focus on a product. The biggest challenge with this customer is to develop some interest in a product. Offers can act as a catalyst in developing it. In fact he might not be in need of some product and the offers can really made some difference. I’ll explain this with the shirt scenario conversation.

The T-Shirt Scenario Conversation

Customer : I do have lots of t-shirts, don’t need anymore.
Store Owner: But we do have an offer of 50% for t-shirts.
Customer : That is interesting. So I’ll get the t-shirt for half price right?
Store Owner : Yes. And this offer stands for this week only.
Customer : Cool. Then I’ll have a look at it right now.

Actually the customer do have lots of t-shirts and he doesn’t need anymore. He might feel  guilty(or wont get the purchase satisfaction) in buying another one. If he is provided with an offer and if it stands for a short time only , the customer definitely will get the purchase satisfaction (he will have a feeling that he put money in for something beneficial).

Have a look at how jabong did put their offer in the home page slider.

offer for products
offer for products

2. Contents in sliders.

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Sliders are the most important section of a shopping cart. It is the section in a website which occupies the most space. A non focused customer are more prone to have a look at the slider. Whats the most important thing about slider? I would say randomness. Almost 80 percent of the worlds website owners put their favorite or special products (from different categories) inside the slider. The slides in a slider would be from different categories. The slider of homeshop18 does have 5 slides . Have a look at their slides
1. Fashion (clothing, foot wears etc)
2. watches
4.Home appliances.

slider applicances

The slider helps this customer to understand the major recommended products inside the cart in a quick glance.

3. Best sellers and Trends section.

[divider type=”thick”]

People always have tendencies to buy the best selling products. Its very much told in consumer psychology. Even if you get into a real life store and if the shop keeper introduce a product to you saying that it is a best seller, you will at least show some interest to the product right? Customer in this category will certainly be interested in best seller products. Best seller product assures quality and money value for the product . There should be something in the product that many people bought it already.

4.Pricing and budget.

[divider type=”thick”]


This section is really important. For sure, this aimless customer would be having a limited budget in his mind. The probability of buying a super expensive product is very less (unless he is immensely rich). People always plan or thinks twice before buying an expensive item. Our customer does not have any plans. Can you imagine him getting into the store and buying a 60 inch television worth 2000$ ? No chance. Such kind of customer would be paying attention to products which can bought without much plans(or in other words, products in limited budget ) say a T-shirt or a footwear.

5. Product type.

[divider type=”thick”]

Its not only the because of the budget that this customer is not going to buy an expensive Television worth 2000$ but also the specialty of the product type.
What all things should a buyer be specific about before buying a tv?
1. Hall Size
Hall size is very important for a tv . A 57 inch LCD TV will be worse for a small 100 square feet hall. So for sure, a customer wanting to buy a tv should be aware of his hall size or he should have a plan before buying a tv.
2. Old TV.
Majority of the houses do have single television(Even in the rich sector). TV is not personal like mobile phone.Television is for the family, not for a specific person inside a family. The customer definitely would think about what he can do with the old tv. Should he sell it, or give it to some , or just throw it out of the window!
3. Other members opinion.
As I said before, in most cases tv is not a personal property. It is for the members of the family. Most of the people buy a TV to home once everyone(in the family) approves it.

6. Customer interactive search and filters.

[divider type=”thick”]

Have a look at this excellent search suggestion provided by zovi.  Once we attempt a search , it will be showing lots of search suggestions like “Sexy party outfits”  or “Green check casual shirts”.

search suggestions
search suggestions

This type of suggestions can really help this specific confused customer. He can know the trends and products in short time which can result into  conversions.

I haven’t seen this section much in eCommerce stores. But such a filter can really do magic conversions especially for customers of this type.

ecommerce shopping cart filter
ecommerce shopping cart filter

This filter filters out the unwanted items for the customer and will bring in the necessary  products only.  This makes the shopping more easier for him.

Top 10 Fiverr Gigs that are highly popular in between fiverr users

Fiverr is one of the most awesome service platform in the internet.  Unlike freelancer, we can get all type of services in fiverr in various sections. You just need to signup and offer your service for  5$ (as the name fiver indicates).

So, what all are the best selling gigs in fiverr?  How much money do they make ?

Have a look the these top services in different sections in Fiverr.

1. Banner/Logo

fiverr logo

The best fiverr gigs falls in this category. These are the best sellings gigs in fiverr. If you check the logo design category in fiverr, you can see that those are gigs with immense reviews. As an example, consider this logo creation gig , it has more than 24,000 reviews and has 600+ orders in queue. Keep in mind that every orders doesnt produce review, or in other words ,the number of orders will be much higher than this reviews.

Anyway lets check the least possible money made by this fiverr seller

 24,000 x 5 $ = 120,000 $

You can see that he offer other premium 50$ and 205$ services.  Which means he should have probably made much more money than this number. Do you think he has made million dollars selling this fiverr gig?

2. Content Writing

Content writing is another super popular fiverr gigs category. This fiverr user Amitbt is one of the top 10 fiverr sellers.  He provides a 500 word content for 5$, there are also other gigs as high up to 50$(for which he provides a 6000 word ebook). Amitbt has got more than 17,300 reviews till date which means the least money which he made from fiverr would be

17300 x 5$ =86,500 $

3. WordPress/Programming


WordPress is ruling the web industry . If you check the programming section in Fiverr you can see lots of services offered in the
wordpress section . This guy will fix your wordpress problem for just 5 $. He can install, fix and customize wordpress. Till now he got more than 10,000 orders.

4. Psychic Reading

blondey fiverr


Blondey is a fiverr user who provides you amazing accurate psychic readings for 6 questions, this can help you in your marriage, romance, partner, money, life decisions, purchases, career etc. She also provides 100$ gigs for detailed analysis of the psychic reading. Lots of people uses her services in fiverr and have made their life much better. She is one of the top rated fiverr seller with more than 5200 reviews.


fiverr videos twins

Theadtwins is one of the top rated sellers in fiverr. They will make a video featuring twins for 5$(40$,10$ packages are also available). They will only endorse G-Rated products, not any adult/drug related  brands. Till now they have got more than 3200 reviews which means they have made much more than 3200×5$=16,000$ from fiverr.

6. Translations

Translations are another hot selling service in fiverr. Checkout this best selling fiverr gig by Krauz1 providing English to Spanish translation of 1000 words for 5$. 2500+ reviews makes sure that his gigs are one of the best fiverr gigs.

7.Celebrity Voice Overs

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

This guy is a 21 year old voice actor from England.He will create a gig for you in the sound of Morgan Freeman and other celebrities. And to be frank, he sounds very much like him.
His gigs can be used to promote your products, and the unique sound of Freeman , for sure will attract visitors to the videos.

Have a look at the Morgan freeman voiceover fiverr gig

8. LifeStyle/Fitness

6 pack body

This service offered by dietmad do have more than 950 votes and what he offers is tips to get a wonderful body like him. He do have a great body and what he shares is his experience gained in body building and the secrets to his body.

Know the secrets of dietmad to a great body for 5$

9. Extremely Bizzare.

Eye Popper.
Eye Pop Fiverr

Doyley have an amazing talent to pop his eyes out . According to him he unofficially possees the Guinness world record in eye popping . You can use his service to promote your product, wishes to someone and for sure to scare some one. His videos would be upto 15 seconds. With an overall review number of 1350, he should be making a descent income through fiverr.

Doyley’s Eyepopping video services

10. Modelling

fiverr model

Did you ever think that models are too expensive? How about a model for your brand endorsement for just 5$? Ann, a model from poland offers her modelling services through fiverr. She will hold your sign/brand for just 5$. She can also be your bikini model for just 10$. Check Ann’s profile in fiverr, one of the best selling profiles in the modelling category.

Hope you enjoyed these top gigs in fiverr, do you have some gigs in fiverr? Do comment, lets promote them 🙂

Why Google Images is important in building traffic for your website?

Visual aids communicate much faster than the long written paragraphs. Pictorial representations helps you to understand a thing or idea in a much lesser time than reading the whole written content. We are living in a busy world. The more busy we gets the less time we do have. Here is where the relevance of google images seo becomes undeniable. Have a look at these 3 real world example where people prefer google images to web search or how google images becomes something more than just normal image search?.

Real world example 1 (Defining or Describing real world objects)

Just imagine that you are briefing “tiger” to a person who have not seen a tiger in his whole life. If you are trying to explain it to him verbally or through a written passage ,your task is a little bit tedious. You have to explain the color, height, features, build,length and all the other qualities of a tiger. Instead you are showing this image of tiger to him,


The amount of time which you did take to convince and convey would be exponentially less compared to a written content. This same idea is relevant to google images also. A user would get a more clear picture if he search in Google images for a tiger . This scenario do have its extensions to different kind of real world objects we come to encounter day by day (From personalities to cheap utilities like a safety pin ). For sure, searching in google images for safety pins will give you far more idea than  googling  “What is a safety Pin?” in google web search.

Real World Example 2 (Defining unknown words )

Assume that you doesn’t know the meaning of the word strangle. What you would do normally is refer an online dictionary.

Well, whats strangling?
It is ” To kill by squeezing the throat so as to choke or suffocate”
What if you did a google image search for the word strangle
That should give you the clear idea of the word strangling. Which one would be preferred ? Searching in dictionary, reading the whole sentence understanding its meaning or just seeing the image ? . Moreover something seen as an image are less prone to be forgot than read as a sentence.

Real world example 3 (Defining places and its importance in tourism)

Whats the importance of Google Images in Tourism

What would you be doing if your friend said about going a tour to  an unknown place ? Most probably you should follow this steps. Lets expand this scenario with the city Damascus.

You would,

  1. Search in google and find out more details about Damascus(most probably in wiki ) . Country, size, continent , expense and all the basic information.
  2. After that you would be excited to know how the place and its people look. Obviously you would search in google images  for Damascus.
  3. You found an interesting  place in Damascus (in google images)  expanding it and flowing into a website in order to read more information about that specific place and Damascus.

This is how google images is important in tourism. If you have website related to tourism, you should stress on optimizing results in Google images. No one would go to a place  without a clear idea of the place and its people (at least their physical appearance).

How can you optimize your images for better search results?

  • Use the alt tags – alt tags do have great relevance in image seo . Set it closer to your image.
     Smiley face
  • File name – Your file name shouldn’t be lengthy . It should be compact and search keyword focused. Many people just takes the photos and uploads it right as it is(like DSC5412.jpg). This takes you no where in Google images. You should rename it properly.
  • Caption –  Images should have proper caption , for instance if you are putting an image about a church in Damascus, your caption should be  like “St George Church in Damascus”.
  • File Size- Another important factor . Your image should be compact and web friendly . Uploading a 3-4 MB image will definitely keep your image out of Google images due to loading time issues. Compress your image and upload it.
  • File format – JPEG is very much appreciated as its the common standard.

Hope you enjoyed this observations about Google images seo . Do post  your observations and opinions as comments.