5 steps to write a brilliant blog post that save readers time and reduce the bounce rate


When you write blog posts, its important that you need to highlight what you are writing. Most of the readers don’t bother to read it completely, so what happens is skimming. Your blog post should be intelligent that the readers will get the essence of the post in minimum time. Have  a look at these simple techniques through which you can take your blog post to a different level.

# Step 1. Split your blog post into sections – Save readers time.

You need to split your blog post into sections, that readers can stress on the parts they are interested. For instance, imagine that you are going to write a movie review( say Fast and Furious 6). And you are writing all your views in one or two paragraphs, without headings or sub headings. If your reader is  interested in the performances of the actors in the movies only not about the story and other stuffs, why wasting  his time looking over the other contents. As far as a movie review is concerned you can split it into

  • Plot
  • Performances
  • Genre description (Action/Comedy/)
  • Theater response
  • Overall rating

You can use this theory for all your articles, ultimately its reader who is going to decide the popularity and success of your article, so give respect to his time. According to surveys, non sectioned content is one of the major reason for  increased bounce rate.

# Step 2. Divide your articles in sections, say ” 5 steps to achieve something “

This is not practical always, but if you are able to achieve this , your article will get in to another level. By this what I meant is, for instance, assume you are writing a tutorial of something. The major thoughts running inside the mind of a reader would be,

  • Would this article be useful, or will  I waste my time?
  • How long will it take to finish reading?

These will be the major thoughts in a readers mind . Here we are dealing with the second point. The reader need to know when he is going to finish the reading. If you split the tutorial into different steps the reader will get a clear cut idea about the time required to finish reading. For an 8 step tutorial, by reaching step 4, the reader comes to know that he’ve  reached almost half way. He can also skip some steps if he already knows about  it. Ultimately this also saves the reading time . Wikihow follows this steps strategy, which is very effective.

# Step 3. Use appropriate colors (don’t overdo this).

Using colors are really important. There is a scene in the Spielberg movie Schindler’s List, where the  kid walk through the dead bodies of Jews. Thats  the only colored scene in the movie, all the other scenes are in  black and white. No one will forget this scene if he’ve seen the movie. Its a perfect analogy for using colors in  blog post . Likewise If we use colors wisely , it would be very effective. You can use one color(may be red) for the points which you don’t want the reader to miss.

# Step 4. Use one or two images.

Using images are really important, this will make your article a little more fancy. It should be something which represent your article. In fact image will the be first thing the reader would be noticing in your article, So that’s something dealing with first impression of your article. Using a clean and apt image will boost the credibility of your blog post.

# Step 5. Use a brilliant and catchy title – Get the reader into the post

The title is from were a reader gets into your blog post. Title should be a perfect representation of your blog post in 10- 20 words. As an example,  consider two post titles .

  • a. Learn WordPress.
  • b. Learn WordPress in 2 hours.  

Which title is more catchy? I bet its the second one, its a kind of assurance which the writer is giving         to the reader , and if you are able to keep this word in your article you can really feel the difference.

Such kind of small changes will bring lots of differences to your blog post. Ultimately no bloggers would exist without a readers. Some may think that they would get traffic from Google anyway (they are well optimized ), but quality in your competitors article and increased bounce rate will bring you down ultimately. So its really important to focus on your article quality and user experience. This article follows all the 5 steps which I mentioned above, hope you enjoyed reading this, post your views as comments.

6 questions you need to ask yourself before launching a new product

Some times we get confused when we launch or brand a new product into the market. We may not know were to start or how we can market it effectively. Answering these 6 questions will help you to analyze where your product is currently and how to make the product into a successful one.

1. Who all needs your product?

You should have an idea about the market of your product, which category are supposed to buy your product? Whether its for middle class, upper- lower class or for everyone.  As an example BMW is certainly aimed on upper class while a tooth paste(colgate) is for all the classes. If you are dealing with the upper class you need to focus on the quality not its price. While with middle-lower class focus should be given on price(should be economical) without  losing its quality.

2.How much can you expand your business (Does it  have a local or global market)?

You should be aware of your product visibility. A tooth paste got a global market, its useful all over the world. While some products are confined to your local market. Having this idea will help you in your business expansion for future. Some business cannot grow beyond a limit(or market), if you are aware of  this visibility from the start of business, you can develop it in the right direction. A fat burner got not relevance in Somalia.

3. Do you have an attractive name for your product?

Your product as well as its name should be attractive, an awful name can spoil your product .The name Pepsi has been originated from the digesting enzyme pepsin, they were able to deliver a unique ,meaningful and catchy product name which stands as a key factor in the success of pepsi. In fact  naming a product is a zero investment thing, what you require is some vision and common sense.

4. Does your product looks attractive?

Looks do have high significance in all perspectives. Rubik cubes was a sensation in the mid of 1980’s not much less even  now. It stays as  the most  sold product of all time. Rubik’s cube is very eye catchy because of its colors,symmetry  and unique design. For sure, one will remember Rubik’s cube even if he is seeing it for the first time(or even in a glance). Well, the colors in Rubik’s Cube  (even though  purposeful ), it stood as one of the key factor in making Rubiks cube “one of  the worlds most sold product”. More than  40  crores or 400 million Rubik’s Cube has been sold till now.

Mario stands to be the most popular video game of all time. The character Mario was having a peculiar ,funny and friendly design (fat man with a pot belly and  mustache). His mission is to save the princess from the enemies, so he needs to be strong too(You will get such kind of feeling once you see Mario). Owing these aspects, its really important for your product to have a fantabulous design.

5.Who all are your competitors?

Every product got its competitors, more competitors means more competition and this in turn brings  good quality of the product in the market. You need to  make a list of the competitors in your field, make a case study of the market leader and answer these questions.

  • Whats the difference between your product and the market leader’s product? – You should make a chart of the major difference between your product and the market leaders product. Make a comparison chart of the price,quality,quantity,trend and other major factors which decides the success of your product. You can find where your product should improve.
  • What kind of advertisements are they using for their product? – Advertisement play a key role in developing your brand. You need to analyze the logo,website,brouchers and other promotional materials of your competitor. MC Donalds, Apple etc the best example for attractive logos. How much small are you, if you are able to deliver the best logo(when compared to your competitor(it doesn’t require much investment too)) . You may start some logo contests in Freelancer or Elance. An attractive logo will get some attention for your product in the market.  You can depend on televisions, newspapers, and Internet for advertisement and promotions of which Internet would be the cheapest. You should also have an attractive website for your product, check these articles about how you can take your business online. By using wordpress( buying one good wordpress theme) makes your tasks really easy.

   1.How to find a Good Domain name for your website?

2.How to host wordpress in your server?

.Also research over their business tagline and find out how effective it is.

6. How are you going to use your funds?

The nourishment of your bushiness depends on how wise you are going to use the fund (or capital) you got in hands. You should do lots of case studies with respect to your competitors and find out where you should spend the money. For example, if your competitor is spending lots of money in advertisement, you also may need to spend money on advertisement. But you should never ran out of money because you need to focus on other areas like Production and its quality. So use your capital wisely.

Answer all these questions and do a deep analysis, at least you would be able to get a vague idea of where you are in the industry currently or what you need to improve.

How to Add a MySql Database in your Hosting Account/Server

This article is a tutorial which teaches you how to add a mysql database in your hosting account. After reading this tutorial, you will learn how to add a new mysql database, how to add a new user to a particular database and how to edit database and users. To explain the process, I have used screenshots of the standard control panel used by hosting companies like Hostgator,Bluehost and many other thousands of hosting companies. So this tutorial also addresses how to add a mysql database in Hotgator,Bluehost and other hosting servers. You can use this tutorial as a reference to understand the core concepts of web hosting. Even if you use a different hosting company with a different control panel, this tutorial will help you to understand basics.

How to add a new Database

Adding a new database involves 3 steps. Creating a database name, creating a user for this database and creating a password for this user. You can do all this from the standard control panel of your hosting account. So as a first step, login to your control panel.

Step 1:- Find the section for “Databases” from your control panel home page. A screenshot is added below. From this section, click on the MySql Databases Icon.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 2:- A click on the “MySql Databases” icon will take you to a new page where you can create new databases or edit/delete existing databases. Now the first step is to give your new database a name. Under the section titled “create new database” – type in your name extension. From the screenshot you can see that I typed “characount” as the database name extension. So the actual name of new database will be “nahiomed_characount”. Now hit the button – “Create Database”.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 3:- Hitting the button will lead you to a success page, where it will show that a database named “nahiomed_characount” was successfully created. Refer screenshot below. Hit the “Go Back” button.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 4:- Now you will have to create a new user for this database. You can also use an existing username for this database (if you prefer that way). However its secure to create a new user for every new database as it enhances security of your data.So got to section titled “MySql users” and add the username extension, passwords & hit “Create User“. Refer screenshot below.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 5:- Hitting “Create User” should take you to a success page as shown below. Hit “Go Back”.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 6:- Append the newly created Database to the newly created User. Got to the section titled “Add user to Database“. Select the user & database name from drop down menus. Hit “Add” button. Refer screenshot below.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 7:- Finishing step 6 should take you to a page where you can set privileges for the newly added user in your new database. Privileges include permissions to read,write and execute in database. By default, you are supposed to select “All Privileges” for this user. Refer screenshot. Hit the “Make Changes” button.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 8:- Now you will be taken to a success page as shown below. Hit the “Go Back” button.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

Step 9:-  Okay! The process is over and you have now successfully created a new database in your server. Take note of the database name, database user and password. These 3 data will be required for installing any application on your server, say WordPress, Joomla or a shopping cart software like Magento. The newly added database can be seen under the section titled “Current Databases”. You can see the screenshot below.

How to add a new database in hosting account-Hostgator

If you have any doubts in this tutorial, please feel free to ask in comments. I will definitely help you out.

Tutorial for Installing WordPress on DreamHost Server

This article is a complete guide and tutorial for Installing WordPress on DreamHost server using their insanely simple “One Click Installation” service. DreamHost provides one click installation service for almost all popular open source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5,MediaWiki, PHPBb and many other open source applications. The highlight of this “one click installation” service is that you can install any software you like within 5 minutes and that too with minimal technical knowledge.

So in this tutorial, I have explained the process of installing WordPress on your DreamHost server with screenshots (taken using SnagIt screen grabber tool from TechSmith). So lets begin.

Note:- You are supposed to host a domain with DreamHost prior to installing any software on it. If you have not hosted your domain with dreamhost yet, please do so first. If you need help with this, you can refer this tutorial:- How to add/host a domain in DreamHost. The same rule is applicable for a sub domain too . You will have to host/add a sub domain in DreamHost prior to installing any software on the same. But if you are planning to install WordPress on the sub directory of an already hosted domain, then you can skip this step and move directly to installation Step 1.

Step 1:-  Log in to your DreamHost control Panel. Look at the sidebar and find link to “One Click Installs” under the section titled -> Goodies. Find the screenshot below.

Installing WordPress in DreamHost

Step 2:- Select the software you want to install. In our case WordPress. Refer screenshot.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 3:- Click on the “Custom Install” option.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 4:- A click on the “Custom Install” button will lead you to choose some options on the same popup screen. Refer the screenshot below. From the options, you have to choose the domain you want to install WordPress. If you want to install WordPress on a sub-directory of your domain, add the sub-directory name on the field next to your chosen domain name. If you want a new & unique database for your domain, select the option to “Automatically create database”. On the other hand if you prefer to share the database with some other WordPress installations on your server, then choose a database accordingly. The checkbox for “Delux Install” is for newbies who prefer to load the WordPress with a bundle of predefined themes & plugins chosen by DreamHost. I recommend you to not select this option as its wiser to install all the required plugins and themes manually. Finally hit the “Install it for me now” button.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 5:- If everything was perfect, then you will be redirected to a success page as shown below in screenshot. It will take around 10 minutes for DreamHost auto installer robot to finish the whole installation process. So you need to wait 10 minutes before moving to the next step.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 6:- This step is all about configuring your new wordpress installation. For doing this, load the domain name in your browser after 10 minutes. By this time you might have already received an E-mail from DreamHost detailing all the steps to do. Here is a screenshot of the E-mail.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 7:- Loading your domain name on browser will automatically redirect you to the final installation page.In our example, the URL www.characounter.com will get redirected to www.characounter.com/wp-admin/install.php – A screenshot of the final installation page is shown below. Here you can give your desired username, set passwords and set the desired E-mail. This username will be the administrator account for your WordPress dashboard. The E-mail you set for this username will be used for further communication like recovering your forgotten password. So be ready to double check everything. Finally hit the “Install WordPress” button.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

Step 8:- You will be taken a to a success page now, if everything was perfect. You can see a screenshot of the success page below. Now hit the “Log In” button where you can login to your WordPress dashboard as Administrator using the set username and password.

Tutorial to Install WordPress in DreamHost

This completes the installation of WordPress in your DreamHost server using the one click auto installer. You can manage everything from your WordPress dashboard now like adding new posts, pages, categories etc. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask in comments section.