How to Add a New Domain in your Web Hosting Account

This article is intended for beginners in blogging and for people who are building their first self hosted website. Purpose of this article is to help those newbies to add a new domain in their web hosting account from the control panel (CPanel). So lets begin.

A small introduction!

Whenever you buy a web hosting account from companies like HostGator or DreamHost, the first purchase always comes with an included domain name. For the first time purchase, usually all these companies provide basic domain setup for free of charge. This includes adding a domain, setting up a database, installing the preferred software like WordPress etc. But adding an additional domain to your hosting account must be fulfilled by yourself. Web hosting companies usually provide these extra services like adding a new domain by charging an additional fees. So this tutorial is for any one who is a beginner in web hosting world and would like to add a new domain to setup the website. And I assure you that it’s really easier than you thought!

Lets begin!

I used the standard Cpanel provided by HostGator as a reference to build screenshots and explain the process. I own two web hosting accounts – one with DreamHost and another Dedicated Server with Hostgator. DreamHost uses its own proprietary control panel and if you are a DreamHost owner, I have explained the process of adding a new domain with dreamhost as part of another article, which you can refer here:- How to add/modify name servers for your domain. On the other hand HostGator and many other thousands of hosting companies uses a standard control panel (Cpanel) which is provided by Cpanel.Net and you can see a live demo of the Cpanel. To make screenshots I used this Cpanel which will be useful to you even if you are not using a HostGator account. If your hosting company is also using this standard Cpanel, then things will be easier for you. However if you are having hosting account with a company which uses a different type of control panel, then you can understand the core concepts from this tutorial which will be independent of any type of hosting environment.

Steps to add a new domain in your web hosting account

Step 1:- Login to your Cpanel. A screenshot of the login page is shown below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Note:- Once you are logged in, the home page of your Cpanel will look like the screenshot below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Step 2:- Find the section to manage domains. In the standard Cpanel, the section to manage domains comes down the middle portion of the Cpanel home page. A screenshot of the section is shown below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Step 3:- To add a new domain, you will have to click the “Addon Domains“. This will take you to a new page where you can add details of your new domain. Refer the screenshot below. Add the domain name with extension (say .COM or .NET or what ever it is). You can set an FTP username and directory path. Usually these 2 fields for FTP username and directory path will get auto filled based on the domain name you enter. But you can edit the username and directory path based on your choices. I have shown this in another screenshot. Set your passwords and hit “Add Domain” button.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Note:- You can edit the FTP username and directory path. Refer the screenshot below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Step 4:- Upon hitting the “Add Domain” button, you will be taken to a success page. The success page will be displayed only if the domain addition has been successful. Else you will be presented with a respective failure message. A screenshot of the success page is shown below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Step 5:- If success page has been shown, then you have added a domain name successfully. Now hit the “Go Back” button. This will take you to the previous “Addon Domain” page. At the bottom side of this page, you will see your newly added domain. Screenshot is shown below. 

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Successfully adding a domain to your web hosting account is only one of the initial steps in setting up your new website. You will have to complete the following steps to finish the process of setting up your website completely.

1. Modify DNS of your domain in the domain registrar – If you have used a separate domain registrar like GoDaddy to register your domain name, then you have to modify the name server record of your domain from the domain administration page in your registrars account.

Six ways for a programmer to make money online

There are lots of sources in the internet for a programmer to make revenue. And its very interesting that most of these sources are capable in making a full time income for you. I’ve categorized all these sources to 6 types.


make money

How a programmer can make money from internet?

These are the major 6 methods through which you can make money online with your coding skills.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Start a personal website
  3. Develop games
  4. Build trendy applications
  5. Participate in programming contests
  6. Give advertisements in business listing directories

Type #1: Freelancing

There are lots of websites which provides freelancing, the deal is about selecting the best one from it. If you go over these websites you can find that lots of people depend on these ones for full time income.Some people shares lots of interesting reasons also to do freelancing, some of them are.

  • Flexible work schedule- Some like to work in the midnight , and freelancing makes this possible.
  • More money- Once you build good reputations you can earn much more money than an average pay from a firm.
  • Interest of work- Can work on areas of their expertise and interest.
  • Relation with the client- Can interact with the client directly and may be a long term work relationship.
  • You can work as you wish, if you don’t want to work just don’t work .

Freelancer is the most popular portal which allows you to bid on projects, there are lots of projects in freelancer. But as high as the projects, there are lots of bidders also which makes freelancer a tough platform to survive, but once you get good reviews its very easy to get projects.

First of all you need to sign up creating a profile, your profile should hold all your key skills. Your skill set numbers, as well as number of bids per day would be limited based on the plan you are taking.There are free and paid plans.

How can I get good reviews in freelancer?

Freelancer is all about reviews, you can bid on a project in the sellers section. When you find a project matching your skill set, you can place a bid on it for a price and a time frame to complete it. Once you complete the work, the customer can give you positive reviews based on your work and this reviews shows how trusty are you. More work quality gives you more positive reviews. You will be getting works based on your reviews.

Freelancer Contests

Freelancer have the contest section where you can participate in a contest, this is mainly aimed at designers (for logo ,banners etc) . You can enter a contest and submit and entry, you will get the prize money if you emerge out as the winner.


Freelancer also holds affiliate program, from which you can earn money, referring peoples to freelancer. Have a look the freeelancer affiliate section.

Apart from freelancer, there are other websites where you can do freelancing.

  • Odesk – One of the worlds most popular freelancing platform.
  • Elance – Elance is best for php freelancing.
  • Project4Hire
  • GetaCoder
  • ThemeForest – You can sell your web applications in themeforest and sell it in their market place. Best if you know WordPress.

You should also read – Six ways to make 5000 $ USD per month through blogging , where I’ve mentioned methods to earn money through your blog. It contains true income report of people who makes more than 75,000 USD per month from their blogs . Programmers can always start programming blogs ,go through the article if you want to make some money through blogging.

Type #2: Start a personal website

This is another way of making income online. You can share your programming ideas and tips through your website(may be in the blog section). The design should be very pleasing and what you share inside the website should reflect your identity and skills. In fact you are branding yourself. You will get lots of reach in between programmers and other people of common interest. Share your portfolios too inside the website. Reply to the comments and clarify the doubts of the visitors regularly. This kind of interactions makes you popular in the circle, and amount of trust rises day by day which brings you income and clients in many ways.

What all type of income can you generate?
  1. Online services- Once you’ve built your brand and trust, you will get works from clients online. And its very much different from the type 1( and others) where we are requesting the client for the work in a price set by him.Here,in fact , the ball is in your court and you can fix the price( which is a different scenario). Mkyong is a good example, you can hire them for java programming.
  2. Online Consultation You can provide online conference or consultations and charge rates on hour basis. Lots of people do this , Harsh Agarwal provides this type of consultation for WordPress.
  3. Google Adsense- Google adsense is one of the biggest sources of online income, deliver good quality content and you will get good click through rates.
  4. Advertisement- You can sell link or banners in your websites once you get some traffic.


How can you start your own personal programming blog(website)and make money from it?

Let’s have a look at the 3 major steps in starting your own blog

  1. Registering a domain (
  2. Signup for a hosting
  3. Installing WordPress

Interested in starting a new blog? I believe you are a programmer, starting a blog will be much easier for you. Most of these million dollar bloggers I’ve mentioned does have zero or very less technical background. Start a blog and share all your programming knowledge with the world. Once you have a good readership, you can make money from your blog(through advertising, affiliate marketing, contextual advertising(like Google adsense etc)).

I am recommending you to use bluehost(the most affordable hosting in 2016), click the below banner link to get a discount for your signup.

Through this bluehost signup you’ll be getting,

  1. A free domain(.com)
  2. Unlimited hosting space
  3. 1 Click WordPress install(Yes, you can setup your first WordPress blog in 5 minutes with bluehost)


Type #3: Develop games

Game developing is one of the areas were lots of programmers make some cash. If you have a taste and interest to it you can certainly make some income out of it.

  • Game development got lots of scopes, you can develop games and sell them in half especially xbox games.
  • You can can also develop android /ios games and sell in the market.
  • Fupa also provides great opportunity to sell your games online
  • FGL is another good portal through which you can make money developing games

Type #4: Build trendy applications

  • Build an application of your own(say a million dollar idea) and market it through different kinds of media, not only internet but also other media. You may need to wait a long period to generate some revenue out of it, but at the end of the day you will certainly earn some bucks out of it. It doesn’t matter whether your application gets popular or come out as a success. If its a good idea and have coded decently, you can sell your application for a good price. So ultimately you will be hard work will be rewarded.

You can make a great deal of money not only through building big mass applications but also through small modules or plugins . Especially WordPress plugins are of great demand, you can read my article on Making money with WordPress Plugins

Type #5: Participate in programming contests

There are websites which provide online contests, you can participate in these websites with your profile and make some easy money.Top Coder is such a website which offers online contests for programmers.

How does top coder work?

Topcoder is an online program where you can can compete with other members. The one who writes the best code emerges out as the winner. This also brings you good reach to big companies who are looking for talented coders. You can participate in the programming contests launched by them along with other members, and the interesting factor is that you can see the codes written by other members also (which shows us the different approaches to the same problem). So its a very good learning process too.

Add your college details also , so that it gets rated too . Here is list of top rated colleges in top coder.

This is what you need to participate in a contest in topcoder.

  • Download the topcoder arena.
  • Install it, login ,and select the room and SRM ( single Round Match).
  • After entering the match, another window will be opened with the question and you can type your code inside.
  • You can compile your code before submitting, and if its error free submit the code.
  • You may test the code by selecting the Run System Test option, so that you can re submit the code with some modifications .

Type #6: Give advertisements in business listing directories.

Well, even though you are not running any company or doing some big business , you can list your profile as “Php programmer or Java programmer ” or whatever so that you can get enquirers from clients for freelance works. Don’t forget to include your skills and demands also

You can advertise in

For sure you can make money through these methods I’ve mentioned ,but the range will depend on how wise you are going to utilize it. Good luck to all programmers who are trying to make some money online.


How to Change or Add Domain Name Servers (DNS) of your Domain

When ever you host a new domain/website in your web hosting account, you will be prompted with a message to set 2 or 3 specific name servers of the hosting server in your domain registrar account. In this article, I will explain how to set new name servers or change name servers for your domain. In my case, I use GoDaddy for registering domain names and DreamHost to host my domains. So I will explain through screenshots of Godaddy and DreamHost to help you understand the process bettter. If you are using a different domain registrar and web hosting company, then things may be a slight different but the concepts are same irrespective of the registrar and web hosting company.

What is a name server?

A name server resolves your domain name into respective IP address. If you are interested in knowing a little deeper about name servers and how it works, I recommend you to read this article from How Stuff Works.

Obtain the name servers

Name servers are unique to each web hosting company and a single company may have different sets of name servers for different accounts. The exact name server for your domain will be the one you get when you add the domain in your hosting account. So the first step is to add your domain in your hosting account. I will show the process of adding a domain in Dreamhost through screenshots. The domain is

How to Add a New Domain in DreamHost

Step 1:- Login to your web hosting account’s Control Panel.

Step 2:- Inside the control panel, you will find a section to “manage domains” and inside this section, you will find a link for “Add New Domain”. The screenshot of this page inside Dreamhost is shown below.

Adding a new domain name to your web hosting account

Step 3:- Click on the “Add New Domain” link. Type in your domain name with the extension (.COM or .NET or whatever it is). Append an FTP user to your domain. You will be able to access your domains files through this FTP user account later. You can set your directory path and other options like PHP5 or PHP4 and many optional features like auto installing Google Apps, setting domain level Google Analytics etc. When you have selected your options, finally hit the “Fully Host This Domain” at bottom portion of this page. The screenshot of this process is shown below.

Adding a new domain in web hosting account

Note:- Things may not be exactly the same with other web hosting companies as the interface they all use in Cpanel (control panel) may vary. DreamHost is pretty famous for its proprietary control panel with a very easy to understand and easy to use user interface. Their easy to use control panel is a primary reason that DreamHost is recommended for beginners in the online world & blogging. However companies like Hostgator and many other web hosting companies uses a standard control panel through out. Since this standard control panel is used by thousands of companies, a set of screenshots from this panel will be more than enough to explain the process of adding a new domain. I have written an article about adding a new domain to your web hosting account – in which I use screenshots of HostGator control panel. You can refer that article, if you are interested.

Step 4:- Once you hit the “fully host this domain” button, you will be taken to a success page in which it will say that you have added the domain successfully. In the same page name servers for the domain (usually same for a hosting account/company) will be displayed and you must note this. In the case of Dreamhost, I have added a screenshot below.

Name servers of a domain

So the name servers are NS1.DREAMHOST.COM, NS2.DREAMHOST.COM and NS3.DREAMHOST.COM. Usually 2 nameservers are enough for a domain.A 3rd name server is always optional but if you have one, I recommend you to add the third one too. Now you have to add these name servers to your particular domain name by getting into the domain administration page of your domain registrar. In my case, the domain is registered with GoDaddy. So you will see screenshots of GoDaddy domain management panel.

Changing Name Server of your Domain in GoDaddy

Step 1:– Go to your domain regsitrars website. Login into your account. Find the section to “Manage Domains” and select the domain in which you would like to add/change name servers.

In the case of GoDaddy, you have to login and find the link named “My Account” at the footer area of your GoDaddy Administration Home Page. From “My Account” move on to “Domains” and select the domain you want to modify. Now click on the “Launch” button shown next to the domain name.Refer the screenshot below.

Step 2:– Find an option or a link which will lead you to administration page of a particular domain. Usually this link can be found next to the respective domain name in the domain management panel.

GoDaddy Domain Management

In the case of GoDaddy – a click on “Launch” button will take you to the administration page for your domain name. From here you can manage many things like contact details, ownership details, set domain to auto renew, manage nameservers etc. To change your name server, click on the icon named “nameservers” and then from the 2 options, select “Set Nameservers“. You may see the screenshot for better understanding. 

Step 3:- Inside the domain administration page, find a link or an icon to manage name servers.


Step 4:-  Inside the name server management area, find an option to add name servers of a specific hosting company. Enter the name servers of your hosting account or the specific name servers for your domain name.

A click on set name servers will load a popup which has many options. You may see the screenshot below. From the options select – “I have specific name servers for my domains”. On selecting this option, you will see 4 text boxes where you can add the name servers one by one.Only 2 name servers are mandatory and the 3rd and 4th text boxes are optional. Make sure the name servers are correct and spell check them. Check for any typo errors too! If everything is fine, click the “OK” button. 

Changing name servers of a domain name

Upon clicking the “OK” button, you will see a success popup screen. It says it will take around 48 hours for the DNS to propagate completely. However considering its distributed nature, the DNS will get propagated within 2 to 3 hours usually. Screenshot of the success popup screen is shown below.


Okay! Now you have finished setting name servers for your domain name. Once the DNS propagates completely, your domain name will be served from the respective web hosting companies server (your server account in fact). If explained on basis of example, the domain name will be served from the server of Dreamhost. Whatever files I add on the directory for this particular domain on my dreamhost server will be served to any one who access the domain via a web browser. As of now I have not added any files or installed WordPress on this example domain. So Dreamhost serves its default page. The screenshot is shown below.

"Coming soon web page"

If you have any doubts regarding anything I explained here, please feel free to ask in comments section.

Google analytics ecommerce tracking – the best way to track your sales

Google analytics happens to be the best tool to track your websites traffic,sources and other data. But very little people know about their ecommerce tracking feature. Being an era of e-commerce, were all the people buy things online, this ecommerce tracking has got high relevance.

What is google analytics ecommerce tracking?

In a normal e-commerce website, a sale is recorded when a user buys a product (or a payment  transaction  is made with respect to the product) that is when the success response is obtained from the payment gateway. We can use google analytics to track this transaction and to integrate the sales to the google analytics account.  We can pass lots of parameters like, revenue,item name,item code,currency,category,quantity,shipping charges etc to Google analytics which will be recorded  in it.

Read – How to start an ecommerce website by yourself under 100$

How to set up ecommerce tracking for your website?

  1. You need to get into the profile of your website in google analytics, every website which you have added in GA should have a profile.
  2. Go to the admin section, click the admin button on top of your analytics account.
  3. Select the particular profile of your website which you are planning to track, and its profile settings.profle
  4. In the profile setting ,if you scroll down a little bit you  can see drop down which asks you whether your website is an eccomerce site? Select Yes an ecommerce site option from the drop down and apply it. By doing this you are telling GA that your website is an ecommerce website so that the ecommerce tracking feature should be enabled.
  5. Now if you go to your reporting and select the conversions tab (on the bottom left), and then select the ecommerce section, you can see the ecommerce tracking results.  This shows the amount of sales, quantity, total value of sales, detailed product wise performace, transactions, time etc. Or in short everything you need as  a tracking for an ecommerce website.

How to setup?

You need to paste the tracking codes given below on your success page after buying a product, or in the return url from the payment gateway. In short , it should be on a page where you can get the product details and a confirmation for the payment made.

You need to  load

ga('require', 'ecommerce', 'ecommerce.js');

You need to load this after you create your tracker object. “analytics.js” doest have this ecommerce tracking script, so you need to load this separately.

There are mainly two methods to achieve this tracking.

  1. addTransaction
  2. addItem

We can add the transaction data to the object using addTransaction method.

ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', {
  'id': '1111',                     // Transaction ID. Required.
  'affiliation': 'Clothing',   // Affiliation or store name.
  'revenue': '10.5',               // Grand Total.
  'shipping': '5',                  // Shipping.
  'tax': '1.29'                     // Tax.

Using the addItem method we can pass the product details to ga object.

ga('ecommerce:addItem', {
  'id': '1234',                     // Transaction ID. Required.
  'name': 'Adidas ax',    // Product name. Required.
  'sku': 'DD11',                 // SKU/code.
  'category': 'Mens clothing',         // Category or variation.
  'price': '10.5',                 // Unit price.
  'quantity': '1'                   // Quantity.

After loading data to the object, we need to pass these data to google analytics.


After sending the data to analytics, the object will get cleared for the new transaction, or you can clear it manually.


Putting it all together

The above given code loops through all the transaction details and product item data, converts them into required js format and sends to  Google analytics. Check the below screenshot of google analytics ecommerce tracking. It should look like this if everything goes good.

google analytics ecommerce tracking


Check for more reference
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, we love comments, please post your opinions and suggestions as comments 🙂 .