How Press Release is Used in Digital Marketing

Press Release – is an official statement from an organization or an individual released to media for publication and distribution. Well, that’s the definition of Press Release! In this article we are analyzing how press releases are used for digital marketing. Let’s first analyze how press releases work!

As we already told, press releases are an official communication (written or recorded) by an organization or an individual. In the print media, press releases are usually announced by calling an official press meeting; in the presence of media editors & journalists. The press release will then be submitted to all media contacts for publication. The journalists and editors who find the press release newsworthy will publish them and others usually ignore the release.

In the digital world too, press releases works in same fashion. Instead of calling a press meeting, press releases are usually emailed to the personal/official mail of online media journalists. Those journalists who find the press release useful to his readers will publish them. The difference between print media press release and online media press release is that we get a chance to embed our website’s link in online media press releases (as the content we distribute is in HTML format). When our press release gets published in hundreds of online media news websites, we get hundreds of genuine backlinks to our website (never mind they are do follow or no follow) through the link we embed in our press release content. In addition, we get lots of referral traffic to our website from the news websites who publish our press release. The net result is we invite attention to our website,business and our products using good press releases.

Let’s dig what we can achieve with a good press release:

  • Eyeballs – a lot of people will read about your company name, your product/service and your website.
  • Traffic – Not everyone will be interested in your company and its product/services. A few interested ones will click on your website link to know more about your business. These are prospects who might get converted as customers.
  • SEO Advantage-1 – Outgoing links from most of the news websites will be having a “no follow” tag. But a few of them might have “do follow” tag as well. This will give your website back link value.  Net result is that your website is going to get a boost in search engines.
  • SEO Advantage-2 – Even if the link rel tag is “no follow”, most of the search engines are going to count references to your website from other websites. This number of references from different news websites are surely going to add value to your websites domain authority.  This is definitely a positive signal for search engines.
  • SEO Advantage-3 – is through social shares! Number of social shares and traffic from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn etc are definitely a metric counted by search engines. Good press releases will get shared in social media. Since you have a link reference to your website in the press release content, a small percentage of these social traffic (traffic originating from social sources) will get directed to your website as well. This will result as a positive signal for search engines to boost your websites overall value in search engines.
  • Social Traffic – Good press releases will get lots of social shares through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and other social medias. Thus more people will see your products and services. In addition, social shares brings trust and authority to your products and services.

When to use Press Release for Digital Marketing ?

There are usually 2 instances in which press releases are used  – 1) is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 2) is for increasing visibility and get audience to your website

1) SEO Activities  – Press Releases are good for Search Engine Optimization activities. The first one being the articles/news releases will get ranked in search engines as most of the news websites are well established and hold high authority in search engines. These articles will rank high in search results and traffic will come to your website as a referral from the news websites through search engines. The second one being back links obtained from the news websites adding value to your websites link profile and your website getting boosted in search results.

You have to take caution while doing Press Release for SEO activities:

  • Don’t do Press Releases often – when you do for SEO purpose, release news only in a limited frequency. You can do a PR during the initial launch of a website, during a new product/service launch and during such relevant occasions.
  • Don’t embed keyword stuffed anchor texts – You have to keep in mind that Google tracks and punishes link building activities that attempts to take advantage of their ranking algorithm. Google takes manual actions against website which violates its link building policies. For Example:- We are a new Chicago Real Estate Agency, which focus on premium apartments and condos. We also focus on Rentals in Chicago for premium villas.  Embedding links like in the above statement can get you punished. Instead, embed links only 1 or 2 times in a press release. An ideal case is adding first link within the first 100 or 200 words and second link towards the end of release. Instead of using keyword stuffed anchor text, use natural word combinations. For example:- We are a new real estate agency based in Chicago known as RoseVil, and we focus on premium apartments and condos.

2) Increasing Visibility – when you do Press Release for increasing visibility and getting audience to your website, you can do it often. But make sure you add “no follow” tag to every link you embed in the press release.

Improve Search Rankings [SEO] by Updating the Blog Post or Article Regularly

There are a 1000+ things to take care of when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article, I am demonstrating a proven experiment which will definitely improve your search engine rankings. The idea I am proposing is that “Updating your blog posts or articles will improve your search engine rankings“. In addition, updating articles and blog posts will definitely increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) in Search Results Page.  So lets begin!

Lets start with screenshot of a Search Results Page. Please see the rectangle highlighted (in red color) portions in the screenshot.

SERP Results Page - Importance of Date in Search Results

You see dates right? So we can guess that dates has something to do with search rankings. For a blog post or an article, there are 2 dates that matter. First one is that date on which the article/blog post was published for first time. Second one being the date on which the blog post/article was last updated. Now we have to identify which date has importance and weight when it comes to search rankings. To find that, lets get inside Google Webmaster Tools. If you take a close observation inside “Structured Data” section (inside Search Appearance) of Webmaster Tools, you will see an interesting data. You may analyze the screenshot given below and see rectangles highlighted in blue color.

Structured Data in Webmaster Tools

You see 225 items with “missing updated” structural data. This actually is the date on which an article or blog post was last updated. So lets conclude that Google gives weight to a recently updated article than to an article of same content quality published long before. This means “last updated date” of an article has a higher weight as ranking signal compared to age of the article.

Lets put an analogy! Blogger A has published an article on “Make Money Programming” in 2014 January with a 1000 words content. Blogger B has published a 400 words article on same subject on same date. Now Blogger A left the article as such after publishing where as Blogger B kept updating it every 3 months. Lets say, Blogger B added 200 words of new content every 3 months for next 1 year. After 1 Year, Blogger B has updated the article 4 times and has 1200 words article in his blog. Now Google is going to take notice of this data (that Blogger B has updated his blog post 4 times and his last updated date) and weigh between Blogger A’s article and Blogger B’s article. In this comparison, Blogger B’s article will win the game and will be placed above Blogger A’s article in search results. I hope you got the idea clearly with this analogy!

Okay! Now lets get to our experiment with “last updated date”. I am using WordPress blogs as a case study for explaining this article. However you can implement the same technique in other platforms like Joomla, Concrete5 or in your custom CMS application. By default every WordPress blog post comes with published date just below post title. The date will be displayed following a text like “Published on” or “Posted on”. Please see the screenshot given below.

Date Setting in WordPress

This date is called using the_date() function of WordPress (which is infact a user defined function developed from date() function of PHP). We can change this to “Last updated date” by calling the_modified_date() function of WordPress instead of the_date(). This new function (the_modified_date) will print the date on which the blog post/article was last edited or updated.  Please see the screenshot below.

The Modified date Function WordPress

So we changed date display of DollarFry from publishing date to “last modified date” by calling the_modified_date() function of WordPress. This is the basic step.Unless we do this modification, Google won’t be able to fetch “updated date” from the blog post  or article page.  The experiment begins now!

We have published an article on How to Make Money with WordPress Plugins six months ago. We have not applied any SEO techniques other than getting the basic on page factors right. We did not build any links to this page as well. What we did, is we kept updating this article frequently by adding small snippets of useful content every month. We published it as a 1000 words content and in six months we updated it regularly that we have nearly a 2000 words article now. We achieved first page position in Google for keyword combinations of “Make Money WordPress Plugins” within six months.  Whoa! How good is that ? No back link building, no social media promotions, not much internal linking and the first page position with only regular content updating.

The Conclusion!

We know this is not a sound experiment in SEO. There are many other factors that influence this ranking like Domain Authority! But this certainly is a signal to the importance of updating blog posts regularly and getting the “Structured Data” in your webmaster tools error free. So to benefit from this SEO ranking signal from Google, you have to do 2 actions:

1) Implement Structural Data tags in your HTML perfectly for all pages and blog posts. You may read more about Structured Data to learn and implement the idea perfectly.

2) Update your blog posts (especially the one’s that deliver traffic and popular posts) regularly with useful content. Don’t just add content for the sake of increasing word counts. Add them for the user. Delete them for the user. In the end, user or your blog reader is your ultimate customer (not Google and its rankings). If the visitor is not spending time on your blog and closes it immediately, its another ranking signal and you will loose in that signal count. So update your blog posts to fine tune your content. If you don’t have anything to add that deliver value to readers, just keep the blog post as such and don’t update it. Remember this ranking signal is only one of the 1000+ other signals that Google count.



Top 10 money making bloggers/blogs and their online income reports


Blogging is a term that became popular in the early 2000s. In 2006, according to technorati, there were around 50 million blogs online. Bloggers started to make great deal of money from blogging , and many of those bloggers became full time bloggers. I’ve been blogging for 9 years (started my first blog in 2006 which was a celebrity/movie blog) and I should say the whole journey has been incredible.  Read my detailed article about six best methods to make $5,000 a month from your blog.

The advantage of blogging is that once you have built an established blog, you can consider it as an asset/ recurring source of income. You have the flexibility to blog in your preferred time schedule. You can take long vacations,have a day job,invest in other business etc. Yes, blogging gives you the freedom to do the things you love.

As I said, lots of full time bloggers out there make money from their blogs,


  • How much ?
  • Is that sufficient for you to quit your job ?
  • Can I rely on this income ?
  • What are their income sources ?

This post is not about the top money making blogs around the world. There are many super popular blogs whose income are not disclosed  anywhere. For example, HuffingtonPost is said to have an income of  $2,500,000 per month!! In this post, I am featuring the top 10 earning bloggers who publish their monthly income reports(detailing income sources). These figures are not just speculations, but based on real income reports which these bloggers publish regularly in their blogs.

Infographic – Top 10 money making bloggers(Based on real income reports).

We’ve created this infographic based on income reports and other data published  by these bloggers. Only the major summary has been included in this infographic, read below to know

  • How did they start blogging ?
  • How much do they earn?
  • What are their major revenue sources?

Top 10 money making bloggers

Embed this infographic in your website.

Feel free to share the infographic with the world, let everyone know the potential of blogging and  about these kickass bloggers(Click to select all). 

Lets have a detailed look at the infographic data,

#1: John Lee Dumas – $433,252 (Februay 2015)


Country : USA

Started on : September 2012

Monthly Income(Feb 2015) : $433,252 – Check John’s Income report for February 2015


John Lee Dumas publishes podcasts of entrepreneurs through his website, he also have a blog section through which he publishes his income reports.

How much money does he make?

His income for February 2015 was $433,252 ! Astonishing figures right? How does John make this much money? Lets have a look at John’s income sources.

  • Podcasters Paradise – 75 % of his income is from Podcasters paradise, where people can submit their podcast and make money from it.
  • WebinaronFire- 5% of his revenue is from WebinaronFire. Users conduct webinars here, which converts into business and profit.
  • Affiliates – He uses many affiliates (like Bluehost and all) in his websites and these affiliates contribute around 5-8% of his revenue. His revenue from Bluehost affiliates in january 2015 was around $5,200.

Brief History of John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneur On Fire(eofire)

John Dumas was never a technical person. After his graduation, he began to work with the US Army. He worked there for 7 years , after all he decided to find a job. John worked with Corporates, but gave up later on and started working in real estate in 2009. It was that time he started listening to entrepreneurial podcasts from  the internet. He fall in love with these pocasts, he also realized that there were no single platform over the internet that publishes podcasts in a regular fashion. And that’s how Entrepreneur On Fire was born in 2012 September. After all, he never had to look back. Now, after 2.5 years after the launch, John Lee Dumas stands as one of the most successful internet entrepreneur.

#2: Patt Flynn – $153,397.47(March 2015)

Patt Flynn
Patt Flynn

In position 2, it is Patt Flynn from Patt is one of the most popular name when it comes to blogging.

Country: USA

Blogger Since: February 2008

Monthly Income(March 2015):$153,397.47 – Check Patt’s income report for March 2015

Blogging Niche

Patt blogs mainly about niche blog development, Patt has shared his experiences and experiments in niche website development. He has written lots of articles  about

  • Discovering a niche.
  • Starting a blog/website.
  • Podcasts with internet entrepreneurs.
  • Starting a niche website.
  • Back link building strategies(old and new).

His 2 niche blogs SecurityGuardTrainingHQ and GreenexamAcademy  are the major contributors of his overall income.

How did he start blogging?

Patt started blogging in 2008. At that time, he was working full time as an architect . He attended a course for LEED AP exam, and came to know that there were no sources/guides/tutorials in the internet for LEED AP exam. This resulted in the formation of GreeExamAcademy(which was his first niche website/blog). Being a low competitive niche, the traffic as well as revenue began to rise immediately.

How much does Patt Flynn earn through blogging(Main Income Sources)?

In March 2015, Patt Flynn made an 153,397.47 online! The revenue Patt does makes through his blog is superficial.

Checkout his month by month earnings in the year 2015.

patt flynn smart passive income - income reports for year 2015
Patt Flynn – income reports for year 2015

His revenue graph has been increasing consistent year by year. Other major revenue sources of Patt are affiliates and Google adsense. Patt uses affiliate programs of Bluehost,shareasale,Commision Junction etc. Last month’s earning from Bluehost affiliates alone was $40,800. Patt is like a superstar celebrity in between bloggers, he has built his own brand and trust in niche blogging. Now he is continuing his experiments and adventures in the other niches.

Interested in starting and making money from your own blog ?

Making money from blogging is very much possible for you as well. You dont need to have any technical background, most of these bloggers I mentioned in this blogpost doesn’t have any technical background. Patt Flynn was an architect and John Lee Dumas was an Army man.

Which is that one area in which you have expertise or interest? Share your passion with the world as blog posts. Lindsay Ostrom, a teacher(mentioned below, number 5) had a passion for cooking , she started a cooking blog and is now earning more than $30,000 a month. You just need to find out your area of interest, whether it be cooking, sewing,singing,movies, dancing, fashion or whatever. Utilize this opportunity , start your own blog , build a brand and start earning money from your blog.

You might also be interested in reading – 21 sure bet blogging ideas of 2017 to make money online.

So what are the major 3 steps in starting your own blog?

  1. Registering a domain (
  2. Signup for a hosting
  3. Installing WordPress

If you want to start your own blog, you don’t need to learn rocket science. It is much easier than you think. Click the link given below to set up a blog. I am recommending you to use bluehost(the most affordable hosting in 2016), click the below banner link to get a discount for your signup.

Through this bluehost signup you’ll be getting,

  1. A free domain(.com)
  2. Unlimited hosting space
  3. 1 Click WordPress install(Yes, you can setup your first WordPress blog in 5 minutes with bluehost)

Setting up a blog in Bluehost is so easy ,you can even do it by yourself in 5 minutes using the one click blog install.

Click the link below to avail special discount price of $7.99$3.95(per month) exclusively for my readers.


#3: Dale Patridge – $49,738.71 (Sep 2014)

dale patridge

Country : USA

Monthly Income(September 2015) : $49,738.71 – Check Dale’s income report for September 2014.

Blogging Niche

Dale Patridge owns different online businesses, he is the founder of sevenly and another 6 other companies . He brand himself through and publishes his income reports over there . Dale basically blogs on positive living tips through his blog, he has written lots of articles in his blog which have helped many people to improvise their lives.

About Dale and his Entrepreneurship.

Dale is an expert in brand building through internet. He started his first company when he was a teenager. He is a massive speaker and you can hire him to speak at an event. He charges nearly $10,000 for a speak. Till 2014, he have launched 7 companies . Sevenly is the most popular one, it is an e-commerce website. Dale donates $7 to charity for every item purchased through sevenly. He did also launch another company recently which helps start up entrepreneurs to build and develop their own company.

How much does Dale Earn?

Dale has a traffic of around 25,000 unique visitors a day. He hasn’t disclosed his earnings from sevenly and other companies. In September 2014 , his overall earnings was $49,738.71 The majority of the earnings came from,

  • Google Adsense – $3,924.89
  • Speaking Engagements – $26,413.00
  • Corporate Business Consulting – $15,200.00

#4: Jeff and Mandy Rose – $29,572(March 2014)


Country : USA

Monthly Income(March 2014) :$29,572 – Check Jeff and Mandy’s income report for March 2014

They are a married couple with 3 kids, both husband and wife are kick ass bloggers and has established their own brands in blogging. Jeff blogs in Good Financial Cents – a finance management blog and Mandy through her House Of Rose Blog through which she blogs about motherhood and home decor.

Brief history about Jeff and Mandy

Jeff was an army man . The couple got married and Jeff spend first 17 months of their marriage in Baghdad serving his country. Later on , Jeff, being a certified financial planner, started blogging in Good Financial cents and Mandy in House of Rose Blog.

How much does this couple earn through blogging?

This is an old income report , they are not publishing their recent income reports . Anyhow, I am pretty confident that the revenue graph will be much higher right now . This income report is of March 2014. In march 2014, this couple earned $29,572 online. They are currently active in many other new online business ventures also.

What all contributed to this income

Jeff’s Blog Goodfinancialcents earned $9,389.58 (Majority of the revenue was from adsense,Adspeed and commission junction) Mandy’s Houseofroseblog brought in a total revenue of $1,821.57 They do have Niche websites(like Patt Flynn) and they all brought together a revenue of $14,552.91. Majority of the revenue came from Affiliates.

#5: Lindsay Ostrom – $26,245.58

lindsay ostrom

Number 5 is Lindsay Ostrom from USA who is a food blogger.

Country: USA

Blogger Since: July 2010

Monthly Income(Feb 2015) : $26,245.58(Feb 2015) – Check Lindsay’s income report for February 2015.

Blogging Niche

Pinchofyum is a food blog. Lindsay is a food enthusiast , she has a passion for cooking. Well, she is not a trained cook and doesn’t have any special expertise. She loves to cook and share the recipe with the world through her blog. As per Lindsay’s Google analytics reports, pinchofyum has more than 2 million unique visits a month .

How did Lindsay start blogging?

She was a teacher in elementary schools. She spent  5 years teaching during day time and blogging about food in night. But later on in June 2014, she turned into full time blogging. The first post in pinchofyum was on July 22, 2010 or lets assume that she has been blogging for 5 years.

How much money does Lindsay make?

Her income report(in February 2015) states that she earned $26,245.58. Lets have a look at the income breakdown.

  • $7,475.00 came from Bluehost Affiliates – She helps and motivates her readers to start their own food blog,they do sign up for Bluehost through her affiliate link and she gets the commission.
  • $6,600.00 from sponsored posts and speaking – Well, she have established her brand very much so that people do invite her to speak and requests for sponsored posts in her website.
  • $4,357.00 came from her e-book tasty food photography which she sells through her blog. This e-book helps people to take better food photos. Price of the e-book is $29 , which means around 140 -150 people bought the book in February 2015.

Apart from this, she along with her husband Bjork has started FoodBloggerPro which helps food enthusiasts all around the world to start a better food website/blog.

#6: Michelle – $23,758(Feb 2015)


Our number 6 is Michelle. Michelle blog on money management,savings and part time income through Making Sense Of Cents.

Country : USA

Monthly Income(Feb 2015) : $23,758 – Check Michelle’s Income report for February 2015.

Blogger Since : August 2011

Blogging Niche

Michelle blogs in personal finance and lifestyle Niche. She started blogging 4 years ago. Her first post in makinguseofcents is seen on August 10, 2011. Some of her popular articles includes saving money, making extra income,list of part time jobs one can try etc. She has been featured in different finance blogs like Yahoo Finance Blog,Mint etc.

How did she start blogging?

As like most of these succesful bloggers , she also started blogging in late 2011 for part time income, but it went top of all of her expectations. She made her first 100$ after 6 months of launch. After completing her double degrees in business(including masters) , she was in debt of $38,000 as student loans which she was able to pay off completely (all by herself).

How is her revenue model?

Michelle depends on various sources to achieve this income . Lets have a look at them,

  • Staff writing– She staff writes for various organizations, and a good share of the income came from staff writing.
  • Affiliates ($1,630)- As likes every one mentioned above, she also use the Bluehost affiliates and encourage her visitors to start their own website.
  • Social media management and Blog coaching($5,150) – She manages the social media of her clients and makes good income from it. Michelle also give blog coaching for various users/clients.
  • From other websites($5,428) – She has some other websites and earns from it too, mainly through adsense and advertising.

#7: Matthew Woodward – $20,963(Jan 2015)


Matthew Woodward blogs on , he uses his own name as the domain name. This is a perfect example of branding himself through his blog. Everyone getting into his blog come to know about him(even without visiting the about us page). This helps to improve his reach and build his brand among the visitors.

Country: UK

Monthly Income(Jan 2015) : $20,963 Matthew’s Income report for January 2015

Blogging Niche

Matthew blogs on traffic building, seo and SMO techniques. His link building strategies and conversion rate optimizations have attracted lots of readers and followers. The blog did win a number of awards. As far as the visitors are concerned, Matthew doesn’t have that huge traffic , but the conversion rate is really high . His traffic for January was around 54K or around 1800 visitors per day.

How did Mathew start blogging?

Matthew is a 28 year old guy from North West UK.  Being a game enthusiast, he started his online career at the age of 13, writing game reviews for a website. Later on he changed his passion into SEO and internet marketing and started sharing his experiments and experience with the world through his own blog.

How much does Matthew earn through his blog?

Matthew has published income reports from 2012, if you go and check his income report archives , you can find that by the end of 2012 he was earning around $6K -$7K which multiplied and reached $20,963 in January 2015. Mathew uses number of affiliates and the majority of earnings comes through affiliates. As per the January 2015 income report, he used around 53 affiliates and earned $14,601.72 from all of them collectively.

#8: Deby Coles – $18,376.70(Jan 2015)

deby coles

Rank number 8 goes to Deby Coles, another lady blogger from UK. Well, Deby’s story is very interesting! ,read below.

Country: UK

Monthly Income(Jan 2015) : $18,376.70Deby’s Income report in January 2015.

Blogger Since : November 2012

How did Deby get into blogging?

Deby is a British born now living in Cayman Islands. She had a brain injury in June 2012 and surprisingly after the injury, she got an urge to sew! She borrowed a sewing machine, started sewing and began sharing her sewing experiences with the world. That was how her blog so-sew-easy was born. In this sewing blog, she posted an article about blogging and monetizing a blog and it received immense responses. Owing this response, she started her second blog moms make money where she writes blogging and make money online tips.

How much money and what are the income sources?

The earning for January 2015 was $18,376.70 . Majority of the income came from affiliates and Adsense.

  • Share a sale affiliate– Deby earned $11,541.73 through shareasale affiliates.
  • Google adsense– The google adsense earnings was around $1,075.39 .
  • Selling sewing patterns – She sells sewing patterns through craftsy and this earned $2,452.80 in total.

Her income in December 2014 was $15,544.80, this steady growth in income makes Deby another popular blogger in the blogosphere.

Traffic details

As per her reports, the sewing blog does have around 20K visits per day, the second blog does have around 300-400 a day. Deby’s growth in traffic was really remarkable, her traffic increased to three times compared 1 year back. In December 2013, she was only having around 6,000 unique visits a day.

#9: Regina Anaejionu – $16,000(Feb 2015)


Regina is a British Blogger who blogs in She is a blogger who create contents for creative business people and other bloggers. Her articles are basically about business developments. She makes money writing content.
Are you interested in making money writing content( like Regina)? check- Market Places for content writers to make money online
She has written a bunch of articles in different reputed platforms like Entrepreneur, Chron, USAToday etc. This strong content writing background attracted visitors to her blog .

Country :UK

Monthly Income(Feb 2015) : $16,000Regina’s Income report for February 2015

Blogger Since: November 2012

Blogging Niche

Her posts are mainly about starting a business, blogging, building traffic to your blog or business etc. Her posts help her readers in marketing a business, getting clients etc.

Major income sources

  • Writing and Selling ebooks – She has written some ebooks, one of her popular e-book is Traffic generation through social media. A good percent of her revenue comes selling this ebook. She also has setup a store in etsy to sell her ebooks.
  • Affiliates – She uses affiliates like bluehost, Amazon associates etc. She has set a page to showcase different online tools in order to promote or develop a website/business/blog. Many of the links are affiliate links through which she earns commissions on sign ups.
  • Online classes and consultation – This sums up to $1,000 + every month.

Traffic details

Her Google Analytics record for January 2015 shows that the traffic is about 3,500 unique visits per day.

#10: Harsh Agrawal – $15,000(March 2015)


Harsh Agrawal is an Indian blogger based in Delhi. He launched his blog shoutmeloud as a tech blog in December 2008.

Country : India

Monthly Income(March 2015) : $15,000Harsh’s Income report for March 2015

Blogger Since: December 2008

Blogging Niche

Harsh blogs mainly about online marketing,make money online, blogging tips,seo tips niche. He do have a readership of 453,000+ all around the world.

Traffic of shoutmeloud

According to google analytics , shoutmeloud receives a traffic of around 13,000 unique visits and 21,000 page views a day.

How did Harsh start blogging?

Harsh is an Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. After his engineering, he was placed in MNC’s like Accenture , but decided to follow his passion to become a professional blogger. As said before, Harsh started blogging through ShoutmeLoud in December 2008. He started it as a tech blog to make income from Google Adsense. After 6 years of blogging, shoutmeloud stands as one of the most popular blogs in India(Indian Alexa traffic rank of 203). Harsh is a real inspiration for Indian bloggers. Read – Most favorite make money online methods in India

Earnings and Income breakdown

Harsh’s earnings in March 2015 was $15,000 of which the main contributions were from services,consultations,affiliates and sponsored posts. Lets have a look at his major revenue sources.

  • Services – He offers services(WordPress theme development and customization) as well as consultations. He earned $716 from theme customization and $1,147 from blog consultation.
  • Sponsored posts – Sponsored posts in shotmeloud added a $2006 to the total revenue.
  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing contributed $5886.93 to the total revenue, Harsh uses affiliates like Siteground,hostgator,elegant themes etc.
  • Adsense – The earnings from adsense was just around $593 (3-4%) and it was mainly from his other niche sites. He doesn’t use adsense in shoutmeloud anymore . Depending on adsense alone is risky, the good thing here is that Harsh still have 97% percent of his income even if he gets banned from adsense .

Conclusions(9 Lessons learned from income reports of these 10 bloggers)

Lesson 1 – Major share of the income comes from affiliates

Patt Flynn earned $75,750.00 from Bluehost affiliates(in march 2015) this constituted 50% of his overall revenue. Like wise for Jeff and Mandy, more than $15,000 came from affiliates, which also would be more than 50% of the total revenue.

Lesson 2 – Adsense’s share of the total revenue is less

Did you assume that adsense is the only monetization method possible for your blog? Did you think that other monetization methods apart from adsense wont work? I am asking this because I had similar thoughts when I started blogging in 2006. For Patt Flynn, of the total revenue earned in March (153,397.47), adsense’s share was just 3,300$ . Well, how much is that? JUST 2 PERCENT!! Let’s have a look at the ADSENSE’s SHARE of the total revenue(in percent) for some of these bloggers

Patt Flynn(SmartPassiveIncome) – 2%

Jeff and Mandy – 5%

Dale Patridge – 7.8%

Lindsay Ostrom(PinchOfYum) -4.5%

Michelle(MakingSenseOfCents)- 5-7%

Matthew Woodward- 0% Deby Coles(So-Sew-Easy) – 5.8%

Harsh Agrawal(ShoutMeLoud)- 3.8%

Lesson 3 – Blogging success takes time

Most of the bloggers listed here are being blogging at least for 3-4 years. Patt Flynn is being blogging for 8 years while Deby Coles started her blog on September 2012(3+years). Or in other words, all these bloggers have a minimum blogging experience of 3+ years. Yes, time is a big factor but it is also about implementing things properly.

Why time is a big factor?

  • You need to get backlinks – Getting natural backlinks takes time. It is an accumulation process. Assume that some person linked to you, all his readers will see your link and they might also link to you. The whole process takes time and like wine it get better with age.
  • You need to build your brand.
  • You need to prove the authority of your website – According to the latest studies, Google likes authority sites(sites that have standards and trust of users), and age is a factor through which Google determine authority

Lesson 4 – Building your brand

All these bloggers have built their brand . Adsense is the easiest method to monetize your website , you don’t need to worry much about the conversion rate and signups. You just need to place the ads properly and you’ll be rewarded with clicks and money. As per the Adsense earning data I showed you above, it is clear that you can’t touch this exciting figures depending on adsense alone(0-7%). You need to depend on affiliates and own products, and with out building your brand this wont work. Your users buy your e-book if they find you trusty and identify you as a brand. Right?

Lesson 5 –  7 out of these 10 people were not techies(or where working in other areas(not related to internet))

This is a motivating factor for non technical persons over here looking to earn money from internet. John Lee Dumas and Jeff Rose were Army men. Patt Flynn was an Architect. Lindsay was an elementary school teacher. In fact, starting a website/blog can’t be that hard or expensive as many people think.

Check out my detailed post about Cheapest ways to start a website/blog .

All these bloggers started the right thing at the right time and approached their blogs professionally or in other words, they were the best in their niche. So, that’s how a newbie blogger can succeed. Pick the right niche that suits you (somewhere you have interest/passion and not much competition) and be the best in that niche.

Lesson 6 – All these bloggers had steady income growth 

In other words, their latest income report would(might) be their record high. Check out Patt Flynn’s earning summary since hes started blogging ,

    • October 2008 – $7,906.55
    • October 2009 – $8,661.78
    • October 2010 – $17,905.88
    • October 2011 – $38,612.90
    • October 2012 – $47,848.18
    • October 2013 – $53,774.47
    • October 2014 – $77,885.54
    • March 2015 – $152,397.47

Check out the earning graphs plotted for Patt Flynn and Lindsay(pinchofyum).

Patt Flynn(Smart Passive Income)

Patt Flynn

Lindsay Ostrom (Pinch Of Yum)

Lindsay Ostrom

All these bloggers’s income graphs are very much similar to this . The monthly income improves steadily (mainly because of the time factor which we discussed above).

What can we summarize from these earning graphs?


Income from a blog is like wine which gets better with age.

You may have to struggle in the beginning , but ultimately if your content is worthy; you will be rewarded for it. Blogging is no gambling, you can trust this revenue .

Lesson 7 – Unleash your identity

During 2005 -2006 when I started blogging, there were lots of bloggers who used to keep a low profile about themselves in their blog. They didn’t use to write a detailed about page, put their photos, some bloggers didn’t even want to disclose their name! These bloggers were earning from their blog too. Keeping low profile didn’t matter much during that time, but it is not like that now. All these successful bloggers has clearly exposed their identities . There are many reasons,

  1. Google Authorship – Google started giving good rankings to blogs that used Google Authorship. Google Authorship is the method of linking your blog with your Google Plus Account. Check how to claim your content with Google Authorship in your Blog. Google authorship forced(motivated) bloggers to reveal their social profile.
  2.  Non adsense revenue sources – In 2005,6,7 , 70-90 percent of a bloggers income was from Google adsense alone. Many bloggers were not worried about selling digital products or using affiliates. Things changed drastically now, many bloggers are thinking about what product they can sell through their blog even before they start the blog!  Well, who will buy a book(e-book) if authors identity is not revealed.
  3.  Importance of building an email list – Email list of readers is really important in brand building and getting more direct traffic. People who are willing to give you their email must be users who found you worthy. According to data, bloggers who disclosed their identity got good sign ups to their email list.

All these factors prompted bloggers to write a detailed about us page and to get more personal with the readers.
Be transparent to your readers. Disclose your story, background, interests and experiences with your readers. This is really important in building the TRUST FACTOR in between your readers.

Lesson 8 – Build your email list

It is really important to build your email list, most of these bloggers use popups, sidebar widgets, banners, sliders, page takeovers etc to collect the emails of readers. Most of them gives a free e-book on signup and this motivates the reader to signup in the list. Once you launch your own product(ebook or whatever) , email marketing will be the most effective strategy. Collecting emails will also help you to get direct traffic to your blog.

Lesson 9 – Launch your own product

At some point, think about launching your own product(better if from the beginning). For instance, if you are a food blogger, write and sell an ebook about food.

Read- How to make money selling your ebook

If you are a tech/seo blogger, launch some premium tech/seo tools . That is how you can take your blog into another level and improve your earnings.

Hope you enjoyed the infographic, data about the top 10 money making bloggers and the 9 lessons which we need to follow from their income reports to be successful in blogging.

Did I miss something?

What do you think about these income figures?

How much do you earn from your blog?

Post your opinions as comments.

How to make money online in India? – 7 popular methods

make money online india


How to make money online in India ? Making money online is very much popular in India. Lots of people live with that money earned online. So what all are the most popular make money online methods in India? lets have a look at the most popular 7 methods through which you can make money online in India.

Method #1 – Content Writing

Content writing is India’s most favorite make money online method. Lots of people live full writing contents in different platforms.

What are the major qualities required for a content writing job?

  • Good English
  • Good typing skills.
  • Good content research skills.

So what all are the best content writing platforms in the industry? Lets have a look.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the biggest service providing platforms in the world. Employer do post content writing jobs and the service providers can bid for the job. Checkout the content writing section in Freelancer and apply for a content writing job.

2. Elance

In India, Elance is as popular as Freelancer. Many freelancers makes full time living through content writing from Elance.


Another service providing platform with same ideology. Have a look at the Odesk Content writing section

4. About

About is one the leading platform which provides detailed information about any subject. If you are well versed in a subject, you can apply for a writer .They pay a flat fee of 25$ for 500 words, the payment may increase depending upon your article quality.
You need to take an initial test and if you pass, you can start submitting article and earn money from About.


Scripted is another service providing platform like Elance ,but focusing only on content writers . Bloggers who need articles can purchase directly from Scripted. You need to pass an English proficiency test in Scripted in order to provide articles.

6. Listverse

Listverse accepts interesting lists about anything(mainly top 10 list) . They pays $100 straight if they accept the article. There are some criteria with which they accept articles, lets have a look

  • Article should contain 1500 words minimum.
  • The list should contain a minimum of 10 items.
  • The topic should be unique(it shouldn’t be found in the internet) and interesting for the readers.
  • Mystery,Entertainment lists are more likely to be accepted.

Writing an ebook
If you are confident enough with your content writing skills, try writing an ebook. It is a much profitable strategy. Check our detailed article about making money writing and selling your ebook

Method #2 – Selling in the popular ecommerce market places in India

As you may know Flipkart, Amazon,Snapdeal are worth billions of dollars, billion dollar sales are happening through these ecommerce portals. You can take the advantage of this by registering as seller in these portals, the formalities are not that complicated.

You need to submit the tin number of your firm to register as a seller in these market places. Once they approve you as a seller, you can start adding inventories in your sellers dashboard. You have to submit details of your product, volumetric weight(a measure based on length,height and weight of the product) and clean good looking photos made up in white background. The marketplace team will verify your product and once they approve your product, it will be available to buy in the market place. The market place takes a small commission as their marketing fee, rest of the amount will be credited to your bank account.

What are the popular market places in India

1. Flipkart

flipkart logo

Flipkart is the most popular ecommerce site in India, it ranks number 5 in the world’s top 10 ecommerce websites. Through registering as a seller in flipkart you can reach more than 4.5 Crore customers. Selling in flipkart is one of the most prefered make money onine method in India, you can read the success stories of different sellers in flipkart.

Register as as a seller in Flipkart

2. Snapdeal

snapdeal logo

Snapdeal is 6th most popular ecommerce website in world. Snapdeal , they usually takes 14% of the product price as marketing fees. They also have the dropshipping option, which makes your logistics super easy. In the dropship option you don’t need to worry about logistics. Snapdeal have already tied up with major logistic partners in India(Bluedart,DTDC etc). You need to register your pincode before being a seller and snapdeal picks the right logistic partner for you. Once you get an order, initiate the courier team about your order(through the snapdeal seller portal). The logistic team will come to your home/office and will collect the order and deliver it. What you need to do is to pack the shipment properly before the logistic guy comes to collect the order. Once the customer receive the shipment and after the formalities, money will be credited to your account excluding the snapdeal marketing fees and the logistic costs.

In snapdeal dropship option, you have to set the logistic price along with the price you set for the product. For instance, assume you need to get 450 Rs for a product. If your logistic cost is 80 Rs and the Snapdeal cut is 50 Rs, you have to set the MRP as 580 RS.

Register as a seller in Snapdeal

3. Amazon
amazon logo
Amazon India is another highly popular ecommerce market place in India. The advantage of selling in amazon is the less marketing fees taken by amazon. It is just 10% of the MRP , while it is 14% in snapdeal. Another difference from snapdeal is that you can organize your own courier partner. This makes it easier for you to operate even in remote areas , while in snapdeal you need to make sure that the proposed logistic partner is available in your area(or else you won’t be able to be a seller).

Register as a seller in Amazon

Method #3 – Blogging

Blogging is one of the most  popular and favorite ways to make an online income. The most important thing with blogging is about building traffic into it. There are lots of methods through which you can bring traffic and revenue to your blog(Check the blogging section in dollarfry).Lets have a look at some of the most successful bloggers in India.

Successful Indian bloggers

1. Harsh Agrawal


Harsh Agrawal is one of the most popular tech blogger in India. Harsh writes technical articles, mainly website/WordPress tutorials and make money online methods . His blog shoutmeloud does have more than 4 Lakh readers world wide. He started blogging in 2008 and is now living full time blogging.

How much does Harsh makes from his blog?

Harsh publishes income reports through his blog, his last months(February 2015) earnings was around $12K around(7.2 Lakh Indian Rupee). In January 2015 it was around $10K(6 Lakh Indian Rupee). Check out his income report for feburary 2015.

His blog does have good traffic(approximately around 10k-12K unique Visits per day). He converts this traffic into money, traffic is the one and only key to make money through blogging. Majority of the revenue are from Affiliates.

Average Income per month:  Around $10,000

2. Amit Aggarwal

amit agarwal

Amit Aggarwal blogs on labnol(Digital Inspiration). He mainly writes technical articles like tweaks and tips in the IT industry(Internet/software), he is one of those early bloggers in India. He used to write articles in the blogger platform. Labnol was a blogspot blog, later he took an independent domain to post articles in it. Amit does have a huge amount of traffic to his blog. His main revenue sources are Adsense, Paid Advertisement& Affiliate Income etc.

Average Income per month:  Around $20,000

There are lots of other Indian bloggers who makes full time living with their blog, I’ll make it another detailed post.

Check my post about making $5,000 a month from blogging.

Method #4 – Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular online service business in India. You can upload a gig or service in fiverr for 5 $(you can add additional services and charge more). The base price of fiverr should be 5$. People who are interested in your service can buy it for $5.

For example,Spicygina an Indian lady, offering video testimonials in English,Hindi or Bengali have made up more than 250 videos for her customers. You can hire her service for 5$.Write her the content of the video testimonial and she will be sending the you the HD video testimonial in 9 hours.
Have a look at my detailed article aboutBest Selling fiverr gigs.

Some of the major categories of 5$ services in fiverr are

  • Creating a video testimonial for $5
  • Creating a Logo/Design for 5$
  • Singing the requested song for 5$
  • Drawing a cartoon for 5$

Method #5 – YouTube

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in India. Lots of Indian Video uploaders earn good money through their YouTube Channel/Video. Generally people make money via YouTube with their unique skills. Lets have a look at some Indian individuals who make great deal of money through their YouTube channel.

  • Shraddha Sharma  is an Indian singer, she uploads her self made singing videos in YouTube and gets views for it.This views are converted into money through YouTube partner program. Many of her videos does have more than 2 lakh views . Have a look at Shraddha’s Video Channel
  • Shruti Arjun Anand mainly provides make up tips for women through her YouTube video channel. More than 1.4 Lakh people have subscribed to her channel.As I said the more viewers and views, the more money she gets.
  • All India Bakchod(AIB) is one of the most popular YoutTube channels in India. It does have lakhs of views. The AIB Roast show with Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh was very much controversial. So how does AIB earns money through their YouTube videos?
Shraddha Sharma YouTube channel
Shraddha Sharma YouTube channel

How can you make money with your YouTube videos?

  1. Through the YouTube Partner Program, you can create a partner account and YouTube will place advertisements in between/starting of your video and you’ll get paid for posting these advertisements in your video
  2. Building your brand- The AIB has built their brand through the YouTube videos,now they sell their merchandise online and their fans are rushing to buy them. Well, to make money through this method ,you need to be solid on your brand.

Lots of foreign YouTube channels make more than $2,000 per day from their videos(millions of views). I’ll make it another post.

Method #6 – Data Entry

Data entry jobs are super popular in India. The biggest problem with a data entry job is to find a legitimate one, most of the data entry jobs found over the internet are scams. Who all are the legitimate data entry job providers? Who all are the popular names in the data entry industry? Lets have a look.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer does have lots of data entry and data processing jobs . Data processing is much more interesting and easier job compared to Data Entry. The average payment for data entry jobs are around $100.

Some of the data entry/processing jobs seen in freelancer are

  • Copying content from one website to another – $45
  • Finding name and email of 240 corporate restaurants –$125
  • Translate from English to arabic – $18

2. Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee is another legitimate online data entry job provider. They do have an evaluation test to check your skills in data entry.

Some of the major things you need to know while working  with Virtual bee are.

  • You don’t need any experience in data entry, but need to pass the evaluation test.
  • The payment scale is not that big.
  • The jobs provided by Virtualbee are fun to do.
  • The minimum amount for the payment to be done is 30$
  • The minimum age limit to apply is 18.
  • Every one (Americans/Non Americans) can apply

Method #7 – Transcription

What is a transcription?

Really simple, you will be provided an audio file ,you need to convert it into text. Transcription basically is speech recognition.

You can be a good transcriber , if you have.

  • Good typing speed.
  • Good English listening skills.
  • No problem in understanding accent.

Transcription jobs are always in high demand in India. There are some really genuine websites  where you can find transcription jobs(medical/non medical). You can easily apply and start transcribing with them.

1. TigerFish

TigerFish is one of those genuine companies providing online transcription jobs. You can approach them through email only. They will give you three 5 minute audio samples ,you need to transcribe  and give it back. After all they’ll check your work quality and invite you for the transcription Job.

2. Transcribe Team

Transcribe team doesnt have that much formalities like TigerFish, in fact they welcome newbies into transcription. You wont be paid as beautifully as TigerFish, but if you are new into transcription ,this will be a perfect opportunity to learn/improve your skills and to make some money .

  • The average earnings from Transcribe Team per month is $132.
  • Pays $0.4-$1.2 per audio.
  • Get paid every week.

Hope you enjoyed this post about the most popular make money online methods in India. Did I miss some? Feel free to shoot a comment.