8 Legitimate Ways to Make Side Income from home

Close-up Of Happy Student Working On Laptop
Close-up Of Happy Student Working On Laptop

Every single financial blog says it over and over again: increasing your income is the best way to increase your wealth, and creating a second source of income (or several sources of income) is a great first step towards true financial freedom. There are literally thousands of ways you can make that side income, but there are just as many online scams making false promises. So how do you make a legitimate income on the side?

Well, here are 7 legitimate income earning ideas:

1. Test Websites

As online marketing becomes more and more important to businesses in all industries, more business owners are having their websites beta tested in much the same way their products are. You can sign up to become one of these website testers at UserTesting.com. Each test usually takes around 20 minutes and you can earn $10-15 per test.

2. Sell your photography

Do you have a massive collection of old photographs collecting virtual dust on your hard drive? If they’re high resolution images of interesting places or things, you can upload them to a site like iStockPhoto. You will then receive a small royalty every time one of your images is purchased. You’ll have to upload hundreds of good pictures to make a good second income but the income you do make will be entirely passive.

3. Participate in free trials

It might sound insane but there are many companies willing to give you a small amount of cash for participating in a free trial if you go through a site like Swagbucks. These are usually for subscription services as the companies expect you to become a long term customer. Remember to carefully note what date each offer expires so you don’t end up paying for it instead.

4. Review music

Slicethepie is a site where you can earn money for reviewing songs and albums by unsigned bands. You build reputation as you post more reviews. A better reputation means a higher pay rate for every review. You’ll never make a serious income from Slicethepie but you can fairly easily make a night out here and there—and have fun doing it.

If you are a singer and does have interest to make money online with your singing skills, check this tutorial about how singers can make money online.

5. Sell your old books

You’ll make the most money off of this if you have old textbooks you can sell, but you can make a profit selling pretty much any book on Amazon or Ebay. You can also write an ebook and make money online selling it.

6. Do paid surveys

Companies are always looking for more information to help them market their products properly and decide what to create next. There are quite a few different websites where you can earn some extra money (as much as $80 per month) from doing paid surveys such as Opinion Outpost and Ipsos i-Say. How much you can make depends on your demographic and which site you sign up for. You can make a solid $300-500 per month by signing up for several different survey sites.

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7. Network Marketing

Network marketing, otherwise known as MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, has proven itself to be a viable way to earn extra money from home. In short, you partner with an existing company that offers products or services that you are able to sell and make a commission on. You can also make money by introducing others into the business opportunity and when they sell the products or services, you also stand to make a commission on their sales volume. If this is of interest, a website such as NetworkMarketingWatch.com is a great place to search for suitable opportunities.

8. Become a virtual assistant

More and more companies are run entirely online. This means they need virtual assistants—people who can take phone calls, answer emails and do other administrative work remotely. You can find virtual assistant jobs on regular job boards or on sites for freelancers like Elance.

There are literally dozens of different ways to make money online. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a decent second income—or several new income sources—in no time at all.

8 ways you can make money online with videos

Cheerful guy taking photo with selfie stick on the background of city street
Cheerful guy taking photo with selfie stick on the background of city street

Thanks to ever increasing internet speed, bandwidth size and video quality, video is taking the world by storm. It’s become the single most popular form of content on the internet, a powerful force no marketing professional can ignore.

In some ways this makes it harder to earn money with video. After all, everyone’s doing it. Your video has to be something really special to stand out. But there are also many more opportunities to make money with video than there ever have been. If you’re smart and use several different strategies to monetize your videos you can make a decent income through online video.

Here are 8 ways you can make money with video:

1. Sell your video content as stock video

iStockPhoto recently launched iStockVideo, a site where you can sell your footage. Anyone who needs a little bit of extra footage can then pick it up. And you never know what kind of footage will be valuable until you try. As long as the video has good image resolution you should be able to sell it for a small fee. Fortunately, there are plenty of video cameras that shoot in high quality and don’t cost the earth. You can also sell your photography on their original website to make a little bit more money.

2. Add affiliate links to your videos

Do you review things in your videos? Show off tools you use to create various projects? Add links to your videos/video descriptions so you can make money when your viewers go to buy these items. There are thousands of affiliate programs you can join. Just remember to keep all your links directly relevant to your videos and don’t add too many links to any one video (more than one link every 1.5 minutes is obnoxious unless you’re doing a list).

If you are not sure about making money with Amazon affiliates, read this post about making money from your Amazon affiliate website .

3. Upload your video to an ad revenue sharing site

Revver.com is a video sharing website which allows you to earn some of the money from ads placed on your video. All you have to do is upload your video and share it all over the place. You’ll get paid a percentage of the ad revenue for every person who clicks on the ad at the end. YouTube does allow regular users to monetize videos as well but the algorithm isn’t nearly as friendly to the average user.

4. Use video to advertise your own products

Whether you make and sell a lot of handmade crafts on Etsy or you run a successful store (brick and mortar OR online) you can use videos to advertise your products. You can create something that looks like a typical commercial or videos explaining how to use your product/discussing how the product was made. You can even create a short film that includes shots of your products in use. The sky is the limit when it comes to marketing your own products with videos, but if you want people to subscribe to your video channel remember that you’ll have to keep ads to a minimum.

5. Pair your videos up with Google Adsense

If you can afford your own hosting and bandwidth for all the videos you create, post them on your personal website and set up Google Adsense on various pages. You aren’t going to make a lot of money this way unless your videos receive a huge amount of traffic, but it’s a great passive income stream. Vlogging as become a vary lucrative business for hundreds of vloggers around the world. Why not you?

Making money from your video blog using adsense is also super popular now a days. Read-  How to make money  from your blog .

6. Find sponsors

You know how TV stations have ads that say “This ad brought to you by” and then list a specific company or product? If your videos are awesome you can probably find companies willing to sponsor you in much the same way. You may also be able to negotiate contracts with various companies to earn money by placing their products in key spots throughout your videos. Setting up these sponsorship deals will only be possible once you’ve already developed a following. How big your following needs to be depends entirely on the company you approach.

7. Syndicate your video content

Are your videos going to be highly original content? If your videos are unique enough and focused on a specialized niche (or genre if they’re fiction) other websites might be willing to pay for the right to host them. This is another option that will be much easier once you’ve already developed a following but you might be able to do it with a particularly compelling first video that is obviously the beginning of a series.

8. Create video ads for businesses

Once you’ve gotten the hang of creating videos pursuing your own interests and advertising your own products you can start making videos for business owners. If you’re shooting real-life footage you’re going to need a camera that can shoot in high quality, but even those can be purchased from $1000-$2000. Given that you can easily charge $2,000+ for a well made video when you’re working with local businesses, the initial purchase price can be returned quickly. If you’re good at this, it can easily replace your full time job. Obviously larger businesses will be able to pay more but typically these businesses already have an established relationship with a large advertising firm.


These strategies aren’t going to instantly make you a lot of money, but if you insist on making only the highest quality videos and use more than one of the strategies above you can make a good second income or even replace your full time income with money made from online videos.

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Single Product WordPress Theme – Build Single Product Ecommerce Website for Branding

In this article, we present a curated list of single product WordPress theme collection which will help you to setup a single product ecommerce website. A single product ecommerce theme concentrates on the features of a particular product and acts as a promotional instrument for that product. Usually single product ecommerce website are setup to build a brand for the product and create awareness.

In this review let us focus on the following Single product WordPress themes.

  • Quark
  • Strollik
  • Nano-Music Player
  • Release
  • Gapura Single Property

Quark Single Product WordPress Theme: Highly Professional and Video aligned Theme.

Quark – has a very robust landing page and looks great in any device from phones to desktop. It facilitates selling a single product or a group of products with the help of Woocommerce plugin(the popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress). Quark helps the site owner to place demo videos throughout the theme. The theme supports embedding of Youtube or Vimeo videos directly to showcase product demos.


  • Built-in page builder to support page layout building on your choice and imagination.
  • WooCommerce – the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress.
  • Add-in screen shots – It is an excellent feature for product promotion.
  • Image Quality  – very high and is eye catching.
  • Responsive – Works perfectly in iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Columns – it supports up to 1/6.
  • Integrated Google maps
  • Exclusive Button options – Four different options ranging from large to mini buttons. Additional buttons can also be included.
  • Easier to create pricing tables.
  • Product Tour –  to easily showcase the product details for those who do not wish to look deep.
  • Exclusive News page – to publish recent posts and other updates.
  • Multiple Contact Forms to reach the seller.
  • Supports Google Fonts.
  • Live Customizing – helps the page admin to preview page while editing/creating a page.
  • Drop Down menus – to enhance user experience
  • Revolutionary sliders and Boxed layout are it’s another enchanting feature.
  • Quark is Plug-in friendly and SEO friendly.
  • It has an exclusive shopping cart page with product description, additional information and reviews about the product.
  • Sticky Header – The header can be fixed to the top of the browser to make it visible throughout down scrolling.
  • Footer – which supports up to 4 columns.
  • Translation ready  – supporting many languages.
  •  Retina Display – offered by Quark is aimed at high resolution displays.
  • One Click Demo Install enables to create websites in just few minutes, by importing the demo pages.


Overall, Quark is an awesome single product ecommerce theme with a wide range features. If something that is missing in Quark is some social media features and the background options. If you are looking for a highly professional single product wordpress theme, then Quark is a good choice!


Strollik Single product WordPress Theme: For a better view of the product in all angles.

Strollik – is winner of the “Most wanted single product WordPress theme contest”, by Envato.  This theme attracts customers with great presentation of the ‘features of the product‘ including its accessories. An option is provided to display 3600 view of the product. The message box given on the home page can be converted to an Email subscription element.


  • It is Fully responsive.
  • Provides eCommerce setup with WooCommerce plug-in.
  • There is a Built-in Page builder to build page layouts.
  • The pop-up Subcribers message box – can be used for Email list building
  • It displays vivid pictures with a good image quality.
  • It has 4+ columns.
  • Google maps facility is integrated in the Contact Us page.
  • Options for 3600 view of the product and also Grid/List view of product categories.
  • MyCart presents a lively graphical representation of the selected product going to the cart.
  • Having links to 6 social media icons.

Overall, the theme  is designed to explain features of the product in detail and to the core. Keep in mind that, not much importance is given to product videos like the Quark theme. However the 360 degree product image is an excellent option provided by the theme. We believe its a great theme with wide range of features! Go for it.

Nano-Music Player single product WP theme: For a livelier product displays!

It has a modern user interface and exclusive animation effects. The landing page is eye catching, supporting smooth animations of 60 frames per seconds. Authors have crafted this theme with brilliant usage of Sliders and scrolling effects.


  • The Contact Us page build using Contact Form-7 plugin and has an integrated Google maps
  • Blogs – has an outstanding design
  • It provides a variety of color options and supports Google Fonts.
  • Nano-Music Player theme offers Parallax Scrolling effects.
  • It has the Option panel built with Redux Framework and Metabox using the CMB
  • Like most WP themes, Nano-Music is also SEO friendly.
  • It supports Free Slider Revolution and Free Visual Composer as well.

Release eCommerce single product WP Theme: To post lovely Audios, videos and Images!

It is a fully responsive single product WordPress theme designed for bands and Musicians. With this, one can promote and sell their latest albums, discography, mixtape, etc. An exclusive image gallery  is provided with the theme.


  • It supports promotional videos for demo purposes.
  • Realease uses Layers WordPress and hence menus can be set up easily using drag and drop option.
  • WooCommerce – for ecommerce in WordPress
  • Web pages have single column display with a wider space for placing images.
  • Release supports all Twitter Bootstrap fonts with FontAwesome Ready.
  • Most Google Fonts are available.
  • Supports a variety of options such as Audio post, Video post and gallery post.
  • Free Bloat Theme option is available.

With enchanting features, it is a gift for music lovers. But when it comes to buying or converting an enquiry in to a sale, Release need few enhancements.

Gapura Single Property WordPress Theme: Natural and Realistic in presenting a Property.

Gapura with multi-pages version is very useful for Real Estate Companies or Personal real estate selling. The landing page looks awesome with a Header background image. EMI Calculator and Live Customizer is an added advantage for Gapura.


  • The Header supports both background image setup as well as Logo.
  • There is a Built-in video support for property demo.
  • Gapura has a Powerful Administration panel with extensive panel options, to build excellent pages.
  • It displays images with excellent quality.
  • It has 4+ column
  • There is an integrated Google maps facility in the Contact Us page.
  • Gapura has a variety of Button options
  • It has a very detailed Blogs page and Contact Us page and an amazing enquiry option in the home page itself.
  • Tour option is provided to showcase the property details.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Over 600 Google Fonts are included. User could use FontAwesome (supports twitter Bootstrap fonts) or Gapura Fonts (supports both Web standard fonts as well as Google fonts).
  • Live customizer enables live preview as and when the web pages are being created.
  • Gapura has Advanced Custom Fields Plug-in (ACF) to take full control of edit screens & custom field data, and MetaBox Plug-in (API) to customize the fields.
  • It is SEO friendly too.
  • There is an associated Show/Hide Page Title option and a sidebar to display widgets.
  • A calculator facility to estimate the monthly instalments and interest amounts.
  • It offers Retina support as well.
  • Gapura helps to create a single property website in just a few minutes.

Overall, the design is customizable, flexible and supports multiple pages. If Gapura needs an enhancement, then they should include a News page to inform about the latest happenings regarding the property area. Except that, it is a great theme to sell properties.

Moodle Premium Themes – Review of Top 10 Premium Moodle Templates

Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a platform between the educators and the learners with which anybody can easily create customized learning web portals. Most of the Moodle Premium Themes available in market are crafted on Bootstrap Framework.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework to develop websites. It is a free open source framework for faster and easier web development.  It has customizable built-in design templates which can be crafted into beautiful looking web pages.

In this article, let us review the pros and cons of different Moodle premium themes available in market. We have curated around 6+ premium moodle themes, which we believe are outstanding, unique, crafted with high programming standards and design.

Note:- Take a look at our review of Moodle Bootstrap Themes – in which we review the best and top Moodle themes crafted on Bootstrap framework.

#1 Edwiser RemUI Moodle Theme



RemUI is a latest moodle theme which do have lots of interesting features. The moodle user interface has been remodeled completely to have a classy new design. Some of the most interesting features of the RemUI moodle theme are

  • Custom layouts & simplified course navigation- This moodle theme do have lots of templates to optimize the view of the pages.
  • Mobile friendly out of the box – RemUI is not just mobile friendly , but compatible across multiple devices.
  • Personalised moodle theme –  RemUI comes up with options through which you can change the colors, upload logo etc . Simply saying, you can personalise your moodle.
  • Graphical Charts – This moodle theme have graphical charts other visual representations through which you can make your moodle more interactive.
  • Top notch Blog archive page
  • Home Page Slider
  • Translation ready
  • Fontawesome settings
  • RTL compatible
  • Mini-menubar

These unique features make RemUI another loved moodle theme. You can buy RemUI starting at $79 and $299 for Lifetime!

[dfbutton link=”http://goo.gl/ct25vN” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://goo.gl/ct25vN” text=”Download”]

#2 – Tikli – Simple and best choice among moodle premium themes!

Bootstrap Moodle Theme

Tikli theme is very simple to use as the placement of navigation panels, drop down menus to different courses, contacts, etc are more conventional like how we see in majority of the websites. This premium moodle theme has cross browser compatibility and it works perfectly on all browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. Theme also supports Moodle versions upto 3.0. It has an integrated Google maps facility too. There is a slider to display images from your own gallery. Each webpage can display a maximum of three columns. Also, it supports 4 social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It is very well optimized for tablets and mobile devices, as it is a necessity nowadays!  Yet another useful and interesting option is jQuery counter, with which the website can display active students count and many more.

Coming to its other side, it has only 5 colour scheme options, compared to other premium moodle themes which enable users to choose any from the colour panel. The header and footer options are very much limited too.

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/tikli-responsive-moodle-theme/full_screen_preview/13269094?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/tikli-responsive-moodle-theme/13269094?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

#3 – Roshni – modern, better headers and more social links!

Moodle Theme Bootstrap

Roshni can impress its customers with its varied header options. The customers can choose from three different available headers and any colour can be chosen from the color panel. The next awesome feature is that it has TinyMCE HTML editor to work on the HTML code. There are four pages with excellent background colour change options. Also, it provides two sliders to display images. The interesting part of Roshni is that it has ten social media icons, which is one of the greatest counts that any Moodle premium theme could offer! Like most other Moodle premium themes in market, it has a three column display and a higher resolution. It extends good cross browser compatibility as well.

Besides these advantages, there are few drawbacks with Roshni too! There is no jQuery counter and it can only work up to Moodle 2.9(expected update to Moodle 3.0 very soon).

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/roshni-moodle-theme/full_screen_preview/12777460?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/roshni-moodle-theme/12777460?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

#4 – Marble – column-wise display and a customized footer? Go for Marble

Moodle Premium Themes

Marble by presenting four columns display, is best suited for more information in a compact space. It offers a customized footer in which social media links of your choice can be placed. Besides providing varied colour options, it is compatible with Opera too. Marble is equipped with good background image settings as well. There are sliders for images and six different social media icons. Most importantly it has Hide Block Option, if the customer does not wish the main menu to occupy the space.

But the Hide Block Option can sometimes be a disadvantage too! If the user unknowingly clicks the Hide Block button, the main menu goes hidden. As the main menu lies pretty down the page, the user might not be aware that it is hidden! Also, the user has to scroll down every time to look for most required information such as Login, Site News and other links. Though Marble – the moodle premium theme looks awesome, there is no jQuery counter and has minimized header options.

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/marble-responsive-moodle-theme/full_screen_preview/10255159?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/marble-responsive-moodle-theme/10255159?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

#5 – Shiksha – newer theme with appealing Logo presentations and HTML editors!

Bootstrap Theme Moodle

Siksha is a premium moodle theme and its highlight is that it presents very clear introductory information with two levels of headers. One level of header is to place social media icons or to customize the site logo and another level for static or slider banner. There is a footer option too, to place contact details and other links. Shiksha has excellent cross browser compatibility and it is compatible with Moodle 2.9 and Bootstrap 2.3 as well. If the site owner can tailor HTML code, then Shiksha is the best choice, as it has two HTML editors – TinyMCE and Atto HTML. It provides a variety of color options and is integrated with Google maps too. Also, it has jQuery counter and is optimized for tablets and mobile devices.

The limitations of Shiksha are pretty much lower than the other Moodle premium themes. Like most premium Moodle themes, it does not have Hide Block option and has only three columns display.

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/shiksha-responsive-moodle-theme/full_screen_preview/14190489?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/shiksha-responsive-moodle-theme/14190489?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

#6 – Lambda – The best seller, with Image Carousels and Layout options 

Responsive Bootstrap Moodle Theme

Lambda – the best selling Moodle premium theme is easier to use with Full or Boxed layout options. More over the blocks can be placed at either left or right. Interestingly, along with sliders it has image carousels too. Besides enabling a variety of colour options, it displays calendar at the footer. It has amazing cross browser compatibility. It do supports Moodle 2.5 and upto higher version moodle 3.0 and Bootstrap 2.3 as well. It has four social media icons which can be placed in the Header or in the Footer or in any block regions.

Besides these advantages, Lambda has no jQuery counter option and has only three columns display. Also, there is no Hide Block option, though it supports different block layouts.

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/lambda-multi-purpose-responsive-bootstrap-theme/full_screen_preview/9693644?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/lambda-multi-purpose-responsive-bootstrap-theme/9693644?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

#7 – Academy – It is newer and Trendy!

Premium Moodle Themes collection

Academy supports four columns and presents more information compactly. It supports Moodle 3.0, Bootstrap 2.3 and it is compatible with the browser Opera as well. Another useful feature of Academy is that the HTML code is available for re-use, once the styles are setup. The slider here is placed well such that it does not occupy much space. The theme is equipped with Front page marketing spots and client marketing spots. There is a newsletter and subscription panel as well.

[dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/academy-learning-management-theme/full_screen_preview/4169073?ref=dollarfry” text=”Demo”] [dfbutton link=”http://themeforest.net/item/academy-learning-management-theme/4169073?ref=dollarfry” text=”Download”]

As the design is more compact, it might take a little time to identify specific information from the pages. Being a very newer theme, you can expect much updates and improvements to the theme in coming months.


Okay! We have reviewed the best premium Moodle themes available in market right now. We will add newer themes when we find them online. Take a look at our review of Top 10 Moodle Bootstrap Themes – in which we review Moodle premium themes crafted on Bootstrap framework.

Did we miss some moodle themes? Are there any free moodle themes that has premium quality? Do let us know